Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Adam and I were getting ready for bed, so Adam set Jackson down in the middle of our bed--and when we came back into the room, this is what we found! Jackson was just chillin', watching TV, and then looked up at us like "What are ya'll doing here?"

Monday, August 28, 2006


It was the best of was the worst of days. We started out perfect--Jackson woke up early and in a good mood! He played for a little bit and then took a cat nap while Mommy got dressed. I felt so bad--he was so happy getting dressed because he knew he was going to see Dr. Wardell (he loves her), but little did he know: HE WAS GETTING HIS SHOTS TODAY! Fortunately, Daddy went with us for emotional support--mostly for me, and to hold Jackson while they stuck him 4 times! The first two shots he just squirmed, but the last two, he SCREAMED!! He stuck his little lip out and looked at us like "What are you doing to me?!" But then two minutes later, he was asleep.

He is now 11 lbs 13 oz (50th%) 23.5 inches long (75th%). Dr. Wardell still insists that his complexion is great! She says he is growing perfectly--we thought he was a chunky monkey, but she said "No! He's great!"

After lots of smiles and an entertaining afternoon with Grandma Netty and Grandpa Scott (Grandpa brought him back a Pooh bear from California, and Jackson spent the day grabbing it and putting the nose and ear in his mouth--Mike Tyson style) we headed home for a relaxing evening with Daddy. Little did we know all the drama Jackson would cause once we got there! We were eating dinner, when we started to hear Jackson filling his diaper. I forgot about it after dinner and went in to check my email--and then I heard Adam yelling from the kitchen "Ramie, get in here, get in here!" I didn't know what was going on, but when I got there, I burst into laughter! Jackson had blown out his diaper (Adam did not know this at the time) and when Daddy picked him up out of his bouncher, he covered Daddy in poo!! All over his arms, his chest, all over the was an absolute mess! And all I could do was laugh, and all Adam could do was stand there in shock! (for the record, Jackson has never messed on Mommy in any way--he has peed, spit up, and now pooped on Daddy! Score!) Jack was not due for a bath, but after that, he was thrown in the water! We found out the other night that Jackson really likes to float in the tub with Daddy. So Adam and Jackson got in the bath and floated around for a while! It was so cute! We are lucky that he likes the water so much--he's a fish!

It was a long day, and at 8:30pm, Jackson is in bed, completely conked out. We'll see how long that lasts.....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lazy Morning

Jackson, Adam, and I had a great morning! We just vegged out in bed til about 10:00--just talking and cooing and making funny faces--it was the best time! I absolutely cherish those moments--just the three of us. And it doesn't matter that we are in our jammy jams and we haven't brushed our teeth....we're just a normal family of three. I really hope we can continue to have lazy Sunday mornings together for years to come! The best part of the morning, though--Jackson rolled over again! This time, no limbs got stuck! And, Daddy got to witness it as well, so I think he was really happy. After he got all the way over, we cheered and clapped and smiled--and Jackson just grinned from ear to ear! Such a proud moment! Now, on to watch the Astros! Jackson will be dressed from head to toe in his baseball gear--the first time all season!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Roll Over!

Jackson officially rolled over today! From his back to his belly! Although getting his little arm under took a little longer--he layed on his tummy with his arm caught up for a while, but finally wiggled enough to pull it through! I had my camera out, just not the video camer (it wasn't charged--Adam's a little mad about that!)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Business Trip

Hey Grandpa! Thanks for the card-- I miss you too! I can't believe you have been in California for so long, but I'll see you on Saturday night when you get back! I really liked the bright card, although I tried to put it in my mouth and then realized it wasn't a nipple or my fist, so I spit it out. I love you!

Favorite Things

At 2 months old, Jackson has some favorite things that we could not live without in our household! Suprisingly, he's pretty demanding about them too!

Adam's Aunt Peggy bought this for Jackson last Christmas--he will lay in his crib staring at it! He loves the bright colors! It helps him wake up happier!

Jackson does not take a binky on a regular basis, but some nights it helps him to fall asleep. We can tell when he has conked out because the pacifier will just fall out of his mouth. And sometimes we give them to him to delay him from eating--it usually gains us about 10 minutes before he realizes no milk is coming out of it and literally throws it out of his mouth! He gets his little hand up under it and chucks it--then screams!

Adam's friend Wendy bought this super soft blanket for Jackson and he LOVES it! Daddy gives Jackson his baths at night, then puts his diaper on and wraps him like a burrito in this blanky. It puts him in a little trance! He looks so calm and comfy in it!

Jackson feeds so much better when Mommy uses the boppy!

Jackson loves this crazy frog! Whenever he is in the car, this frog HAS to be hanging down where he can see it, otherwise it makes for a long, loud ride! Seriously, if Mommy forgets to slide him over, he will cry until he can see it--and we have to say "Where's that crazy frog?" Then he sees him, and just smiles!

Now that Jackson can grip stuff anf kinda grab for things, this soccer rattle is something that he plays with everyday! He really likes it when Mommy taps it on his nose! And Daddy loves that it is a soccer ball...future MVP maybe?

This ball hangs down from his play gym and now he can reach up and hit it! Every time he gets it, his eyes get huge and he starts moving his arms and legs in shock! The best part--he hits it about every 3 minutes and has the same shocked look everytime! It's hillarious! Hopefully his short term memory will get stronger as he gets a little lil genious!

Adam's Aunt Cathy sent this to us, and at first I thought it was a bath toy--it's a security blanky! It is so soft and for some reason, Jackson loves it near his head when he falls asleep. He also travels with it--it's so cute to see him grasp on to it for dear life!

Jackson is a little vain--he loves mirrors! Although at this age, he can't associate that it's his own reflection, but he loves to stare at that baby in the mirror! "Look! He's just as cute as I am! And we're wearing the same thing!"

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Jackson and I have been SOOOO busy the past week, that we have not gotten a chance for pictures or postings! Amazing, I know...but here's a quick run down of our crazy schedule.

It started when our friends Shawn and Abby gave birth to Mindy Joy on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Jackson and I spent the day running errands and buying gifts for people, so we were completely worn out from spending money all day and had no time for pictures!

On Thursday, Mommy had a consult with a bride, so Jackson rode along while we scoped out some funky places in Kemah to shoot--he was such a good boy!

Then on Friday, our good friends, Dave and Bonnye Barron (the couple who shot Jackson's birth story) went into labor that evening, so Jackson and I hurried as fast as we could to get up to the hospital to return the favor and shoot their birth story. Unfortunately, Jackson spit up all over Mommy on our way out the door, so we were a little late, and they had just taken Bonnye back to the C-section room, so we missed the good part! But we were there to see and shoot Benjamin Riley Barron as he came out of the delivery room! He is gorgeous with a full head of dark hair! We are so happy for their family!

Saturday morning, Jackson and I got up early and headed to Miss Mindy's baby shower--you should have seen Jackson flirting with all the ladies! He especially liked mommy's friend Ms. Malee--he stayed on her shoulder almost the entire time! He just really loves pretty blonde women--but who doesn't!? That afternoon, we packed the car and Adam, Jackson, and I headed to El Campo to see Gamma and Gampa, but mostly because Mommy had an engagement session to shoot. We had a great time and Jackson was all smiles for the grandparents. He also got to meet his Uncle Elliott for the first time! Elliott and Kayla got him the CUTEST Gund Lion! He just stared at it, although I think the head scared him a little...but it looks so cute in his crib!

Sunday morning, we were on the road again, this time back to League City where Mommy had another bridal consult and then dinner with Aunt Stacey for her birthday! We got Shakes for dessert--Jackson loves that place (okay, really, Mommy loves that place, but we just say Jackson likes it so we get to go there more often!)

Monday, it was back to work for Mommy, working on orders and engagement pictures--Jackson was such a good boy all day! Although, we had an incident in the evening after Jackson's bath that Daddy has sworn me to secrecy--sooner than later, we'll let the cat out of the bag, but let's just say, we had to keep apologizing to Jack--we are VERY sorry sweetheart!

Then finally, today was just as eventful--although I did not get a BIT of sleep and an physically exhausted right now. I was up at 5:00 to feed Jackson, and then could not go back to sleep due to a clogged duct on my left side. So I massaged, pumped, took a long hot shower, and then was wide awake with pain, so went to work on the computer at 5:30am. We left the house with Grandma and headed to the mall for some shopping, then off to Uncle Russ' for birthday cake and ice cream--did I just mention ice cream again? Maybe this is why Mommy can't seem to lose that lat 20 pounds--ya think!?

So all in all, we have been SUPER BUSY! But tomorrow, we are getting back in the studio and getting some shots done! Jackson will be 8 weeks tomorrow! Amazing how time flies--time for 2 month pics already! Seems like we just did his one month pics....he's getting so big and really changing in looks. I think he's starting to take on more of Adam's features now, and not all of mine. He's still cute as a button though!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jackson's Future Girlfriend

One of Adam's best friends, Shawn Freeman, had his first baby, Mindy Joy, this afternoon. We went up to the hospital tonight to see Shawn and Abby and get a shot of this beautiful baby girl! She has the biggest, most perfect lips! Angelina Jolie--watch out! Jackson had fun seeing Mindy, although he slept through most of it....of course. We wish them all the best!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ms Tasha

Jackson met another one of my good friends and sorority sisters, Tasha Espinoza-Cockrell! She came into town this afternoon from Temple, Texas. Jackson woke up about 20 minutes after she got here, and from then on, was in awe and flirting like crazy with her! He was ALL SMILES! She was doing raspberries and he was just cooing and smiling after every one of them! It was so good seeing her--we haven't gotten together since both our weddings over a year ago! Goodness! We can't let that happen again! Jackson needs to see more of Ms. Tasha!

Cuddle Bug

Jackson must have know that Mommy really needed some sleep, and since he had eaten all day yesterday, he was able to sleep 6 hours straight! Daddy had to go into the office this morning for a few hours, so when he was leaving, he put Jackson in bed with me (this rarely happens b/c I don't want to make it a habit and have him sleeping with us all the time!) But Jackson is at that age where he can't get close enough to you, and loves to cuddle! So Jackson and Mommy slept in this morning (maybe he'll take a hint that on Saturdays, no one gets up before 10:00am!) and are sitting in our jammy-jams watching "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody" and "That's So Raven" (I can't find the remote to change the channel and I'm too busy cuddling to get up and look for it--but I CAN grab a camera, cuase he just looked so cute!)

Friday, August 11, 2006


I have come to accept the fact that there are days during motherhood where all the baby wants to do is cry, your child can spit up on you numerous times and you don't even bother to change your shirt, sitting and breastfeeding makes the day go by super slow, the laundry is never completely done, the grass will always continue to grow faster than you can cut it, and when your husband walks in the door and asks "What's wrong?" all you want to do is throw a hard object at him or through the window (that could use some Windex). That's the kind of day I had.

Jackson was hungry ALL FREAKING DAY! There can't be anything left in my breasts! When he wasn't hungry, he was fussy. The only time we got out of the house today was to go on a walk--which of course, we run into the neighbors and have a nice chat, afterwards realizing that I am in the same shirt that Jackson has spit up on all day (it's a t-shirt, so I didn't bother to change before I went to workout. Remember the before mentioned laundry???) How embarassing.....

So right now, it's 11:00, I am so tired that I can't even sleep, and I have a minor headache. I am really hoping that Jackson is back to his smiling self tomorrow!! If not, Mommy is going shopping and Daddy can't stop her!

PS: The only time Jackson was happy was when Adam came home for lunch:

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Working 9 to 5

The other day, Jackson FINALLY sat in his bouncy seat and was content in watching Mommy work on some photo orders. Although it only lasted about 20 minutes before he lost interest, I was able to catch an image with the natural light from the window:

Fitness Baby

This morning, I woke up to a very happy, cooing baby! It was a nice change, as he is normally sad in the morning and very hungry--but not today! It was all smiles! After he ate, I put him on his play mat, and, since he was in such a good mood and entertaining himself, I decided to try and get my workout in while he was awake. As I was FIRMing, Jackson kept staring at the TV and swinging his arms--his arms are always in motion--as if he were doing the workout with me! I just had to stop in the middle and get some pics!

This is his second day of fitness--Adam and I went on a walk last night with Jackson in his stroller. He LOVED being outdoors, but obviously the walking was exhausting, because he fell asleep about 10 minutes into it!

The smiles continued this afternoon after we picked Grandma Jane up from the airport. Once we got back to the house, all he could do was smile at her and coo--they played peek-a-boo and he loved it! My mom has this thing were she slowly inches toward his check saying "kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss" and then give him a big smacker on the cheek--and he will just open his mouth and coo--all gums of course! He knows it's coming, that's what's funny, because sometimes he'll move his head to the side and giggle, as if to say "Ha! You missed me that time!"

He is just getting so alert and really showing his emotions. I am trying to capture his "pouty" face. Sometimes he just gets sad and will stick that bottom lip out and kinda half cry--it is so cute, yet so sad at the same time!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Baby Got Gas

I have quite the little pooter on my hands. Yesterday and today, every time Jackson woke from his nap, I would change his diaper, and then lay him on his play mat--and he would toot about 10 times--loudly! He even lifts his bottom to do so--so typical of a boy, huh?! He's normally and pretty happy baby when he wakes up, so he would be laying there tooting, and then just smile! You know, a couple of years from now, I'm going to be trying to discipline him that that is bad behavior and he should not do that in public--but right now, I can't help but laugh! I'm hoping to get it on video as blackmail for his wedding day to show his bride-to-be what she's in for!

Monday, August 07, 2006


Today, we had high hopes of accomplishing alot--I was going to workout, get the laundry done, Jackson and I were going to go on a walk in his stroller....none of that happened. Jackson woke up at 7:30am. After feeding him, he fell asleep on my chest while we were sitting on the couch. Cuddling with him made me a little sleepy, so I laid down with him, and about 2.5 hours later, at 10:30, we woke up! I had so much planned, and I slept through it all! The day had already gotten away from us! After getting a much needed bath, my little sleeper conked out, literally, for the rest of the day! He only woke long enough to eat, burp, poop, and go back to sleep! Let's just pray that he'll still be tired tonight, or else mommy is in trouble and we're in for another "sleepy" day on my part tomorrow!

PS: Hi Grandma Jane! Hope you are having fun in Wichita with Uncle Bob and Aunt Michelle! Only 2 more days til I can see you again and we can laugh and play! I have gotten so big since you have been gone, so I hope you recognize me! I miss you!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Studio Time

I finally got a chance to get Jackson in the studio without him fussing and fidgeting--simply because he was asleep! But even snoozing, he's pretty photogenic!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Little Swimmer

Okay, Okay, we are probably bad parents for doing it, but Adam and I were hanging out in the pool at my Mom's house tonight, and the water was so warm. We put Jackson in his little swim trunks and let him test out the water! He waded with us for about 5 minutes, and never fussed once! He loved it! It was like a giant bathtub!! Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of it (shocking, right?!) but he'll be swimming again soon....although I think we made the grandmas nervous, but he did great!

Feel the Burn

I did my first post-pregnancy workout today! Jackson was down for his morning nap, the laundry is done, the house is clean, and I'm caught up on my business stuff for now, so I had no excuse! For the past 3 years, I have been firming--The Firm. I love it! I'm am part of the The Firm Believers Club--online forum of other women who use the Firm workout videos. I have all 4 systems and about 20 videos. I'm obsessed--Adam had to ban me from buying more videos! It's aerobics and weight training videos, and I hadn't done any of them since my first trimester, so I was a little worried. But I felt GREAT! I didn't push myself too hard, used only 8 lbs for most moves. But, I do have to go buy new Nikes--my feet got bigger during my pregnancy and my toes were scrunched as I did squats and lunges! Not comfy!

Okay, I'm going to be honest here. I gained almost 50 pounds with Jackson. My goal was to only gain 25-30, but I loved fruit and ate it ALL THE TIME, and the doctor told me it would make me retain water...yup, it did! But I have lost 35 pounds so far, meaning I have 15 pounds to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. Unfortunately, I wasn't at my ideal weight before I got preggers, so in a nut shell, I have 30 pounds to lose to get to were I want to be physically. I am throwing it out there so I have to be accountable for my progress. I am going to take my measurements today--no, I will not be posting those! I know it took me 9 months to put all this weight on, but it shouldn't take me too long to get the weight off! I hope!

Goodnight, Jackson

We had a mileston in our house last night--Jackson slept in his own room! He has been napping in his crib for a while now, with no problem, and sleeping in his pack n' play right next to our bed at night. I liked having him next to me so that I could check on him and hear him if he started to wake--and just to be able to stare at him sleeping was comforting. But last night, Adam and I thought it was time to start easing him into sleeping (at night) in the nursery. I nursed and burped him, and right as he was falling asleep on my chest, I put him in his crib with his binkie, kissed him on the forehead and closed the door. (His eyes were open when I left) I checked on him 5 minutes later and he was sound asleep! We put the monitor on HIGH so we could hear any little sound. It kinda made me sad. I thought maybe he would get scared in that room all alone, or think we were abandoning him. And then, of course, you think about all the bad things that can happen to him if you are not right next to him to save him (I am scared to death of SIDS). But I just have to remember that when I am not watching him, someone from above is, whether it's my grandpa or Adam's, he's got some pretty good angels.

But, the night went so well! He slept for 4 hours! In the past, I've nursed him with a small light on and the TV to VH1 (they have great videos from 1:00-5:00am, in case you wanted to know! Jackson is up to date on all the lastest top 10, our favorite being Pussy Cat Dolls Loosen Up My Buttons video--he's already checkin out sexy women!), but last night, we nursed in his room on the rocking chair with no TV and only the hall light on--I've read that you don't want to overstimulate them at their AM feeding, so that they go back to sleep easier--and it worked! Althought it made me very sleepy! Again, right as he was falling asleep, layed him in his crib, kissed him, and walked away. I guess I'm getting stronger, cause I didn't cry at all! Just got a little sad to think my little man is becoming more independent already....well, kinda!

And so far today, we've had a great morning. Right now, he is laying in his play gym. He was staring at the TV, so I turned on PBS and he's watching Elmo count to 19 (the number of the day)....I guess it's never too early to start, huh!