Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Pics from Swim Lessons

I'm posting some quick pictures from Jackson's swim lessons. I am super impressed with his coach! I found her through a mom in my MOPS group. She comes to your home and works with your child in your own pool, which was a HUGE draw for me! It's one on one, another thing I loved! It might be a little more expensive, but it was totally worth it! Within 15 minutes of working with Coach Sarah, Jackson was treading water and swimming on his own--something we'd been working on all summer and he just thought was a game! Instruction from someone else, and he totally gets it! After 30 minutes, he was diving to the bottom of the pool with Coach Sarah grabbing rings! She would count to 3, they would go under together, she would let go as soon as he grabbed the ring, he would come up to the top and swim to the steps! Literally, I was floored! That night, we had Daddy-O and Papaw in the pool with us, and Jackson became very brave and wanted to jump in off the side of the pool. "Sure, but when you come up, you swim to the side like you do when you get the rings." I made everyone stand back, because honestly, if he was going to think he was brave enough to jump in and swim, he had to struggle a bit in case he couldn't do it. I'm a big advocate that kids have to learn from experience, and if Jackson was going to learn that he wasn't big enough to jump off the side and swim, he was going to have to flail a little....well, he surprised me! He jumped in, came up, took a breath, put his head back in the water, and swam to the steps! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a swimmer!! YAY!! No more floaties!! I'll post video next week once Mom and Dad's construction is over with...and I'll post more about the store of Coach Sarah when I am not so tired!! HA! But, here are a few pics. These are the only ones I've gotten of him swimming, and they are in warm up with Coach Sarah, so she's still holding on to him working on kicking....but still, he's pretty cute in his goggles!