Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Since my last posting, nothing has happened that is exciting. Nothing to take pictures of, really, other than us in our jammies. A week ago Monday, Jackson was still sick and throwing up, so I took him in for a walk in appointment (they are FABULOUS!), and much to my dismay, the child who is NEVER sick has a viral infection (full blown cold), the flu (vomiting and diareah), and a full blown double ear infection (both ears!) POOORRR BABY!! My Gosh! And he wasn't even fussy! Never pulled on his ears, never complained about his nose running constantly, never lost energy....nothing. He's superman!

So we spent the rest of the week laying in bed (again) and taking antibiotics. I, amazingly, never got sick! Friday I had MOPS in the morning and Jackson got to go to Grandma Netty's. She and I and Jackson went to Walmart that afternoon and bought TONS of organizational things for the house. I needed baskets for the shelves in my closet, under the bathroom sinks, the pantry, I needed to clean out Jackson's toybox and drawers and closet, the hall closet....basically, my New Year's Resolution LAST year was to get organized...this year, it is to get re-organized and STAY organized! And so far so good!! Mom came back to my house and we got to work. My dad came over after Adam got off work to help him put up 3 new light fixtures in our house. We have had the same horrible lighting since we moved in, and I found a great deal on 3 matching bistro lights, and I had to have them! So Dad and Adam put the lights up while we got pizza and organized the house. In the meantime, my sister-in-law and niece came into town to stay with us, and they were in the mix too!! It was actually a fun night, even with all the bodies in my house!!

Saturday, we got up and ran some errands. I was supposed to have an e-session but it was blistering cold, so I moved it to Sunday. Adam's company had a Winter Gala that we went to on Saturday night--black tie formal. Adam in a tux, me in a cocktail gown...it was nice to get out on the town!

Sunday, I worked. Even though it was a little chilly....

Monday night, I was wanting to go dancing, so I created my living room into the AR Dancehall and Wine Lounge and suprised Adam with a relaxing night of living room dancing. It was fabulous! We'll have to do it more often and I highly recommend it!

Today, we ran more errands. Adam needed 2 new suits, shoes, ties, and dress shirts, so basically, it was a "buy for Adam" day! Jackson was a trooper! Now, I am physically exhausted and ready for bed at 8:00pm! I promise some pictures this week!!


Sheri said...

Poor little guy! How many days was Jackson sick? Cooper started the diaharrea on Saturday and the throwing up on Sunday. I will have to make sure they watch for the ear infection.

When you're through organizing your house, come back to Wichita and do mine. It is a hopeless case!

Ramie Babcock said...

Jackson was sick for almost 2.5 weeks! It started on Tuesday when we got back from Wichita with the flu...then the cold, then the ears...then he relapsed with the flu...it's been awful!!