Monday, December 24, 2007

Stocking Stuffers

After a crazy busy weekend with the McGraw clan in Dallas, we just got back last night at 2:00am. Adam, unfortunately, had to work today, so Jackson and I took a lazy day and just slept in and have been in our jammies all day--a little restless! So I thought I'd let Jackson open and read his stocking stuffers--POTTY BOOKS! So we spent the morning reading books, pushing all the buttons in each one thousands of times, and getting some quick shots. I have TONS (500 images to be exact) of images to process from our fun trip with Adam's family (I'm half way done), but for now, I'm chillin with my baby boy!

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Our Wild Ride! said...

Thanks! I fell in love with it when we walked in the door!!

Jackson is getting so big! He looks so handsome in the potty books pictures! Next time you all are in Wichita, we'll have to make a special trip up.