Friday, May 25, 2007

The Next American Idol

When Avery was here, she found the microphone to our Karaoke machine and wanted to play with it while we watched American Idol. Well, now Jackson wants in on the action! He LOVES that mic. Daddy will sing into it, then Jackson will sing it to it! After having a rough 24 hours (long story, different blog entry), Jackson's been playing all morning: helping Mommy fold laundry, helping Mommy vaccuum, singing with his microphone, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse--he was very active this morning, and now, he's napping! I'm trying to hurry and get this blog up so I can shower (I know, it's 11:30 and I'm still not showered, but who wants to clean the house all dressed up?!) and get to Adam's office for a late lunch and then drop Jack Jack off at Grandma Netty's for an hour while I have a quick photoshoot, then MAYBE tonight we'll actually get to the car dealership to look at that new car we've been talking about for 6 months! We'll see!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Videos

I posted 2 new videos this afternoon. **PLEASE NOTE*** I am NOT A VIDEOGRAPHER! I don't have the best equipment for video--we have a Samsung DigiCam that we got at Target for like $250 (I won't even dare ask Adam to invest in great video equipment considering I spend a fortune on my business equipment--I think he'd divorse me for irreconcilable differences in spending habits!) So the quality is really not great. BUT, I DO have a video light that I use on photo shoots that I need to use-so we'll experiment tonight and hopefully get some better quality images of our little guy. Until then, try and enjoy the flicks!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good morning, Sunshine!

This morning, I went in and got Jackson while he was still a little groggy, to get him up and going for our busy day. Mommy had a meeting at 9:30 so we had to be out the door by 9:00. So I put him on my bed and turned on the Doodlebops--that woke him right up! He heard them singing, sat straight up, smiled, then started waving his arms and bouncing! Who in the hell does that? Her certainly does not get that from his Momma because I usually wake up yelling at someone! (note: don't try and talk to me before either a: coffee or b: shower, I'll typically bite your head off!) But in his cuteness, the camera happened to be sitting on my dresser so I grabbed it and snapped away:

We made it out the door, but not before Jackson snooped in Mommy's bag for treats and a bink, and then off to the car! We had a busy day of meetings and a photo shoot this afternoon, so Jackson got to spend a few hours with Grandma Netty before Daddy picked him up! (My shoot was about an hour or so away, and I didn't want him stuck in a car that long! I did that to him last week and he had a rough night, so playing with Grandma was a better choice!)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cousin Avery's Program

This morning, Jackson and I got up and ready to go to Ed White Elementary for our cousin, Avery's kindergarten program. She is now, technically, a 1st grader. Jackson LOVED the music! He just sat there staring at the kids dancing and singing! Then we headed to her classroom for refreshments and certificates. Jackson thought he was one of the kids! He sat in his stroller next to Avery's table and talked like the kids, and laughed when the other kids laughed, and ate his crackers while they ate their cheese--literally, I was in stitches because watching him being social was freaking hilarious! I swear, this kid thinks he is older than he really is!


Avery & Janice

Avery & Aunt Cindy (MiMi)

The best part of the day, though, was Avery and Janice and Aunt Cindy coming to dinner. They brought a cake and we had BBQ and watched Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. Jackson has a new best friend--watch out Marley, Miss Avery was a hit! They played and ran around, in and out of the tunnel, in and out from under the table, they both sang with the micro-phone during AI--and Jackson would not shut up! He just sat their chatting along with Avery! She would squeal, then Jackson would squeal! Then, he started rambling for about 15 minutes---"ihihihiihih" "Iyahihihihihi" Ihaihihihih"--no clue what was coming out of his mouth, but he was talking with his hands and everything like he had something very important to say and we were going to listen! Then he would laugh and smile so big! (He lives in his own little world.........)

What a Weekend

On Friday, Mom and Dad invited Adam and I to go to the Armadillo Ballroom (only in Texas...) to see our friend Nichole sing. She sings for The Emotions, and is absolutely amazing! We have been following her bands since the summer we moved to Texas. She is the one who inspired "garage dancing" (for those who don't know, when we first moved here, we didn't know how to 2-step, and Mom had been wanting to take dance lessons, just no time. So I bought Mom and Dad "How to 2-Step videos!" Ever since, we have gotten together about an hour before we head to the dance hall and learn a new dance in the garage! It's actually really fun!) Adam and I hadn't been to one of her shows since before we got preggers (although Rachel and I went on St. Patrick's Day to Mo's Place when I was big and fat and preggers-I danced to "my humps" and shook my belly! Poor Jackson!)

So we called on GG Jane to watch Jack Jack til about Midnight and we headed to the 'dillo! Nichole sang amazing! And the drinks were really tall and great--I had 3 bourbon and diets and a Tequilla Rose shot. Let's just say I wasn't driving home that night! I had so much fun! We stayed the night at GG Jane's and from what I hear, Jackson had a good time as well!

The next day, Adam worked in the morning, so Jackson and I just hung out with GG. We helped her cook Sunday dinner in advance--a cake, some ribs and potatoes. Jackson also got to take a bath in her sink! He is so good at splashing water everywhere! A "hydro-displacement-expert", if you will. We were supposed to have a photo shoot that afternoon, but Adam got that 24-hour bug I had had the week before, so we re-scheduled our friends. When we got home, I got out and did TONS of yard work! Mowing, edging, weeding, planting...I got so much done! I love yard work!

On Sunday, Adam was feeling better, so we went to GG Jane's for our weekly Sunday dinner. We had a GREAT time with everyone, and then headed home to work some more on the yard. More planting, more screwing with the pond, and POWER-WASHING! We power-washed our driveway and walkway and they look amazing! All this time, Jackson sat in his pack n play on the porch--such a good baby! Then we moved him to a blanket in the yard, thinking that he was still afraid of the grass--WRONG! He took off and was all over the place! But I had set his tunnel up in the grass and he had a good time running in and out of it! So cute!

It was a great weekend, with lots accomplished--including Mommy being "un-Mommy-like" and having a good time at the bar!

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Amazing Little Boy

Adam and I have watched Jackson, over the past 2 weeks, go from a tumbling bumbling baby, to an independent toddler with an incredibly sweet personality and a sense of humor! It's sad--I look back on posts and I watch the videos and it makes me so sad that I won't get that time back. I miss waking up at 2:00am and holding him, looking down into that innocent little face....I could stare at him for hours. Now, I see him in his crib and cry wondering if I spent enough time with him, held him enough, cuddled him enough. I tried to cherish every moment--and I think I did a pretty good job catching all those cute faces on camera and getting those priceless giggles on video. But he's not a baby anymore--not in our eyes. He is an explorer--he wants to be outside, getting into everything, picking everything up and staring at it in his hands. He's a learner--he wants to be involved in everything we are doing--from cooking with GG Jane, to doing home improvement projects, moving the lawn, folding clothes--he's watching our every move. He's hillarious--he laughs at the craziest stuff, and when others laugh, he starts laughing too! He's super sweet--in the mornings, we just cuddle in bed and he just looks up at me, and then buries his head next to me on my pillow and then smiles. In the evenings, he will give the best hugs and the best (open mouth) kisses (he's still learning...) He uses sign language alot! It's amazing how you can sign one thing to him, and he'll remember. It's fascinating to me. He wants to do everything himself--he takes the baby powder (I close it before he gets it) and he shakes it on his pee pee. He steals the fork or spoon and puts it to his mouth. He gets his shoes and puts them up to the bottom of his foot and then looks up at me like "is this where they go?" He take a tissue and puts it to his nose--all of this from just watching us and doing what we do. Another example, on Friday, I cleaned the floors, so I pushed all of the chairs away from the dining room table to be able to get under the table with the vaccuum--ever since, Jackson wants to push the chairs away from the table. He usually uses them as a jungle gym at that point, or gets underneath them and pushes them around making car noises.

He dances--yes, dances. I have it on video. Anytime we are watching Dancing with the Stars, he will stand right next to the tv and bounce up and down and clap! He loves music!

I wish there was more time to just sit and play. I wish I never had any laundry to do, and business to take care of, any errands to run, no beds to make or bathrooms to clean, no dinner to cook, or dishes to load and unload, or vaccuuming, or lawn to be mowed and weeds to be pulled...I wish I was a millionaire who could HIRE ALL THAT STUFF DONE so I could just sit and play and enjoy (and remember) every smile, every hug, every toot, every giggle and word, all the bumps and bruises, every smell (from baby powder to bubble bath)...

I love being a mom. Everything about it. I just wish it all went by a little slower....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Noah's Ark

I don't usually dress Jackson is "cutesy" outfits with characters on them. Whatever Daddy would wear, Jackson gets a smaller version of it, typically with a collar. So when I saw this outfit, I for some reason, fell in love with it! I love baby animals--notice Jackson's room is done in Jungle Safari. It's been so warm lately, I thought this was the perfect little romper for the day. So since my photo shoot this morning got moved to tomorrow, I had the day to catch up on some work (thanks to Grandma Netty) and then head outside to get some shots of Jackson! Finally!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Video Clips!!

I finally figured out how to get video clips on Blogger! I posted one today--it's one from Adam's cell phone from about 2 weeks ago (notice how Jackson's romper looks like a dress--he wouldn't let us button it after his diaper change, go figure!) This was from when he first started walking, and notice, too how he claps for himself! He was so proud! Anyway, hopefully I'll get more up tomorrow! We'll see!

See video clip links on the right side of the screen------------------>

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just about...

to hit 10,000 hits! That means Jackson's blog has been viewed 10,000! Thank you "blog stalkers" for taking an interest in my little man! If you aren't a stalker, you can become one by setting this page to your bookmarks, and each time you sit at your computer, you click on the bookmark--like the rest of us do about 5-10 times a day (even I check his blog throughout the day! I update the damn thing, but I just can't get enough of that cute little face!) We love you all! I'll keep the posts coming! Thanks for checking in!

Water Baby

After the game, we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's for a hamburger and a dip in the pool for the first time this summer! Jackson got to wear his new swimsuit and coverup, as well as play in his new baby float! There was ALOT of splashing going on! And, ALOT of giggles and grins! He LOVED it! He really is a fish! This is going to be one fun summer! After we got him out we took his little britches off because they were cold, but that didn't stop him from wanting to get back in! HA! Check out that shiney hiney!