Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas Cooper!

SANTA! I know HIM!!

Christmas morning was a blast! I have video on our recorder, I just am not sure yet how to get it on the blog...but I did get video from my little G7 of him discovering what Santa brought him! Too cute!

Santa left Jackson a note and a mess too...nothing like turning Roomba on before we left for the Schroer house to eat ALL FREAKING DAY!

Santa knocked over a few things coming down the chimney...

And took some cinders from the fireplace with him on his boot...

And a trail of cookie crumbs on his way out...

But he DID leave his lip-prints on the snowman cup of chocolate milk! WOW!

After Santa, we played and played and played. Jackson chased Adam with his woo woo helmet...and ran that car into nearly every wall in my house....and then took a ton of pictures of me in all my glory with no makeup and crazy bed head...I need to teach him about proper photography etiquette...I have yet to upload them...

Santa was short lived, though, because Mommy got sick...I was dizzy, and achy, and coughing up a lung...along with throwing up the cold medicine I took on an empty stomach (would not recommend!) So I laid down for a bit while the boys got dressed and out the door to pick up some presents that we left at MeMaw's....I was done. I felt like crap. Merry freaking Christmas...

Dad came back with Adam to help bring my nightstand upstairs, and took a moment to try out the new woo woo helmet!

But, I forced myself to dry my hair and get dressed, then we were off to MeMaw's for food, food, and more food...oh, and some games. We played Whoonu--it's fun! And then Fact or Crap...we loved it! It was a GREAT day...I just didn't get many pictures of it! Oh well! Just one of us ladies in our matching snowmen shirts that GG Jane bought comfy!

Christmas Eve

We got home to League City around 7:30...and we were pretty tired! It was a LONG carride home--although I drove the first part while Adam watched his new movie Hancock and Jackson played with his awesome Leapster2, then Adam drove and I watched was still a long way home. We got home, peed, changed Jackson's clothes, and got back in the car to head to MeMaw and Pawpa's for presents with my family. We've always opened on Christmas Eve, and this year somehow turned out to be a bigger Christmas than anyone started out having....when we were done with presents, we said "holy did that happen?!" Next year we will have a limit...I guess that's what happens when you shop just don't stop buying...oh well.

We told Jackson he had to wear his Santa outfit...why? Because we never got to wear it in Dallas and it will be too small for him next year...SO PUT IT ON! He is just too darn cute in it!

Apparently, we missed all the excitement of the fire at GG Jane's earlier in the afternoon. I guess they were playing games and opening presents in the living room, when Aaron (Ashley's fiance) went to get a drink in the kitchen and yelled "HOLY SHIT! FIRE! FIRE!" The candleabra on GG's dining room table had tipped over, catching the centerpiece on fire, causing the center of the table to melt and smoke to fill the entire front of the house....holy cow!

But, it was fine when we arrived at her house late that night to open presents. Jackson got a slew of CAT tractors, remote-control no less! He loves them! He also got a HUGE Home Depot tool kit--drills/flashlights/saw/ kicks ass, really! Just like Daddy's!

Adam and I got a garage door opener! Can you believe our house does not have a garage door opener? Crazy! After viewing the remains of the fire, we headed back to the Schroer house for more presents....and so the chaos begins...

MeMaw and Aunt Tacey did the best...although Mommy and Daddy's console table, second garage door opener, and nightstand were really awesome! Daddy also got a shop*vac, carwashing kit, and accumark level! I also got a sewing kit, an iPod shuffle from Aunt Tacey, and the set of 4 lamps that I have been wanting!

And Jackson, well, he stole the show! Aunt Tacey got him a really cute Thomas the Train rolling bag--which he immediately wanted to put his game from Aunt Peggy in! HA! She also got him a Home Depot weed eater--too cute! I'll post the video below of him opening it! It's hysterical!

He also opened the gift from Grandpa Joe and Grandma Lou from Nebraska--he LOVED this puzzle that sings--it's been a hit at our house nearly everynight!

MeMaw and Pawpa did great as well: a Kid Tough DVD Player (this thing is AWESOME! Highly recommend it--great for long dinner's out, long car rides, or sitting in the doctor's office!HA!) a Thomas the Train blow up bed for at their house when he spends the night, and a cool 3-wheeler
that talks and tells directions! Very cool!! And Pawpa FINALLY got Memaw a new computer--after 2 keyboards connected to her laptop, with random buttons working/notworking and a battery pack that did not keep a charge, I'd say it was time to upgrade! HA! Good job, Dad!

It was a great night, but we were all tired, so we packed it up and headed home to get tucked in bed before Santa arrived at our new house! Jackson was out about 20 minutes after we got home...Adam on the other hand waited up. He wanted to make sure that Santa got all of Jackson's toys in the right spot! And good thing he did b/c Santa forgot all the batteries! Daddy had to go to Buckee's at 12:30am to get batteries so that Jackson could play with his toys right away!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

McGraw Christmas 2008--Dallas

We drove to Dallas on Monday morning for Christmas with the McGraws. Jackson is a champ now with car rides (thank goodness!) 5 hours later, we arrived at Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike's new McMansion....we loved it! They truly have a gorgeous home. We had lunch and met up with the rest of the troops at Aunt Peggy and Uncle Buddy's that night for dinner and games and chit chat! By 11:00pm..we were exhausted!

Tuesday was a day filled with cooking/shopping/eating/Santa/eating/presents/lottery/TOYS! In that order! All the grandkids got together at Firewheel Mall for the annual Santa shot--Jackson and Camden told Santa OVER AND OVER what they wanted--Jackson: "I want mote-trol car and an easel and a BIG FIRETRUCK" (which was news to Mommy and Daddy...great) Camden: "I want a blue choo-choo. I want a blue choo-choo. I want a blue choo-choo!" We all met back at Uncle Mike's for Grandma Patty's Lottery--she started it a few years back. She brings a HUGE stack of lotto tickets and everyone gets 4-5 depending on the amount in the stack. This year, we got 4..and Adam and I didn't win a THING. HMMMMPH...but then, Grandma Peg did something spontaneous (with a few bouts of whining)--she did the 1st lotto a day early! The lotto is something she's been doing with the grandkids for years now. It's a random drawing--and some win, and some don't, it's the luck of the draw. The amounts very, but this year, she did something different. She played a trivia game, and when it was all over, everyone opened an evelope that said $50.00....then she said "Nope, you're all missing a zero! HA! Everyone get $500.00!! YEAH!!" It was awesome! Adam was super excited!

We opened gifts from all the aunts/uncles/cousins...Jackson got a Lightning McQueen 3-wheeler from Aunt Cathy, great Thomas stuff from Aunt Peggy, money from Aunt Marie, and a puzzle from Aunt Pam. The 3 wheelers were a big hit! Adam got money from most everyone and Dewalt battery from Aunt Cathy. I got 2 great cookbooks, a snowman decor, and a great Coach wallet from Aunt this point, we didn't have enough room in the car, and we still had not done Christmas with the Babcock's! YIKES!

Wednesday morning, we got up early and did Christmas with the grandparents--and again, Jackson got a boat load of stuff! A cool CAT tractor set from Kayla and Elliott, Hulk hands from Clint and Rickie, an AWESOME Leapster 2 from Grandma and Grandpa, some more puzzles and clothes...Adam got a case for his new rifle and a griddle (the last thing from our wedding registry! HA!) and some great movies from his brothers. I got a new clock, a bracelet, and a cool game called Fact or Crap! I think that's all...holy cow!

We headed out around 2:30 to get back to Houston in time for Christmas Eve with the Schroer's and then to bed before Santa...

Here is a QUICK slideshow of all 128 images that I shot of the McGraw gang...too many to post separate! I bought a new program to showcase weddings, and this is my first attempt at a super basic slideshow...enjoy!

*Note: turn off Jackson's iPod before hitting play on the slideshow!**

Monday, December 22, 2008


We are currently in the car driving to Dallas for Christmas with the McGraw family! We will be back on Christmas Eve for Santa's arrival at our new house...we hpe he finds it okay!

Until then, follow us on Twitter (on the right side, above Jack's iPod...)

I love technology! I just got a new phone with internet and email so I can update virtually! All the time!

Merry Christmas everyone! We love you!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Breakfast with Santa--NASA

This morning, we got up EARLY and got out the door at 8:30 to go see Santa! Boeing sent out a signup and my Dad signed us all up to go have Breakfast with Santa! Alot of Jackson's blogstalkers that my Dad works with were there too, with their cutie-pies! Hi ladies!! ...and our new friends Wade and Brayden!

We got there before Santa arrived and ate doughnut holes and juice....and colored. Jackson loved the coloring! Go figure!

Jackson's new friend Wade

Then, they announced that Santa was on his way! Everyone went out side to watched with anticipation! He arrived in a FIRETRUCK! HOLY COW! We think Jackson was more excited about the "woo-woo" than Santa...oh well!

Santa waved and waved and waved...then they lowered him down and Jackson went up and shook his hand and said hello...

We went back inside and waited for Santa to take his seat. In the mean time, we chatted with Mrs. Claus...

Wade with Santa for the 1st time ever!

Jackson getting ready to meet Santa and tell him what he wants! He was practicing!

Jackson with Santa "I want a moat-trol car and art easle!"

They had games for the kids and prizes, along with face painting. Jackson sat down and picked out a Christmas tree--I thought the snowman was cuter, but who am I to choose!

Brayden waiting to see Santa for the 1st time ever!

A few pictures of the entire crew of kids that Papa works with...

Gus, the picture guy for Boeing who takes all the shots...we felt he needed to be on the other side of the camera for once! HA!

Mrs. Claus read stories...

They had a craft room for the kids, too, where they could decorate a Santa hat or a stocking...we have Santa hats...I chose the stocking...and then I helped with the decorating a little...b/c glue on a new red shirt is a HUGE pet peeve of mine!

All the kiddos, again, with Santa!

The fireman let the kids go out and play on the firetruck! Jackson thought he was big stuff!

Wade checking out his reflection! CUTE!