Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Schroer Christmas

After church, we went back over the Grandma Netty and Grandpa Scott's for the Schroer gift exchange--holy cow! My mom has always been great with Christmas. She's the type that remembers the random things that you say you want through out the year and then keeps track--she shops early and ALOT and puts alot of thought into every gift. And she's always right on! And this year was no different (although she had the flu and didn't feel good at all on Christmas Eve...her favorite holiday!)

Stacey and I cleaned up--and so did Adam for that matter. Stacey got a Garmon GPS like ours! She loves it! We all got Sonicare toothbrushes! And clothes...Adam got a kick ass pair of John Deer jammies! And got a ROOMBA!! Yup! That's right--the automatic vacuum! It is freaking awesome! Adam also got a turkey fryer and golf net for the backyard. I also got a fabulous label maker! So exciting! I've been wanting one for a while!!

And then on to Jackson! He got a Clipity-Clop from Grandpa and Grandma! Adam and I both had one when we were little and Jackson LOVED it! He knew exactly how to ride it, without us even showing him! I have it on video--I just have to figure out how to put VHS on the blog! He also got from the grandparents: a cash register, a microphone (which he sings into--too cute!), a VTech laptop, a remote control car, a shopping cart, a talking vaccum for her house, and a guitar. He spent all night punching buttons on the cash register, putting all his toys in the shopping cart and running around, singing in the microphone with the guitar and putting on a show for us, and riding the horse!! Very imaginative I'd say! And, we opened the gift from PoPo Joe and Mama Lou in Lincoln--a Seasame Street cell phone!

It was late, but we threw Jackson's Christmas jammies on and headed to our house to get ready for Santa!!

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