Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mr. Independent

Right this moment, I am sitting at the computer at the dining room table trying to get some work done. Jackson is being so good--he's playing all by himself on that jungle gym we brought in yesterday. He's taking his favorite toys and putting them in the fort, then climbs up on the platform and slides down (then claps!) And sometimes he climbs back up the slide--with no problem! (actually, he just took a baby wipe and is now wiping the mirrors in the dining room! Monkey see Monkey do, huh!?) He's getting easier and easier....I love it!

Last night was a little rough. Jackson woke up screaming--we figured out that his mouth was hurting. He has a molar in the back and a little bit of an eye tooth popping through! Poor baby! No fever, not much fussiness, just having a hard time sleeping! Tylenol and Hylands and he was finally out!

I'm off to do laundry and pick up the house in between uploading images and burning wedding DVDs...it never ends! And hopefully I'll get a shower in during his nap (oh, the joys of motherhood...)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Climbing in the Living Room

This even, Adam came home from work and took Jack straight outside to play on his Kangaroo Climber...but then it was time for dinner, and when he pick Jack up to bring him inside, Jackson started crying and shaking his head no. We had no choice but to bring that jungle gym inside! (okay, we had a choice, we just caved and decided to be the cool parents on the block!) Jackson climbed, and giggled, and fell down, and laughed at himself, slid down the slide, ran his truck down the slide, and ran from Daddy all night! He even stopped dead in his tracks to attack the paparazzi Cameron Diaz/Justin Timberlake style! Little devil! Assault on Mommy!! And again, we wore his ass out and he's sound asleep! I love it!! (check out my awesome lens--you get some really great distorted shots with this one!)

Liquor Cabinet

Jackson is WAY to young to understand that this cabinet is off limits, but he enjoys pulling all of the plastic cups and coozies out and then climbing in and shutting the door! He could hide in there for hours--and he even knocks to make sure someone is still on the other side!

13 Months Old

On Saturday, Jackson turned 13 months old. As I was downloading my cards from Saturday's wedding, I stumbled across some more shots of Jack Jack that I hadn't uploaded (I think they were from last week sometime) Here are some more random shots!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Video Clips

I am finally figuring out how to upload videos from my new little camera! Again, I am not a videographer--I'm going to stick with still images, but I still have to have some action shots of Jackson to show his future wife! I added new videos:

----------------click on the links to the right--------------------------------->

Batter Up!
Car Crash!!
Little Mouse Eats Cheese (I'm retarded--just turn your head!)
New Hiding Spot

Stories later......


This weekend was pretty crazy--as usual. On Friday, I stopped in to the rehearsal at the church for my bride, so I dropped Jackson off at Adam's office at 6:00 and hauled booty over to see Keely + Aaron practice for their big day! Adam and Jack had a guys night in--and when I returned, I got some last minute work done and then hit the sack for my busy day ahead of me!

Saturday morning, I dragged Jackson out of bed early--changed his diaper in his crib while he slept and then put him directly in the car to head to Grandma Netty's for the day. I had a baptism at 10:30 to shoot, then home to process and post in an hour (to keep ahead of schedule) and then on to Bay Oaks Country Club to shoot Keely getting ready and the wedding! So, Jack Jack got to spend the day with the grandparents, while Daddy worked in the morning. When Adam arrived at their house, it was good timing for him, because Jackson went down for a 3 hour nap! Daddy got to watch the Astros game and surf the internet (which he never does) and get some down time!

After their resting, they headed back to our house for "Jackson and Daddy's Day of FUN!" They played in the backyard--they played on the swings, climbed on his jungle gym and the sand and sea table for a LONG time!--and when it was time to come in (because the mosquitos were herrendous) Jackson screamed and cried and cried...he just loves being out doors! And, apparently they played with EVERY TOY IN THE HOUSE, INCLUDING A FORT MADE WITH THE DINING ROOM TABLE CHAIRS AND THE BEDDING FROM MY ROOM--because when I got home at 12:30...the house was a wreck!! But, I guess they had fun!

Sunday, Daddy let me sleep in! Him and Jackson got up and ate breakfast, watched cartoons, and hung out again. When I finally got out of bed (it was pretty late) we decided that today we were going to go to Galveston and Jackson was going to get to put his feet in the ocean for the first time. We had no plans, other than to go to Galveston and wonder around. We called Mom and Dad and Aunt Tacey to see if they wanted to join, and of course, they are always up for and adventure!

Basically, we rode around in the car most of the day! We took a left at the seawall (which we have never done) and scoped out all the beaches down that way--Stewart Beach, East Beach, Crystal Beach...We went to East Beach first and Jackson freaking LOVED the ocean! He laughed and giggled and laughed and giggled--he thought the waves were funny! He sat in Daddy's lap and would point to the wave coming in, then say "woooaaaahhhh" until it crashed on them (just like Daddy was saying)! Then, he discovered the sand (mud) and flung it all over the place! And we just let him have his fun...we went to lunch at FishTales (so good) and stuffed ourselves.

Then Daddy wanted to ride the Ferry--I have NEVER been on the ferry and the entire experience was a bit strange to me. But we drove on and then walked up to the upper deck to see the dolphins and seagulls. Jackson really liked the birds--they were all over! And the boats--he kept watching them and pointing. On our way back, we stopped at Dairy Queen and got Jackson a small cone--he devoured the entire thing all by himself! There was ice cream everywhere, but who cares! He ate the ice cream first, then used a spoon (again, by himself) to scoop the ice cream out of the bottom. When just the cone was left, he took little bites off of it until, literally, there was nothing left--my little porker! His belly was so full and sticking out, he looked like an Ethiopian child with little arms and legs and a HUGE tummy!

We dropped the family off and took a dip in the pool before leaving--we let Jack run around the pool with no clothes on, and like a good little boy, he walked over to the grass and peed! It was too funny! Good Job Jackson!!

It was a long day and Jackson is now conked out (all by himself) in his crib. We put him in there about 30 minutes ago, and he was just playing in his crib and then just put himself to sleep--amazing. We'll have to wear him out like that more often!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Random Pics

Here are some images that I found on my cards as I was finishing up a wedding from last weekend. I still haven't gotten a chance to get some cute shots of Jack lately, but I promise, they will get done sooner than later! One more wedding to go and then I get a little bit of a break in August! Thanks for the patience!