Thursday, January 10, 2008

18 Month Checkup

On Monday, we had Jackson's 18 Month Checkup. He is 24.5 lbs (35th%) and 31.5 inches long (25th%). He and everyone else got a kick out of "Jackson, where's your heartbeat?" and then he would pat his chest and say "boom boom, boom boom"! He's been doing it for months, but Dr. Perona loved it! And, he only had to get one shot! The Hep vaccine, which he didn't like, but was a champ!

After his appointment, we had a mommy and me day. We went to the book store and bought new books for Jackson (my New Year's resolution is to read to him more. We read a lot, but not consistantly, so we are reading every afternoon and right before bed time, and going to the library story time! And it's a good thing, because he is totally into books right now! Before, we would get about 2 pages in and he would lose interest, but now, he will sit and read by and to himself!), then we went across the street to Ichybon's for some hibachi chicken and fried rice! Jackson loves Chinese/Japanese food! Go figure!

Little did we know what the afternoon and evening would bring. Jackson started running a mild fever, and I thought it was just because of the shot. He took a REALLY long nap, and again, I thought it was from the shot. Then, at midnight, we heard him coughing in his crib. Then he started wailing. Adam went in to check on him and yelled "Oh no, Ramie, get in here!" Jackson had thrown up. All over the place. He's NEVER thrown-up, so it kinda scared me. We put him and Adam right into the bath. I think Jack Jack was still asleep because he was crying but his eyes were closed. The second I got him out of the tub, he was out. We laid a towel down between us and put him in bed with us for the night while I washed the sheets. In the meantime, I paged the doctor on call because now I was freaked that he was having a reaction to the vaccine. Nope.

The next morning, we all woke up around 9:00am (Adam didn' t work on Tuesday, thank God!) and as Jackson rolled over, it all started again. He threw up everywhere again and poor Adam was covered. And again, into the bathtub. Just as Jackson was getting sick, the phone rang--Dr. Perona's office checking on Jackson! Oh thank goodness! "Pedialyte, no solids, if he throws up again in the next 2 hours, bring him in." Well, he never got sick again, just a fever, really clingy, and now, a full on cold--runny nose, bad croupy cough, and really lethargic. Yesterday was bad too because he had really bad diarriah--and he was so embarrased by it. You could tell when he would go because he would put his hand on his butt and cry and then put his head down and go hide! Poor thing!

So today, on Thursday, we are sitting in our jammy jams, watching Once Upon a Potty, drinking more Pedialyte, and snuggling on the couch. He just isn't himself right now! And I am drinking TONS of green tea and Vitamin C trying to make sure I don't get sick because I have a big wedding this weekend! So keep us all in your prayers!

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