About Me

My name is Jackson Scott. I was born on June 28, 2006 at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center via c-section by Dr. Peggy Taylor. Mommy had the easiest pregnancy with me! 

My first name is the first name that my Mommy and Daddy-o came up with, and agreed on it right away! For my middle name, I am named after my Papaw, Scott Schroer.

I am 4 years old. I love the color orange! I can sit and color for hours with my Mommy. I also enjoy doing puzzles...even the hard ones! Right now, I can write my own name, site read and write letters and numbers, and read small words. I love to do "homework" in preschool books.

I also love Phineas and Ferb on Disney Channel. I can watch reruns all day and they never get old!

I play soccer and t-ball. This year is my first year in Space City Futbol Club, and my Daddy-O is my coach. 

I have a little brother, Everson Joseph. I like showing him how to do stuff, and I like that I can play with him now. I just don't like him playing with some of my toys, and messing up my puzzles that I do on the floor. And I really don't like him taking my cars.

I learned how to ride my bike with no training wheels just before my 4th birthday. I did it on the first try! I never fell! I like to go on bike rides around the lake with my Mommy and Daddy-O.