Sunday, April 29, 2007

We have a walker!!

That's right! Jackson is walking! He can go about 20 steps and then sits down! I have it on video and I have some pics of it, but we are in Wichita right now on vacation until Tuesday night, so if you have been checking the blog, I won't be updating again until Wednesday, and then, I will have 6 days worth of blogs to catch up on--including TONS of pics from our trip!

Check back on Wednesday night!!

Giggles, giggles, giggles {Wichita Day 4}

Jackson has been FULL of giggles today! He is walking all over the place and then starts histerically laughing--at nothing. We got up this morning and had breakfast from Spangles....hmmmm, breakfast pitas. You can't beat them!

We got dressed and went out to Garden Plain to visit with my god mother and her husband, Terri and Lynn Nelson. They used to live in Goddard, but now live on about 2 acres of land--it's beautiful out there! Their daughter, Angela, has two adorable little boys, Drayton (5) and Carson (2). Jackson loves playing with the big boys! Carson and Jackson played in the Cozy Coup for a while, while Drayton showed us what a great soccer player he is! We visited for about 2 hours before Jackson had really had enough and needed a nap! (our trips are a little short these days--he's just at that age)

So after a bottle and a nap in the car, we headed back over the Carolyn's for some more fun and gold fish.

We were back at Uncle Bob's for a great steak dinner and then off for ice cream at Braums again (good lord, we will need to run ALOT when we get home to burn off the sweets) The best part is that this time, we got Jackson his own kiddie yogurt cone (okay, seriously, I am awful and I know that he should really not have the sugar or the dairy...but I promise to not give him any more until his birthday. The kid never gets sugar (maybe that's why he is all giggly) so a little bit over the past few days won't hurt him, right? Ha!) I got so many great pics with mom's camera! The funniest thing is that my uncle is trying to show Jackson how to eat his ice cream cone, and at the same time, going "hmmmm...that's good ice cream....hmmmm" and then Jack starts doing the same thing--"Hmmmm...Hmmmmm...Hmmmm" with every bite, then giggling and smiling like he is just too cool! Then, he turned it over and bit the bottom of the cone! We were all laughing so hard, that we (okay, just my mom) nearly peed our pants!

After we got back to the house, Jackson and I were downstairs and he was just being silly! He would take off walking (kinda drunk-like) and then fall on to his belly and just giggle his head off! Then he would crawl along the couch just laughing! I was chasing him, then dancing with him, then tickling his to death! It was a good good that it wore him out and his is now sound asleep without being rocked! I laid him in the pack n play and he was out! It was a good day!

Condo Gang Babies...Zoo {Wichita Day 3}

Oh my goodness! We had the BEST day today! We got up early to be able to make it out the door in time for brunch and the Meyer's (Doug and Sheri Meyer and their girls, Lea and Cori all lived next door to my parents when we lived in the condos--mom and dad's first home...they stayed friends after everyone moved into new homes and their little group would have card parties once a month with all of us kids playing downstairs, so we all grew up together--hence the fact that we call them the Condo Gang) Lea and I were preggers at the same time and she had Cooper 6 days after I had Jackson, so the grandma's have swapped stories and pictures for 10 months now (and they are "Jackson Blog Stalkers" too!) so it was obvious we needed to have our first play date!!

Sheri greeted us with hugs and tears--it was so sweet! Cooper and Jackson hit it off right away with hugs and kisses too! We let the boys play for a little bit, and then, WE ATE! Sheri had prepared the most amazing spread of waffles and french toast and fruit and bagels and yogurt and juice and, oh my gosh, I gained 10 pounds at breakfast! It was SOOOO good! Jackson also got to talk to Daddy on the phone, and for the first time, put the phone to his ear and spoke into the phone! It was hilarious!

After brunch, we got the kids together and headed for the Sedgwich County Zoo--both the boy's first time at the zoo (and now we realize, they were about a year too young, but we really just went for us "big kids"!) Jackson's favorite was the elephants and the giraffe, although I thought the petting zoo was a lot of fun with the babies!

After the zoo, we wanted to go for ice cream and Lea suggested Cold Stone. Jackson got his second taste of ice cream (again, bad mommy!)

Last night, I finally got together with my best friend, Jenny and her hubby Kevin. They had been playing softball for 3 days, so it was hard to get together, but we went to dinner and then called it a night!

Lunch...Old Friends...Gold Fish {Wichita Day 2}

On Friday, we got up and dressed and headed to lunch with some friends. First, we dropped GG Jane off for lunch with her girls from grade school and high school--lots of pretty ladies to say hi to! Then we were off to my mom's friend Phyllis' house--Phyllis was like a second mom to me growing up playing softball and going to school. Mom, Phyllis, and Jeane have been friends for years and bowled together for 10 years before we moved to Texas--they are also "Jackson Blog Stalkers!" I love it!

We went to a hole-in-the-wall called Town and Country. My family and I have been eating there for years and we make it a point to go there whenever we are in town! Jackson was pretty good in the restaurant, although there were numerous screams! He also got to eat his first kids meal! We ordered him a Grilled Cheese with french fries (and some peas and carrots on the side) and he ate like a champ!

After lunch, we got to go and visit another long time friend, Debbie Snyder, at her LOVELY home in Cheney! They bought a HUGE home on 500 acres with a 60 acre pond (Adam would be SOOO jealous!) We got the grand tour and were able to chat about all of her gorgeous grandbabies! Jackson got to see cows up close for the first time too!

After leaving the Snyder ranch, Jack Jack REALLY needed a good nap, so Mom and the girls went to happy hour while grandma and I went back to my Uncle's house in Haysville. Later that night, Jackson and I got back in the car and went over to my mom's best friend's house, Carolyn! They have 2 new grandbabies and LOTS of girls to play with, so Jackson was free to play on the floor with his new friend Layne (although we had an incident with gold fish and troll dolls, and let's just say Layne will not attempt to take either one away from Jackson ever again!)

We had the LONGEST freaking day, but it was fun....just exhausting!

Traveling to Wichita!

Today we traveled to Wichita for the first time with Jack Jack! We got up at 6:00am and were out the door by 7:00. Our flight started out great--Jackson loved the overhead air. Grandma Jane kept lifting his up to feel the air, and he would open his mouth and then laugh! And about 5 minutes before take off, he fell asleep on Grandma Netty's shoulder, only to wake again right before landing! Such a good boy!

We picked up our rental in Ok City and headed up the highway to Kansas! Of course, we had to stop and make a pee break at Braums--Jackson had his first taste of ice cream (I know, bad mommy!)

Once we strolled into town, we had to stop and buy a pack n play for Jackson--we needed one for at GG Jane's so we figured we'd buy one hear and then mail it home. We got a pretty cute one that is brown and baby blue (I love those colors together!)

We arrived at my Unlce Bob and Aunt Michelle's house around 4:00pm. Jackson met their dog Tyson (who is a large large yorkie) and went right after him for a kiss! Kinda scary considering Ty has never been around babies before--and the best part was that as Ty was trying to check out Jackson by trying to sniff his butt, Jackson was trying to kiss Ty, so they went round and round and round! Jackson also got to meet Cousin Danielle and her hubby TJ who live in Oklahoma! TJ is a youth pastor and Danielle is a teacher. Jackson was drawn to TJ (maybe is was his bald head, or maybe his cool glasses, but either way, he kept wanting TJ to hold him!) We visited for a little bit and them put my overtired child to bed!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh Snot....

That's what I am covered in right now--snot. Jackson's poor little nose is just running like crazy. I've been holding him and cuddling him all morning, which means that he is rubbing his nose on my shoulder and getting the slime all over me! But I don't care, it's what makes me a mom. I've been covered in worse...

Last night was good--he actually slept through the night. I gave him Tylenol and Pedia Care before bed and coated him up with Baby Vicks. He woke at 8:30 this morning, but clung to me til he fell asleep at about 10:15--he's been asleep ever since. I'm letting him sweat out his cold right now.

The doctor just called him in an antibiotic...I hate the fact that we are medicating him, but he's just not getting over it alone. He's gotten worse in 2 days rather than better, and with leaving tomorrow for Wichita, he needs something. So Amoxicilian it is!

I'm sitting here staring at my poor baby right now--let's hope he sleeps ALL DAY!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sick Baby...

We had a really awful night last night, followed by a rough day. Jackson was up almost every 30 minutes last night, screaming. We weren't sure if it was his teeth bothering him, his ears, or severe gas (I know that sounds dumb, but with babies, you never know!) One of the great things about our pediatrician is that they have walk-in hours from 8:00-9:00am, so I got Jack Jack up and out the door to get his ears checked! Dr. Ingram looked at them and said they were fine, he sounded good, and he didn't have a fever. Well, if he was feeling better, than let's do what we do best--go shopping. That's when the day went down hill...

We got to Kohls/Babies R Us at about 10:00am. At 10:15am, Jackson starts screaming in the middle of the store, and my mom and I both know that he has just pooped, so we go and change him--diaper #1 of 2 in the bag. About 10 minutes later, Jackson stinks again, so we change him--diaper #2 of 2 in the bag. About 10 minutes later, Jackson stinks for a 3rd time, only this time as we lift him out of the stroller, the evidence is clear that his has pooped again, only this time, it's out of it's borders if you know what I mean. And remember, we are out of diapers in the bag. So I send Grandma Netty to the car, armed with wipes, and tell her to clean him up while I buy him a new outfit (Oh yeah, also, no extra clothes in the bag since we had been out of town and everything from the bag is now in the laundry) The only good thing is that while I was frantically finding Jackson something to wear, I ran across a great deal on rompers--$5.00 a piece!

So Jack gets 1 new outfit for now and I then head to Babies R Us next door for some diapers. Once we get him all cleaned and dressed, we head back to Kohls, obviously, to stock up on the $5.00 rompers--8 more to be exact! So exciting! While back at the store, Jackson falls asleep, but wakes himself with the worst cough ever, followed by difficulty breathing, hacking up mucus, along with a fever....Lord, I don't think we are meant to shop today. I was really afraid he was going to choke, because he was having such a hard time breathing...we left the dressing room immediately and headed home.

Jackson naps in the afternoon, and when he wakes up, he is BURNING UP AGAIN! I take his temp, and it's 102. This freaks me out because Jackson has never had a fever--that's right, never had a fever until this weekend and today. So, not knowing whether to be the over-cautious mother or the lacksidazical mommy, I decided to be over-cautious and call our pediatrition at home (she used to be my mom's next door neighbor, so I have her home and cell in my phone!) After talking to her, I gave Jackson his Pedialite, Pedia Care, Tylenol, and a kiss.

Right now, he is conked out, finally, and we are hoping to get a decent night's sleep! Oh, what a day.....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Another Wedding Weekend

Jackson, like his mommy, is becoming a professional wedding crasher! Although Mommy normally gets paid, Jackson has been to so many weddings already that he should be assisting me! Our friends, Jennifer and Jayson were married this weekend in El Campo, and during the reception, we found out that we have many frequent visitors to the blog! That is awesome! Everyone kept coming up to Jack Jack saying "Hi! I feel like I know you because I read about you and see your pics all the time!" (The funny thing is that some of the people, I didn't even know! Ha!) And I am totally flattered that so many people take time out of their day to check out my son! Thanks! (also, please call on me if you ever need a photographer--that's my PSA for the day) And I promise to keep updating almost EVERY DAY, because we also found out that people get a little pissed if there are not new pics (...alicia....not to name names or anything) But if we are lacking on Jack's blog, check my photo blog because it probably means I'm working....but here are some pics that we snapped in between glasses of wine at the wedding!

Papa Roach

On Friday, our neighbor's came over and asked us "Hey, do ya'll know a band called Papa Roach?" I said "Yeah, why?" "Well, the guitar player is my nephew and the band will be at my house tonight if you guys wanna stop by." So I was excited that Jackson was going to meet Papa Roach--the only problem was that I knew the name of the band, just had absolutely no clue what they sang! So I had to google them, and then search them on iTunes to listen to every song to see if I knew any of them--I only knew 2. But Adam knew them, and has loved them for years, so he was like a little kid too!

I felt weird walking in and taking pictures, but we walked in the door and Adam said "Can somebody here sign my baby?!" It was hillarious! The lead singer, Jacoby, said "Ah, what a cute little man" and with that, Jackson reached his arms out and went right to him, although he was a little curious about all the tattoos, the black hair, and the skull and cross bones necklace. I got one shot, and of course, my flash is being retarded (I need to send it in, just have been so busy!) and the image is not that great, but here is Jackson's first picture with a celebrity:

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I see you in there, Mommy!


I have been super busy the past few days, trying to get images processed and posted and ordered before we head out of town next week, with Jackson's first trip to Wichita! But on Sunday, before I headed to Houston for a bridal session, I got some shots of Jack Jack just after his nap at GG Jane's. Check out his hair--he gets crazy bed head. You can see how long it is getting....