Monday, July 31, 2006

Bless this Child

This weekend, Jackson was baptised at St. Mary's Catholic Church. We were blessed to have both our families there, including his proud godparents, Uncle Clint (Adam's oldest brother) and Aunt Stacey (my sister). Jackson did so well during the entire ceremony and the remainder of the day! And not to mention he was the most stylish and well dressed baby ever! I had wanted him to be in a white suit during church, which I FINALLY found one a Dillards! It had a bow tie and everything! Adam, at first, thought it was ridiculous for him to have such a fancy outfit, considering we had an heirloom gown for him to wear, but after seeing him in his "zoot suit" he thought it was pretty cute and stopped whining about the cost!

For the actual ceremony, it is a tradition in Adam's family to wear a Christening gown the his Great Grandma Haugh wore in 1906. EVERY person in their family has been baptised in this gown! (and its never been pooped on, go figure!) So we changed him into it right before hand. Father Eugene Cargill was funny as usual. We said "The dress is 100 years old" and he replied "So am I!" Jackson, just like during his bathtime, did NOT like the water being poured on his head, but he only made a pouty face, squirmed a little, and then went right back to sleep. Did I mention he slept through mass and the baptism?!

After mass, we all went to Great Grandma Jane's for lunch--and yet another outfit! This time it was a onesie with a cross on it and a bib to match! We took pictures with Jackson next to his cake, just like the pictures of me on my christening day--and of course, he ran his arm right into the frosting! But you know what, he could have sat in the cake, and I would have thought it was cute!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

One Month Old

Jackson is one month old today! It's amazing how time flies...and he's growing so fast. Seeing pictures of him from the hospital to now is kinda sad. His face is filling out, his feet are getting bigger and he is getting so long! But his personality is growing too and the fact that he can focus in on your face, make eye contact, and respond to voices is so sweet. He's also "talking" so much more and those little coos and cries are just precious! We did some one month shots in the studio with Daddy tonight. Hopefully we'll get some with Mommy soon--just give me about 20 more pounds and we'll see!

Jackson had just woken up from a nap, so he was pretty fussy--not to mention he was naked! Most of the time he likes being an exibitionist, but not tonight! He was so mad about being in his birthday suit, that he peed ALL OVER Adam! The white background is not so white now, and it made Daddy holler like a girl! "Ahhhhh! He's peeing! He's peeing all over me!" Ha! I'm still laughing about it just typing it! Needless to say, we didn't get very long--only about 10 minutes of photo time! Hopefully we'll get him used to the lights and posing!

Hanging out with Friends

Last night, Adam put Jackson in his crib with all his lions surrounding him. He loved it! He cooed and gurgled for a while--it was too cute!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Baby's First Roadtrip: El Campo

We had a fantastic and eventful weekend at Adam's parents' house. After we packed up EVERYTHING in our house--pack n play, every outfit Jackson owns, ALL the burp clothes, the carseat, vaporizor, play gym, camera, video camera, diaper bag, 100 diapers, bottles (although mommy was an indiot and forgot the nipples), breast pump, pacifiers....literally, everything--and we headed out on our first road trip. Destination: El Campo, Texas. Jackson did great in the car on the way there. He slept the entire way, giving mommy and daddy a chance to actually have an adult conversation that didn't include "Did he have any blow out diapers today?" or "Was he gassy?" When we got there, we spent the entire evening just passing the baby from Gamma to Gampa (Grandma Patty and Grandpa Doug) The next day, Patty and I went to a Elliott and Kayla's baby shower, while Jackson stayed with Daddy and Uncle Clint. Adam's Grandma Vera and Aunt Claudia came into town for the shower and came to the house afterwards to see Jackson for the first time--Jackson was wide awake and just stared at Grandma Vera with his big blue eyes. She got him a present--a beautiful silver baseball bank with his name on it! It is so cute! Gamma Patty's friends also came by the house to see Baby Jack for the first time: Marty, Martha, and Crystal. It was pass the baby all afternoon, so needless to say, he didn't sleep too well that night! But Gamma Patty came to the rescue--it was like we were in the hospital all over again. She would come in and take him after I fed him, go in the living room and cuddle and sleep, and bring him back when the munchkin was hungry! Mommy and Daddy got some good sleep that night! Our niece, Marley, was over at the house all weekend and kept saying, "baby Jackson, baby Jackson!" She wasn't jealous of him at all until her mom held him, then it was "My mommy! My Daddy!" But she was really good with him--very gentle and very interested--although Ungle Agee was WAY more fun than that baby! We headed home on Sunday, but promised to return again soon so that he doesn't get too big before they see him again!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Jackson and Mommy had a FABULOUS day today! Much better than yesterday! Daddy left for work, and Jackson and I slept in--late. We were both tuckered from our feastful day yesterday, and it was raining outside, so we just cuddled for most of the morning, with many cat naps. Grandma Netty and Grandpa Scott came over for lunch and by that time, he was wide awake and VERY happy. Mommy jumped in the shower and Grandma played with Jackson in his play center--tummy time! He loves being on his tummy--a little too much. He conked out and napped for almost 4 hours! We ran the vaccuum--nothing. We re-arranged furniture--nothing. We tickled his back--nothing. He was out! We have come to realize the he is a tummy sleeper--a definate no-no due to the risk of SIDS. We were watching him like a hawk! He also really likes to be held up on your shoulder--again on his tummy.

Once we realized he wasn't going to be waking up on his own, we just put him in the car to go see Great-Grandma Jane--"J.J." Again, he was wide awake and so alert--it's amazing to me how much he has started taking in in the last week--he really studies faces now and can respond to sounds (my voice, obviously) but actually turning to look at whoever is talking to him. And he is holding his head up so well!

And we had a milestone this evening--his yucky umbilical cord fell off! Grandma Netty was changing his diaper and it just rolled off! Thank goodness it wasn't Mommy, cause I thought it was kinda gross--of course, Adam was all into checking it out and examining it. But it looks soooo much better and we are excited to be able to wash his belly now! Yeah, Jackson!

Bad Day

That Daniel Powter song kept running through my head know, the Bad Day song that was made popular by American Idol. Jackson and I both had a really bad go of it yesterday--first, he would not go to sleep. I should re-phrase that--he REFUSED to sleep longer than about an hour, starting at about 4:00am. So mommy was really tired to begin with. Adam left for work, and the baby and I tried to sleep in a little--wrong! We think Jackson hit a growth spurt, because he was eating every hour, on the hour. The chunky monkey ate 17 times yesterday! 17 times! My post-pregnancy rear end sat on the couch for most of the day. When he wasn't eating, he was sleeping or crying. When he cried, mommy cried--I think from pure exhaustion. I tried everything to calm him, but all he wanted was to be fed and to sleep. I literally stayed in my jammy-jams all day--although I did get a shower, I didn't get to do my makeup or hair, so it really was pointless to even get wet! Fortunately, Adam called at about 4:00--during one of MY crying fits, and was able to take the rest of the afternoon off. We had a great night once he got home. We were all in our bed by 8:00 and just really relaxed for the rest of the night. Adam really was my hero last night....such a good dad.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Baby's First Party

Adam and I had a going away dinner party for our friend Greg on Saturday. He is leaving for San Diego on Monday for Marine boot camp, so we had the gang over. Before everyone got there, Daddy gave Jackson a bath--at first, he loved it, then I think he lost interested and just wanted out!

Jackson spent most of the day in Uncle Wade's arms--he was wide awake when Wade got here, so just layed there staring at him! Then Aunt Rachel showed up, and he was mesmerized by her beauty! After dinner, all the boys headed down to Kemah to live it up at the bars, and Rachel and I hung out at the house just playing with the baby! He was in such a good mood when she was here--I think she liked him!

Doctor Visits

Jackson and I both had to go to the doctor today--both for our 2 week check ups. Mine was on Thursday--everything is great, you can't even see the incision! Fantastic! And, I'm down 25 lbs! I knew that most of that was water weight....ha! We loved seeing all the ladies at Dr. Taylor's office--and they just loved Baby Jack! He was a hit! And he told Dr. Taylor "thank you for pulling me out!"

Jackson saw Dr. Wardell on Friday. She said he looks great! She thinks he's doing wonderful being a breastfed baby. He weighs 8 lbs 8 oz now, and measures 20 3/4" long--he's in the 50th percentile on everything! Perfect! He does fantastic at the doctor's office, I think he just likes staring at Dr. Wardell--although this time we had some trouble keeping their office clean. As soon as the nurse went to listen to his heart, he peed all over the we pulled out more paper and changed his diaper. As we were changing him, he pooped a little and it ended up on the paper, so we pulled out more paper again....then, as Dr. Wardell was checking his ears, he turned and spit up all over the again, more paper.....we owe them a tree! Once we checked out there, we were sent over the Clear Lake Hospital for his second round of shots for the Newborn Screen. We waiting and waited and waited. I wasn't nervous at all for him to get his shots. I think Grandma Netty thought I would cry, but I was a champ--Jackson on the other hand, screamed! When he started whaling, Grandma said "It's okay, baby, I'll buy you a pony!" And he stopped one of these days, we'll have a horse in the back yard! Ha!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

All by ourselves!

We had a GREAT night and morning! I was so proud of both of us today! With our new vaporizer, Jackson slept so well, 5 hours straight! That's a record! Although it made Mommy nervous because he went so long without eating, but it didn't seem to bother him. We woke up together, ate, and then he layed in his bassinet just staring at his mobile while Mommy took a shower--such a good boy! I got COMPLETELY ready for the day without a peep from him! After I was ready to go, Jackson got a bath (this was the first bath that Mommy actually gave him--normally, Daddy does the bathing and Mommy is just there for support because the baby ends up crying through most of it) but today, Mommy was all alone and he didn't cry once! He loved it! Once we were bathed and smelling great, we packed up the car together and headed out the door--all by ourselves!! i know this doesn't seem like much to some, but for the past week, since I had major surgery with the c-section, Adam or my mom has been at the house to help us get going--so this was big! We went to lunch with Grandma Netty and Grandma Jane--the first of many luncheons together--and he was super. Again, he had a lazy day of sleeping through almost everything, including lunch, but he's been such a good baby!

Everyone keeps telling me "Enjoy him now, cause he'll grow up so fast. They don't stay little long..." It just makes me sad, and literally makes me cry. I don't want him to get big. I love him being this small--with his big eyes and cute little belly. And the adorable little faces he makes--he's just precious and I can't imagine him getting any bigger. Adam tells me I'm crazy to cry over something like that, but I just love staring at him at this stage and I wish he could stay small forever....I guess every postpardom mother thinks that! Hormones! I'll just have to keep taking TONS of pics to capture as many moments as possible.....

Out on the Town

We had a pretty big day today--although Jackson slept through most of it! In the morning, Grandma Netty came by so Mommy could get some work done in her office--orders, phone calls, etc. Mommy finally got a chance to get out of the house and get some stuff done after that. First, we headed to the nail salon so Mommy could get her nails done--I had been going since I first got pregnant, so the ladies at the salon were excited to finally see him! Then, we hit the bank to cash some checks, then on to Target for a vaporizer. We took charge of that cold of his--Halleluah!! It worked!! Then last night, Daddy's friends Keith and Justin stopped by to see the baby. We had a big day!

This is a pic we took in the morning before Grandma came over--we emailed Daddy to see what he was up to and attached this picture! Too cute!

Monday, July 10, 2006


Jackson LOVES his play center! This morning, after feeding, burping, and changing, we spent about 20 minutes laying in his play center. Adam and I bought a video camera last week and I FINALLY got to use it this morning! Daddy got to see all the action when he got home from work. Jackson was all smiles and was just mesmorized by the lights. The play center plays all kinds of kiddy songs, and also has a silly noises options--he likes the songs better. We really exercised today!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tuckered Out

As an end to a great weekend, my babies are all tuckered out!

Pee, Poop, & Spit Up

He's only 11 days old, and already we have drama with the potty situation! When he was 4 days old, Adam was changing his diaper in the pack n' play that we have in our room. It is sitting next to the french doors that go into our backyard. As soon as Adam took his dirty diaper off and was reaching for a clean one, he shot pee over his shoulder all over the french door! Adam recovered quickly with the other diaper, but I think he learned really fast that you have to cover that little thing, or it creates a mess!

This weekend, we spent some time at my mom's house. On Saturday, right after I fed him (he's a really good eater!), I handed him to my mom so she could burp him. Right when she was sitting him up to put him on her shoulder, he spit up all over/down her shirt!

The next day, we were giving Jackson a bath at mom's, and when we got done, we wrapped him in his towel--he smelled so good! So clean! He did it again--first, he spit up all over. So much for clean! Then my mom said "Do you like being naked under that towel?!"--as soon as she said it, he peed. Not only on the towel, but out the towel, all down her leg, and onto the kitchen floor!

So then tonight, Adam & Jackson are sitting on the couch, watching Gladiator, and Adam lays him down on the couch. Anyone who knows me knows I am very particular about my house and furniture and everything being clean....I'm going to have to get over that. Yup, Jackson peed through his diaper and onto my microfiber couch! I grabbed the ChemDry while Adam ran to change him!

If he wasn't so cute, I would be mad---but I think I'll forgive him!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jack's First Week

We had a really great week. He is 10 days old today, and we are falling more in love with him with every day that passes. He is holding his head up--he is so strong, it's ridiculous! We had our first doctor's appointment on Monday--he was doing great! Then on Wednesday, he woke up with a really bad cold and was just not acting like himself, so we had our second doctors appointment. He checked out okay, just needed some saline drops in his nose. He's feeling much better now!

The Fourth of July was great! We spent it over at Grandma Netty's house with all Mommy's side of the family. He got a little overstimulated and become REALLY fussy, so we've learned that he can't be passed around for too long before he needs a quiet place and a nap!

Next weekend, if all checks out with Mommy's doctor's appointment, we are going to try and head to El Campo for some grandma and grandpa Babcock time! He's getting so big so fast, that everyone needs a little sugar from him while he's still small!

Friday, July 07, 2006