Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sleeping Angel

Last night, I walked into Jackson's room before I headed to bed, and this is what I, I did not give him Curious George before he went to bed. Apparently, he got up and grabbed him from his toy box!

1st Trip to the Dentist

Here are the pictures from Jackson's first trip to the dentist! I'm running out the door to grab some stuff at the grocery story, drop off dry cleaning, get stuff for dinner, and possibly an ice cream cone from McDonalds! I have LOTS to blog about, but this will tide you over until I get back in a few hours!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Jackson's 3rd Birthday Party

Jackson had a GREAT birthday--for about a month! With our trip to Tennessee and the plane ride home, and then waiting until the 11th for his party, he thought that nearly everyday was his birthday! More about our trip to Tennessee later (when I can get the pictures off my mom's camera--I didn't even take mine! YIKES!!)....

Jackson's party planning started early, but seemed to all pile up at the last minute. Our theme: Surf's Up! We had a swim party at my parent's house....with (of course) a bunch of people who love our son! And an array of Beach Boys songs on the iPod!!

On the menu: hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, corn on the cob, macaroni salad, fruit salad....we never have a lack of food at our parties!

All of the food was prepared ahead of time...thank goodness! We rented 2 6 foot tables and the cutest kids table ever, complete with mini-chairs in blue and yellow!!

Jackson and all the kids spent nearly the entire time in the pool! All his friends were there: Hannah Grace and Lil Jackson, Katie, Georgia, Eliza, Camden, Marley, Austin, and Baby Pierson. They had a blast swimming!!

Now for the cake! This year was like all the others: I made the cake. I LOVE making the cake. It's my favorite part of the party! My friend Holly makes cakes. She really good at it. And, we make a great team. So, I searched the internet for inspiration. Once we figured out what we were going to do, the baking began! Jackson had said he wanted an orange I searched the internet again for an orange cake and found a great recipe for an Orange Dreamsicle Cake--yum!! Complete with Orange flavored buttercream icing and orange swirl serbert! If you didn't like orange, you were just out of luck! Jackson's cake took us 4 days to complete: fondent surf boards and letters...palm trees (that melted before we could get them on the cake) was awesome!! I think it turned out super cute and Jackson LOVED it! He was so happy that he got to "help" this time too--although pretty much all he did was play with fondent (which is a lot like playdoh) and tell us it looked "really cool!"

Now, I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story, because frankly, I'm tired...and I can't process any more thoughts right brain is mush...

Daddy-O, Grandma Patty, PaPaw

Cake complete with sparklers!!

The three cake amigos!! Miss Holly, Jack Jack, and Mommy

Fabulous "talkie-talkies"! We've taken them shopping with us and it's a hoot listening to what comes out of his mouth while we're shopping...oh lord!!

A REAL fishing pole! Just like Daddy-Os! Thanks Grandma Patty and Grandpa Doug!

He LOVES his new golf set...although he says "I kinda suck at this..."

Mommy's favorite gift! Pottery Barn backpack and lunch box! He's excited to take them to school in September! Thanks GG Jane!!