Monday, February 16, 2009


I don't think it was the flu! Jackson got sick one other time (on Daddy) last night, so we made a HUGE pallet on the floor and Jack and I slept til 10:00am this morning...and enjoyed that hideous show SpongeBob SquarePants until about noon. No more vomitting, no fever, nothing. I think we had a little boy who just ate too much yesterday....

We are off to scour the house today and get a quick bite to eat! More updates later!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

SIck Little Boy

During Brother's and Sister's, Adam screams from the family room, "Ramie, come quick, we have throw up!" I went running, but what could I do...poor Jackson was getting sick EVERYWHERE. We shuffled him up the bathtub, started the HOT HOT HOT water running in the washing machine for all the clothes, then called MeMaw to borrow the Spot Bot (I really just need to buy one) was a BIG job. So, I've just spend over an hour cleaning: the carpet, steaming the wood floors, the couch (my poor couch cannot take any more, I see leather in our near future). I love being a Mom, but NOT when there is throw up involved. I would LOVE to be the one to just lay in a bed and cuddle my sweet sick baby, but I KNOW how my husband, I sacrifice the cuddling to Daddy while I'm on my hands and knees....

I REALLY hope this is just from eating too much and being a little wild tonight....and NOT the flu....oh, pray for us!

Ice Cream Man

Jackson has quite the obsession to the ice cream man right now. Seriously, this kid can't hear me yelling at him to stop saying cuss words or stop picking his nose, but he can hear the song of the ice cream man 5 miles away! I swear! Each and every time we hear that melody, Jackson gets this little round circle of a mouth, huge eyes, his head popped up like a gopher, then yells "We need MOOONNNNEEEEYY!! He's COOOMMMIIINNG!" And every time, like a sucker, I find $1.25 and RUN outside to wait. I'm even the mom that when the bastard sees us and still turned down the other road, I grab Jackson and say "run fast!" and we chase after him--yes, I'm sure I'm talked about by the Gladys Cravets of the block....

So the other day, we were at MeMaw's when we heard the chimes. The problem is that he NEVER comes to her side of the neighborhood. So Jackson get's the little circle mouth and yells "I heared him! I'm so HAPPY!" This gets Pawpaw in the gut, I'm sure, because Jackson and Pawpaw and Memaw load up in the truck, windows down, to chase the ice cream man....suckers.
Before they left, Jackson informs us: "I think hims on that aisle over there! I hear him!"

When they get back, Mom is doubled over with near tears in her eyes. You won't believe this:

Pawpaw hits the breaks to stop at a stop sign. Jackson says, "BREAK CHECK!"
Pawpaw slows down for another car pulling in their driveway. Jackson says, "What are you waiting on? Chrissimas? GO!" (a phrase that my father uses OFTEN!)

They find the ice cream man and Jackson says to him, "I've been wooking for you!"
They get back in the truck with ice cream in hand and Jackson says, "I'm so HAPPY!"

So about 30 minutes later, we hear that ice cream man on Mom and Dad's block. Jackson informs us that, "Dadney didn't get any? You got any more money?!"

Yes, I had $2.00, so I hand it to Jackson. He proceeds to flale his arms and yell, "HEY! Come down HERE! I got some money! I got $2.00! Park right here! I need some for Dadney!"

I have never laughed so hard in my life!!

The next day, we are at GG Jane's for a quick dinner and she tells him to put his knife down. She says "Baby, I never get on to you, but that made me nervous." Jackson replies, "Yes you are. You on me like a dog on a bone." (a phrase that GG uses often!)

This kid says the FUNNIEST things...more later!

Working with Daddy

Daddy surprised me on Thursday morning by sleeping in and then telling me "I have 2 days off!" YEAH! I was able to get a TON of work done in those two days--4 albums completed, 2 albums re-worked, a modeling session processed, emails sent/returned, slideshows was great! In the meantime, Adam decided to work on his outdoor kitchen--something that we have been talking about since we moved in!

After Christmas, Adam went out and got an amazing grill! I'll have to post images of that later, but it truly is an awesome grill, and I'm not into that says something! When we had our countertops done, they screwed up if you recall, and we were able to keep the pieces that were wrong! YATZEE! We also kept the kitchen sink that we replaced so that we could have a sink outside. Adam found some flagstone on Craigslist, so we got a SWEET deal on the flagstone that we are using.....anyway, we had ALL the materials, so no more excuses!!

Jackson helped Adam all day--for 3 whole days! They were out there in their white undershirts and jeans....dirt/sawdust/tools/snotty noses and all! The only time Jack Jack came inside was to pee (and he would ask me EVERY time "Where is your restroom?!" The kid CRACKS me up, but more on that later!) and when Daddy was sawing something...he's not allowed around those kind of tools. And yes, Jackson wrote with permanent markers...and no, we weren't nervous, b/c he's pretty good at only writing on what we tell him to! Adam told him he could write '09 on the wood....then he gave that '09 an little artistic flair! HA! He also would NOT take those goggles off for ANYTHING! He and Adam would head to Home Depot (about 6 trips) and each time Jackson would wear them all through the store! HA!

He helped carry all the wood from the truck...yup, in traditional barefoot style...

Of course, we had to take Diet Pepsi breaks, just like PawPaw...

Oh, don't forget my goggles, Momma...


I'll post our house updates tomorrow--we've done alot. This being one of the reasons I have not been blogging....I've been addicted to Rate My Space and HGTV! So, I've been painting and shopping and painting and's an endless cycle!

We had a great couple of days home with Daddy. It was WONDERFUL!!