Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day after Christmas Sale

Christmas Day was filled with games, napping, eating, eating, napping, games, and more eating. Jackson even got to open his present from Aunt Tacey (we thought he was overwhelmed the night before, so we saved hers for the next day)--a circus train from Circus Circus, Vegas! That night, after all the eating and drinking, we were exhausted, so we stayed at Mom and Dad's. The next day, my dad comes in from the garage with an ad, hands it to Adam, points, and Adam gets this crazy smile on his face. Fry's had a sale on a TV that Adam had been looking at (and in the past, I told him we didn't need a bigger TV, we need a bigger HOUSE, and the TV could wait considering it was originallyl well over $2000). Well, the sale was amazing, but it started at 7:00am and by this time it was 10:30, so I said "If they still have one, you can go ahead and buy it." Mom and I have said we have never seen two grown men throw their clothes on faster and run out the door! They had called our Fry's and they were sold out, so they headed to the Fry's on the NORTH side of Houston (45 minutes away). Long story short (you can ask Adam all about it later) the boys come home with the following:

65" Toshiba DLP HDTV

The only problem now is that I had no where to put it. It fits great on that big wall in my living room, but we couldn't just put it on the floor! So Adam and I spent ALL night on a hunt for a piece of furniture for the living room. I didn't just want the metal stand--it had to match the rest of the furniture. So I finally found a great piece at Pier 1--and it was on clearance (a little scratched up on the top, but hell, I was putting a TV on the top) and then it was the last one, so we got it for a steal!!

We have spent the past few days watching all the bowl games on it, and my new favorite channel, 301 Discover Theatre HD (it's awesome watching nature shows on this bad boy!) And the Doodlebops and Backyardigans ROCK in HD and 65"!! Jackson loves it! Needless to say, it was a great Christmas!

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Cindy Lu said...

I love how the big manly screen is Wow Wow Wubzy! Classic! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!