Monday, October 30, 2006

4 Month Check-up

Jackson checked out FANTASTIC today at Dr. Wardell's office! He weighs 14.8 lbs (50th %), 25.5 inches long (60th %) and 41cm head (50th %). She still claims his skin is perfect....I love that! He is right on course growth-wise. He also got 4 shots was horrible, but we both survived! He was asleep for the first one, but was abruptly awakend by the sharp needle in his thigh. The second shot was a booster in the upper was awful--it made him shake so bad. But I was strong and didn't cry, just kept leaning over him with my nose on his cheek....he got some cute stickers though and smiled when it was over! Dr. Wardell says Jackson is a little charmer--that he is! He flirts with her like crazy!

Since we are exclusively breastfeeding, at 4 months, you need to start supplementing iron--whether by vitamin drops or rice cereal. Everyone who knows me has found that I research as much as possible before doing anything....and thus I have been reading up on feeding this baby! I LOVE the Super Baby Foods book by Ruth Yuron...I recommend it to everyone! It recommends Earth's Best Organic rice cereal, so we went out and got some today! (It also teaches you about making your own baby food, which, yes, we are going to do as well! Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I don't care...! That will be in about 2 more months when he hits 6 months) We were at Grandma Netty's when the first taste of rice cereal hit his mouth. Here's how it went:

We put him in the booster seat, mixed the rice cereal with breast milk, and got the spoon ready. I put the spoon in front of Jackson, and before it was in his mouth, he was chomping his lips like he was chewing and going "hmm hmmm hmmm" it was freaking hillarious! It was like he knew what was coming! And the first bite was just that--a bite! He bit down on the spoon, and sucked the cereal right off of there! Most of it stayed in his mouth too! I was so proud! He didn't make a face or anything--he actually really liked it! He ate 1.5 tablespoons of it and was such a happy baby til just a bit ago when he conked out for the night. Unfortunately we didn't have the video camera with us, but I will definately get in on video and film tomorrow night when we do the routine all over again, this time in his high chair. It was pretty entertaining!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


To get a preview of Jackson's halloween costume that he debuted this weekend, click here! And stayed tuned for Tuesday's post! I love halloween.....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Peanut Butter Cookies

After a good long nap, Jackson woke up in a great mood. Daddy came home for the rest of the day, so I decided to make him some peanut butter cookies (they are Adam's favorite!) Jackson helped....actually, he just supervised, but it was still fun. I love his Bebe Pod because you can put him anywhere--even on the kitchen counter! Now after eating too many cookies, Jack and Daddy are "hanging out in our underware" watching Curious George...ahhh, my boys.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Grandma's Pics

I forgot to post these the other day. My mom got a new camera--a 6 mega pixel point n shoot. It's a great camera, although I don't know how to use it....I'm awful with 'em. I'm so used to my bulky professional camera that simple cameras I'm retarted with. But the other night, Adam and Jackson were playing on the couch at my Mom's and she got some cute pics of them together....

Photos courtesy of Annette Schroer

In the Kitchen with Great-Grandma

This morning, my grandma and I headed to the grocery store for "shopping 101." We were shopping on a budget--Adam and I sat down last month to go over finances to see where all our money was going every month because we want to put more into savings....everyone should do that from time to time...and we noticed that a HUGE chunk was being spent on eating out! Yikes! So, my goal is to eat for as cheap as possible--that's where grandma comes in. That woman can feed 15 people for about $20! You know, the good, old fashioned home cooked country food. Not only did I want to save money, but time in the kitchen--Jackson does not sit still for too long, and Rachel Ray's meals take too long (30 minutes, yeah right!)

Grandma and I cooked most of the day, with Jackson right there with us. I hope to teach him to cook someday. That is one thing that I absolutely love about my husband--he is an amazing cook. He can take ingredients and throw together a meal better than I can. (If only I could get him to pick his socks up and put his ties away!) I'm not sure where he learned all his cooking skills--his mom, his grandma, his grandpa Tom, or whether he's just talented--but I know that someday I want Jackson to be able to cook a great meal for his wife, too.

While in the kitchen with Grandma, I came up with the idea that we should write a book--about cooking on a budget. I spent about $80.00 and have a calendar menu for 5 weeks worth of meals! Amazing! Yes, I said WEEKS! With most of the meals costing about $3.00/person. So someday, when I have time between raising babies, my photo business, and general upkeep of my home, I'll write a book. Until then, keep checking the blog....

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Sometimes I really like to wrap Jackson up in a soft blanket with nothing but his diaper on....he can be such a snuggle bunny! Daddy got home from work and Jackson just got up from his nap about 15 minutes can still see the thermal blanket lines on his forehead!

Picture of the Day

Right now, we are waiting on Daddy to get home from the office and bring us Jackson is in his Jumperoo in front of the wall of mirrors in our dining room. He loves to stare at himself (or that other cute baby!) At our house, we have large picture windows that line the breakfast nook and the living room...and I got this image straight out of the camera with natural light. I love it!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Attic Find

Years ago, my mom babysat for a little boy that lived across the street from us in Wichita, Colin Joseph. His mom was a teacher and would bring him over EARLY in the morning. He was about 10 months old, and the cutest little guy in the whole world--that is, until Jackson came along! We loved Colin to death, and then his mom and dad moved to San Antonio--so sad. We got this booster seat for Colin, so he could sit and eat breakfast with us, watch us do homework, etc. and my mom had saved it all these year. Colin is probably about 13 years old now...and so is this booster seat! But we got it out of the attic yesterday after we put the high chair together, b/c Jackson really likes the tray in the front. So now we have a high chair at Grandma's too....can anyone say crayons and vanilla waffers?! Someday! Grandpa Scott is in the background making goofy faces at him to make him smile!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good Morning, Daddy

This morning started off rough, but ended up fabulous! I fed Jack Jack (we finally saw the Incredibles last night, and I've been calling him that all day--it was a "totally wicked" movie!) at 4:45am, and then had the same recurring clogged duct pain, so I decided to just wake up and get some stuff done. Yes, it was 5:15am...I know, I'm nuts, but hey, I had coffee so I was wired at about 5:30! I played on the computer, windexed, swiffered, cloroxed--all before the baby got up. Adam got up sleepy this morning and decided to have a lazy morning with Jackson. They both got up at about 8:15, took a bath, and were super happy! I vaccuumed and showered while they played for a bit and watched Curious George, then Daddy went to work. Jackson and I played, took some quick pics, then, the Grandma's came over. Jackson supervised while we put together his high chair--I needed to free up some space in his closet for his pack n play that doesn't get used much anymore. We put him in the new chair, and he looked SO little in that big thing! He fits, though, and likes the tray b/c he can see all of his toys and grab for them. Although the little monster only wanted to chew on the new plastic straps that he discovered in the first 2 minutes....and then wouldn't look up for pictures after that! We went shopping and then had a nice dinner at Great Grandma Jane's, where we played alot, tooted alot, and gave lots of was a great day!

In my time on the computer this morning, I did some more research on my painful left breast. In case you didn't know, I've been having throbbing pain on the left side for about a month now--always right after I feed Jackson. There is no lump to indicate a clog, so I went to a breast specialist about 4 weeks ago, and he told me I have a duct that does not drain properly and to combat it with pain pills--that doesn't solve my problem buddy! I can't take a heavy duty pain pill everytime I feed the baby. I talked to a lactation consultant who had some remedies--all of which I've read about in books--but after trying all of them, it still didn't help. After reading ALOT of stuff this morning, I finally broke down and got an electric breast pump to help drain the duct fully after every feeding. I've been using a manual pump, which was fine for getting milk, but not pulling hard enough to drain that side. And I figured it will help me be able to continue to give Jackson breast milk even after I wean him from the breast at about 6 months...and I'll have it around for the next baby too! Although I didn't splurge on the expensive $350 pump, I found a really great one for $150 that got rave reviews on Baby and Lansinoh Double Pump. So let's hope the pain goes away sooner than later! Otherwise, I'll be cranky for the next 3 months, being stubborn and still breast feeding the little guy! I refuse to give up!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Autumn Leaves

This afternoon, with all the rain, mom and I set up an autumn backdrop. I absolutely love this little outfit and the colors are perfect. Unfortunately, Jackson wanted to "eat" the set, rather than pose in front of it...and then when he realized the pumpkins were plastic, and grandma kept saying "Jackson! Stop destroying the set! Jackson!"

Camo Baby

Jackson's first Lion Hunt (Alpha Delta Pi's BIG party every fall--everyone dresses in camo, takes a date or two, and parties hard!) outfit finally fits! He is ready to go hunting, Daddy! Although that will NOT happen for years and years and years, and a few hunter safety courses later, but his little thermal camo body suit is too cute! Drool and all....

It's Raining...

it's pouring, the old man is snoring! I've been singing that song to Jackson all morning! It really is coming down in sheets here. Lots of flooding in the Houston area--thank God for flood insurance! Our pond in the backyard was overflowing when I got up this morning...lovely. But right now, I am listening to the rain come down while Jackson takes his afternoon nap. This is my week to endulge and spoil him. We are going to take some pictures this afternoon---inside of course. I am wanting to get to the pumpkin patch this week, too, for some shots, so be watching for those later in the week. I am FINALLY caught up, for the moment, on all my business stuff, although I am working on a project for a friend of mine, and scanning images as I sit here typing. But literally, this is Jackson's week! All Jack, all the time! I have been so bad the past 3 weeks with not posting much and really not getting many images of him, but my goal is to shoot all day for the next few days and get everyone caught up on his looks, his happenings, his cuteness! After talking to people and getting emails, it's amazing how many people check his blog daily! I am flattered and proud that he is so loved by so many--he's a lucky little boy! I love you all!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

St. Louis--Jack's First Trip

Well, we had a GREAT weekend in St. Louis! My mom's friend Phylllis (from Wichita) had a daughter that got married this past weekend in St. Charles-a beautiful town outside of St. Louis. So us ladies took it as an opportunity for a get-away, while Adam and his buddies got together for a "back to the river" fishing trip. Needless to say, we both needed a vacation, unfortunately it wasn't with each other...bummer.

We started our trip with tons of packing. We packed more clothes for Jackson than any child needs! I made more trips to Babies R Us over the past week, too. Adam has pretty much banned me from going there anymore--there is always something to buy! After getting everything together for Jack, we left for the airport on Friday morning, ready to get through security--our little sandwich bags of liquids (tummy drops, Tylenol, Germ-X, Aquaphor) and we made it through with flying colors--our arms were full, but we made it! Once we were on the plane, I nursed Jack and he went right to sleep! Perfect little flyer!

I also must note, that as a backup, we started Jackson on formula (giving him a small bottle a couple times before we flew, and then one small bottle on the plane to top him off) Let me tell you, formula gives him the worst gas I have ever been around! He can clear a room--or a plane, wherever you are! No more formula for this little guy! On top of that, he didn't poop for 3 days, and I was nervous that he would have a blow out at the wedding, so on Saturday morning, we gave him a supository trying to get him to poop before we left--it didn't work until the reception, and of course, it was a blow out and required a clothing change! So much for the wedding outfit....

We got to the hotel, and it was fantastic! I love Embassy Suites! Our room was spacious and relaxing, and the hotel got us a pack n' play, which I thought was nice of them! Friday night, we got dressed and headed down to happy hour where we met up with mom's friends Jeane and Ann (also from Wichita). They check the blog all the time, so they have seen Jackson and know all about his happenings, but Jackson got to meet them and "grandma" Jeane said she was in love! (although the gas thing was emabarrasing!) Jeane used to be a L&D nurse, so she took to him like a pro! After dinner, we all hung out in our room, and Jackson entertained on the floor for everyone--and said his first words (not officially!) He was talking up a storm, as usual, and the words "no-no" came out clear as day! We all looked at each other and laughed! So cute!

We started Saturday off with the constipation thing (I wasn't worried, but concerned about the mess later!) The wedding was beautiful! Jackson did very well during the ceremony, although we sat in the very back of church just in case. I burst into tears when I saw Lauren (she's a year younger than me, but I have always seen her as the younger sister, not as the beautiful grown women in the gorgeous wedding gown and it made me realize how much things change) After the ceremony, we stopped at Bass Pro Shop to get daddy a gift, and found that they have an infant section as well, so we bought Jackson a "My First Fishing Hat"! It's freaking adorable! I just love him in hats!

The reception was great--we danced, and passed the baby! Saturday night, I was so tired and it was kinda chilly, so we tried co-sleeping, which does not work for me. He takes up alot of the bed and I don't get any sleep! Every little movement wakes me up--and again with the gas that kept me up! Did I mention no more formula! Breastfeeding poos and toots don't smell!

But it is nice to be back home with daddy-we missed him! It's amazing how much this little sucker grows! He's so alert and steady and grabbing for active it's ridiculous! We still love him....