Wednesday, February 28, 2007

8 Months!!

I didn't get Jack in the studio because we are currently re-decorating and re-vamping the studio, but I got some cute shots of him in his "Belize" outfit (Daddy wore something similar on our honeymoon and I think Jackson looks just like Daddy in this little get-up!) He looks like such a "little man" now, and not a sad....


Grandma Netty was so excited that Jackson was able to try Cheerios this afternoon--they are her favorite snack! Jackson really seemed to like them, although we found more in his booster seat afterwards than we think made it to his mouth....

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The past week has been kinda busy, but not really. We haven't really done anything exciting. Jackson loves sitting outside, so basically, we've spent time out in the yard, with him in his pack n' play or stroller, washing cars, pulling weeds and doing yard work, or just sitting by grandma's pool. We've taken a bunch of walks and trips to the park...and slept alot!

Some new things Jack Jack is up to: he got his 3rd tooth! And the 4th one is peeking through! But now that he has discovered them, he grinds them together--it's the worst sound ever. You can't really do anything about it, other than stick your finger in his mouth and say "no no".

Jackson loves paper--and he seems to find any little piece of it on Mommy's floor! I have never vacuumed so much as I have since Jack arrived. I am usually a neat freak, but I am constantly sanitizing the tile in the kitchen and Swiffering the wood floor in the living and vacuuming the bedrooms--it's exhausting! But usually is Jackson's mouth is moving and it's not time for him to eat, he's gotten a hold of something and he's chewing on it! He's like a squirrel and stores things in the sides of his cheeks!

We also brought the walker over from GG Jane's to our house, and he is ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Especially Mommy's workout videos--they will have to go on a higher shelf on the entertainment center, because they always end up on the floor......

We are re-decorating the studio this week, so we haven't been taking many pictures this week, but I'll get some more tomorrow!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm pissssed!!!

Today, I tried something new. Jackson gets annoyed being in his Jumperoo because he can't go anywhere, he doesn't like to sit in his high chair for very long because he can't go anywhere, and he starts fussing in his pack n' play after a bit because he can't go anywhere. Jackson is a natural explorer. He is always on the move, climbing on things, getting his hands on whatever he can so he can sit there and look at it and stare at it...and he doesn't like to be constrained. So, we had gotten a baby gate a couple of weeks ago, and my mom told me to baby proof his room, put all his toys in there, and put the baby gate up. That way he could wonder around his room on the carpet, play, and still be able to see me and hear me, but I could still get some things done around the house, like laundry, vacuuming, dusting, etc, without having him on my hip or trying to get into things. So I sat in there playing with him for a little bit so he could get used to playing in his room, then I got up to go put a load of laundry in, thinking he would continue to play....

But it didn't work. Jackson threw his first tantrum today. He started fussing, which I kind of ignored because I thought "He'll be okay, he'll get used to it!" and I was still talking to him, so it's not like he was abandoned. But about 2 minutes later, he started screaming, banging his arms on the gate, stomping his feet--it was crazy! I walked over to see him, and he was beet red, huge tears rolling down his cheeks, sooo mad--it was heartbreaking! I picked him up and said "We won't do that again for a while!" I got some pics of his little tantrum before I "rescued" him (actually, I just had the camera in my hand when I went to walk by, so it's not like I tortured him to get a picture...I swear)

Then about 10 minutes later, he was happy again, and watching the squirrels out the window.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


For the past week, Jackson has been sleeping through the night--until last night. At 4:30 this morning, I woke up to hear Jackson fussing over the monitor. Sometimes he rustles, fusses a little, then lulls back to sleep...but not today. He fussed, then got quiet, then...."Momma! (pause)(pause)..... Momma!" This is the first time Jack Jack has said momma! Adam heard it too, rolled over and said "did you hear that?!" I said "Yup!" and jumped out of bed to go see him. And I was greeted with Jackson standing in his crib with his arms out as if to say "I thought you'd never come!" He did the same routine at 8:00 when he awoke for the day! What a Valentine's Day present!

After Adam and I had a fantastic Valentine's Day Fondue Dinner, he got some pictures of Jackson and I (check out my new VS jammies that my mom got me for Valentine's Day--love 'em!):

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Day with GG Jane

Today, Mommy wanted to go workout, so Jackson spent the afternoon with GG Jane. I took him over to her house at about noon and he was in a great mood! He loves her to death and gets so excited when she's around. The minute we walk in her house, he looks all around, taking in everything (as if he has never been there) At her house, he has a Sesame Street walker that he is a maniac in now--he is ALL OVER THE PLACE! And FAST! So while Mommy was gone, they played and napped. When I got back, we decided to make a trip to Target because I had to pick up a few things: bumpers for the fireplace! (Jackson's new thing is pulling up on the fireplace, which makes me super nervous and I am constantly telling him "No No, sit down" which I know he doesn't fully understand...hence the bumpers) But basically what happened when we got there was that Mommy and GG Jane wondered around almost all the aisles in the baby section and toy section and found WAY more than we went there for (I do that alot) Jackson got some new clothes and some adorable new PJs..and then he got an early Valentine's gift from GG Jane--a Playskool Busy Ball Popper. I personally love this toy--Jackson, not so much! He is actually a little afraid of it! It's kinda funny! You push the lever on the side and the air compressor comes on, along with a cute song, and the balls POP up from the tunnel...and the minute I turn it on, Jackson high tails it to Mommy, crawls up my lap, and whimpers! I think it the sound of the air compressor, because he likes putting the balls in when it's turned off...just not when you turn it on! It's actually for 9+ months, so I'm hoping he grows into the sound! But I like it, and that's all the really matters, right?! The ironic thing: Jackson was wearing this shirt all day! How appropriate!

Musical Book

Jackson loves books...actually, books, magazines, catalogs. Anything that has paper that he can turn the pages, or that he can chew on the corners, he likes! He also loves music, so when I saw this adorable book at Target, I had to get it! It sings each time you turn the page, lights up when you push the little buttons, and the best part, it has all the words to all the classic nursery rhymes that I had forgotten!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Fussy Mussy

Today, Jackson was a little out of sorts. He was fussy and crabby all morning! He woke up screaming, which is unusual for this little guy. Over the past few days, Jack had been pulling on his ear and tapping his head--which I thought was weird too. So when he became cranky, I called Dr. Wardell's office to schedule an appointment to make sure it wasn't an ear infection. And, thankfully, it wasn't! Dr. Perona actually saw Jack today, checked both of those little ears, and said he was all clear! She also checked his mouth, which he NEVER lets us do, and she was amazed to see 4 bumps on the top! She pulled back his upper lip to show me, since, again, I never get that close to actually "see" them--sometimes Jackson lets us feel around in his mouth, but anything more than that, and he jerks his head away. Sure enough, I got to see 4 white squares up in his gums, ready to poke through! So THAT explains the unbearable little monster!

But tonight, once Jackson and Daddy got to spend some manly time together while Mommy cleaned up the kitchen, he seemed to be fine--or it was the Baby Orajel and the Tylenol we loaded him up on--either way, he was a chatter/giggle box...but I have to say, it's pretty funny to watch him try and talk with his gums and lips numb! (Mommy got a little crazy with the swab and since Jack moves so much, I got a little on his lips--oops!a

Friday, February 09, 2007

Voice Player

Hey guys! I found this great idea from a fellow photographer that I blogstalk, Kristin Bednarz (she's fantastic!)
It's pretty cool! I thought it would be a great thing for Jackson to look back on in a few years! You just click on "record by phone" and enter the phone number and then listen for the prompts. Once you record your message, you can listen to it before you save it. Once it is saved, it gets sent to Jackson's profile, and it will appear on the blog for everyone to hear! Don't be intimidated--it's just like leaving a quick voicemail! Hope to "hear" from you guys soon! (And if you are a blog stalker, too, leave a message--come on, you know you wanna!!)

Get Your Own Voice PlayerManage

End of the Week

This week was so much fun! Wednesday and Thursday were spent outside--literally! Yesterday we were outside next to the pool nearly ALL DAY LONG! Jackson loves being outdoors--he sat just looking around in his stroller for about 3 hours (in the shade of course!) We went on a walk, watched the birds, and tried the grass thing again--he's still not sure if he likes the grass.

The funniest thing that happened yesterday though, is Jackson has figured out how to "say" and "wave" bye-bye! His wave is backwards and he opens and closes his hand toward himself, but it's still cute! Sometimes his words are a little delayed, but he understands the concept of "bye-bye" now, and he doesn't like it! Aunt Tacey was at the house over lunch, and when she turned to leave, she said "Bye-Bye Jack! I have to go back to work!" and she turned and headed toward the door; his little face got so sad and he started crying! At first we thought it was just coincidence, but a few hours later, I did the same thing (waved bye-bye, turned and opened the front door) and he did the same thing! It kinda breaks your heart to watch his face get so sad...

Also yesterday, he was a walking machine! When he wants to walk around, he crawls over and grabs your fingers. He's still climbing on everything, and now shimmies around from furniture to furniture!

But today, we've just hung out all morning! Jackson hung out for a bit in his pack-n-play while I got dressed...he doesn't like to sit in there, he wants to be standing and seeing what's going on...busy body!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


This morning we packed up and headed to Grandma Netty's...Mommy had to work on an engagement session. So Jackson got to play play play! He took 2 really good naps and when Mommy was done with the e-session, we took Jackson outside since it was another gorgeous day here. He got to play in the yard for the first time--he didn't know what to think about the grass, the leaves, the flowers...

I also forgot to mention Jackson's newest feat--he discovered the stairs. Yup, up goes a baby gate soon to keep him from getting upstairs! He gets to the edge, puts both hands on the next step, and lifts that left leg up, and pulls. Unbelievable!

Also this afternoon, Jackson got to wear his new shoes! Okay, they aren't new--Amy Carlson got them for him at his baby shower. They are the cutest Baby Gap sneakers with matching shirt! He loves to stand in them! And his newest trick is going from standing to sitting back down. I was holding him up and he would squat down and then plop to his bottom. Me, Mom, and GG Jane were all there and would clap and say "Yeah Jackson!" every time he did it, and now, he does it on his own--and adds the claps each time!! He gets so proud of himself! It's hysterical!

But don't get me wrong, not everything he does is funny. We are working on the words "No No" and not letting him get away with things. He gets so mad when we tell him no, and throws his arms and screams or cries. But we tell him over and over, and then walk away..for example, now that he can stand up in the crib, he likes to grab the mobile and pull on the palm trees. I told him, "No!" 3 times, and each time, he'd get mad. Finally, I took the mobile off and walked away...he cried for about a minute, and then forgot all about it!