Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Long weekend & The Little Gym

Wow! We had the craziest weekend! Mommy shot Adam's best friend Wade's wedding--and it was gorgeous! Daddy was in the wedding, so with Mommy shooting and Daddy smiling, it was going to be hard to keep track of Jack Jack. Fortunately, Grandma Patty and Grandpa Doug were there to hang out and keep Jackson for us! So Friday and Saturday, in between doctor's visits (Jackson had a high fever again.) and bridal luncheons, we made it through the weekend.

Apparently, Jackson's ear infections were too strong for the Amoxicilian that he was given for 10 days. On Thursday night, Friday morning, Jackson ran a fever of 103. I called Dr. Perona on my way to Lauren and Wade's breakfast and bridal luncheon. Daddy took Jack Jack to see her and, yes, he still had the ear infections. She put him on some heavy duty meds and they are finally working--poor baby! He still wasn't 100% at the wedding, but he did dance and wiggle his butt for everyone! Super cute!

On Sunday, Mommy slept--ALL DAY! Daddy and Jackson stayed in Sugarland on Saturday night, while me and Stacey headed home--we were beat after the wedding. I literally did not get out of my bed til 2:30--and that was only to make a PB Sandwich and crawl back under the covers. Jackson and Daddy got home later and we all just snuggled and watched TV til bedtime! Fabulous day!

Monday, Stacey and I had a photography seminar in Houston at 6:30, so Daddy and Jackson spent a "boys night".

Then finally, on Tuesday, Jackson and I got up and headed to Little Gym!! Yeah! He was so excited! I said "Let's get dressed so we can go to the Little Gym" and he pointed to his fist (which is where they put the stamp at the end of class!) and then started motioning like he was ringing the bells!!

He did really well. He still likes to be the first one to do things. And when they call us into class, he's the last one to go in b/c he is motioning for the other kids to "come on!" Miss Gina thought that was hysterical! They worked on jumping, and body parts, somersaults and hanging from the bar. Jackson freaking LOVES the balance beam--the kid would not walk away from it! He also enjoyed just laying and hanging out in the donut--go figure! Here are some shots from our 45 minute class--it's hard to shoot him AND lead him at the same time, so maybe next week when Daddy goes I'll get some better shots!!


Sheri said...

Cute, Cute, Cute! Jackson sure doesn't look like he has been sick.

The first picture is adorable - been trying to decide who Jackson reminds me of in that picture - could it be Grandpa Scott?

Ramie Babcock said...

Well, he was pissed off in that picture b/c another little boy pushed him out of the way to get to the beads he was playing with--that's his "Mooommm!" face!

grandma Netty said...

Hahaha, yeah, that's the same look Gpa Scott gets when I tell him he's got to mow the lawn instead of going driving:)