Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dallas Day 1--Zoo

This year, we made it up to Dallas a little early. Adam had Friday off work so we thought we would spend the entire weekend up in Dallas, instead of a couple of days. Daddy surprised us with an early Christmas gift--something to make the 5 hour ride up there a little easier: DVD player and screens for the car! Jackson watched Toy Story and Baby Einstein (the only time he's ever sat long enough to watch it) the entire way up there (until he fell asleep!!) We had been talking about getting the built in DVD Player in the van, but Adam got us the portable one since we drive his company cars most of the time (it just made more sense to have one that we could use in all the cars)

The rest of the Babcock boys came up early too, so we decided to hit the zoo that first day with all the kids! It was so much fun! Between Clint riding the wagon down the hilly paths with Marley holding on for dear life, and the giant Gorilla scaring the pants off Kayla, it was fun! We saw lots of animals, rode the rail around the zoo for an ABOVE THE ANIMALS tour, and chased the kids around the park. We even got a chance to get some family shots done--there was this huge part of the zoo COVERED in pretty leaves! There are so many pictures from that day, so to see the rest, click HERE!

Jackson, Austin, Camden

Adam and Marley

We told Jackson to show Austin the Monkeys--look how he puts his hand on his back and points! He was jabbering the entire time too, like he was teaching him about Monkeys!

Adam trying to throw me in the fountain!

Rickie and Marley


The kids got to take their first pony ride! We put the kids on the pony at the dock, then they rode around the arena (with these guide ladies) until they ended up back at the front near us for some pictures! Jackson seemed to enjoy it til he saw Daddy and then wanted off!

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