Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Miss Lindsay

Last weekend, we had a great visitor come into town--my best friend Lindsay! I've been friends with Lindsay for a little more than 12 years (we met in high school on the first day of freshman year--algebra!) She went to St. Elizabeth, I went to St. Francis, and we both went on to Maize for high school. And although I don't get to see her as often anymore--she lives in Austin with a successful real estate career--it never seems like we skip a beat. I could go for months without talking to her, but it seems like we never missed a day when we get together. That's a true friend!

The last time I saw her was when Jackson was 1 month old. We decided to go out for drinks, and we left Adam ALONE with Jackson for the first time! So when she called to say she was coming to stay with us on Friday night, I was so excited! She got to our house about 7:30. Jackson had fallen asleep in the car on my way home from my mom's, and I told her he'd wake up soon and party all night with us--and he made a liar out of me! He slept all night! Never woke up! I think he was having a growth spurt, because that NEVER happens. But, it was kinda nice to relax and talk and catch up with out him running around. Adam lit a fire in the fire pit on the back patio and we sat outside drinking wine all night, chit chatting about life, careers, relationships, babies, and stories from the past! It was great!

The next morning, I jumped in the shower while Adam was getting ready for work. Lindsay heard Jackson waking up and said "Can I go and get him?" Adam said "Oh, he's probably just moving around, he's not up yet." "Adam, he's standing in his crib staring right at me!" "OH! Sure! Go get him--if he'll go to you..." And he did! He put his arms up and went right to her!

We spent the morning just lounging around the house then headed down to The Strand in Galveston--we just walked around, shopped a little, and then had lunch at a great little cafe. Jackson slept through lunch (again, fabulous because we could have an entire meal without anything falling on the floor!!). We hit King's Candy store for a real, old fashioned malt--yum!! Lindsay had a Halloween party to get to that afternoon in Houston, so we wished her off (Jackson gave kisses and hugs!) around 4:00pm. It was a great visit!

Pumpkin Patch

I have very few pics from the pumpkin patch, as Jackson's head was down the entire time! But we were able to get a few shots (although Daddy would not let us change him into his cute orange outfit because he said it was too hot!) Jackson picked out 2 great pumpkins--a little one and a mommy one, and Adam got the Daddy one! Jackson really only wanted to climb on the crates that were holding the pumpkins, throw the little pumkins, and try and pick all of the huge pumpkins up...that's a boy for you!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Good morning, ammma!

That's what Jackson's been calling my mom. Aaaammmaa! Every morning, by 10:00am, either I call my mom or she calls me--or Jackson calls her! The other day, Jackson was eating his morning snack when I handed him the phone to talk to ammma:

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sneak Peek

If you thought Jackson was cute as a Lion last year....just wait for my little Giraffe to make his debut on Halloween.....


This morning, Jackson was up in a good mood--onery, but in a good mood. After his milk and some cartoons, Mommy had to go put her contacts in a go to the bathroom. Jackson hung out in the bathroom for a minute, then ran off. When I came out of the bathroom, this is what I walked up to find:

I guess Jackson wanted to help Mommy out with some of her processing!! And yes, he climbed up on that pub chair all by himself--my little monkey!! But right after that, my day went to hell in a a hand bag. I picked Jackson up from that chair, only to find that he had pooped, and it had come out the side onto the chair. So, I talk him in to change him, get his diaper off, clean him up, and he takes off! He runs into the kitchen, and while I'm throwing the diaper away and then proceed to grab the ChemDry to clean the chair, I hear water running. But it's not water--Jackson is peeing on the floor in the kitchen! Silly Mommy didn't put a Pull-Up back on him (we are officially in Pull-Ups!!). I yell, "JACKSON!" He grabs his penis, looks up and me, and I say "You DO NOT PEE ON THE FLOOR! If you have to potty, you go on the big boy potty!" And with those words, he hauls ass into the bathroom and points to the toilet. I put him on the potty, and of course, nothing at this point, as it's all on the floor of the kitchen. This throws a monkey wrench in my day, because now I have to Clorox the floor. Jackson gets to spend a lovely 30 minutes in his high chair watching Mommy clean up the piss!! The rest of the day was spent returning emails, playing with Legos, getting dinner ready, picking up EVERY TOY IN JACKSON'S TOYBOX that he decided to pull out and bring into the living room..........I'm tired and crabby now. Sometimes I think "I didn't sign up for THIS motherhood--I wanted the simple life with a Nanny!" But I still love him....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

One lonely Mama...

This week has been filled with good times and lonely times. Thursday Jackson got up in a great mood! It was a work day for me, and Grandma Netty and I decided to try something new--she picked Jack Jack up at 10:00am and took him to her house for the day while I worked at my house--alone. It was fabulous! Although I missed Jackson like crazy, I got so much stuff done--including laundry and some housework in between uploading images!

Friday was our MOPs playdate at Chuck E Cheese! Jackson had so much fun!! All he really wanted to do was put the tokens in the slots. He didn't want to play the games, just put the money in! After MOPs, we shopped a bit, then headed back to the house for Jackson's nap. When he woke up, we walked to the park and played on the swings for over an hour! This kid could swing all damn day if we let him! We walked home in time to see Daddy's pulling in the driveway. We all went to bed EARLY!

Today, I had a photo shoot in Kemah at 8:30am, and Adam and Jackson packed it up and headed to Great Grandma Vera's house for a day of working in her yard and garage. Now, I'm at home, alone, with CMT playing in the background, getting some work done. I have a bunch of books to create and 2 more Christmas Cards for clients...but I miss my boys. I enjoy being here by myself every once in a while, but knowing that they are staying the night in Houston makes me sad. I can't wait for them to get home tomorrow!!! Okay, back to work....

Monday, October 08, 2007

Ellington Air Show

This weekend was a blast! Literally! Friday night, we just lounged and blogged! It was very relaxing...and a little funny too with Jackson's Happy Feet!

Saturday morning, Daddy had to work, so Jackson and I ran around the house getting some things done in the AM, then called and arranged an Air Show Adventure with the Grandparents and Aunt Tacey. We met at Lenny's for lunch (Adam walked over at work), then we were off to Boeing's Tower Two/Sunny Carter Training Facility parking lot to watch the air show. We weren't sure how long Jackson would sit still, nor if he would go into hysterics with the loud jets, so we didn't want to pay $20, we just parked it across the field from Ellington. It was actually ALOT of fun! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the old planes and then the fighter jets flying over. There was one plane that did lots of tricks in the air, which was impressive.

After the air show, we went home to take some naps and showers, then on to a BBQ at one of Adam's college's homes. The mosquitos were HORRIBLE! Poor Jackson had 6 bites right when we walked in the backyard. Needless to say, we didn't stay long--their house was not baby proof and with breakables everywhere, I spent the 2 hours chasing Jackson around. The poor kid--it's not his fault. It was a strange, confined house and everywhere he went, I was telling him "No No Baby--don't touch. Don't open that. Don't go up those stairs. Don't touch the kitty--just wave at her." It was exhausting. And since he hadn't really had a nap all day, he was out of it.

We went home and Jackson was zonked in the car before we hit the driveway, so Adam and I actually got to enjoy a night out on our patio with candles and wine. We had adult conversation, future planning, and just really enjoyed a night with JUST the two of us. We made a pallet in the living room (like we used to do in college) and watched a movie in the living room. I'm getting too old for that, though, because the floor made my back hurt and at 4:00am, I woke up and headed to my comfy bed!!

Sunday I had a photo shoot in Downtown, so the fam headed down there early and walked around the streets of Houston! I love doing that! We ate lunch at Frank's pizza and then met my clients for a great session--then HOME for dinner and some more relaxing....the weekends go by too fast!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Feet

This dino has not worked in months. The batteries are dead--or so we thought. Jackson was in his room, I was peeing and Adam was talking to me through the door when we both heard the music! I freaked out! How in the world did he get it to play?! We still have no idea....We both ran into Jack's room to find him dancing (like no one was watching!) HA!

TJ Berrytales

After Jackson's nap today, he just wanted to get into the trunk where his TJ Berrytales is stored. He loves that bear. When he got is from Santa, he really wasn't old enough for it, but now, he gets the biggest kick out of it. Although we are tired of the song "Safari, Safari..let's go on a Safari!", we like the fact that he can sit and listen to a story (at least for about 5 minutes). And, it came with a camera that he finally (after 15 months of having the paparazzi in his face) figured out how to say "Cheese!" and hold it to his face! When Daddy got home, Jackson was sitting on the trunk trying to give TJ his bink--until he heard the planes! He is really into planes right now--he looks up and points. The air show is at Ellington this weekend, so we've had planes fly over our house all day, and Jackson and Daddy went out to watch them, then back to play with TJ! He's got a little buddy!