Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Little Gym!!

We did it! We joined The Little Gym! Since Daddy had the day off (he's off every other Tuesday) we decided to have our trial class be this morning. We are now enrolled in the 10:45 Tuesday class (which will be great b/c Daddy can take Jackson every other week!)

He did so well! At first, I think he was overwhelmed with all the little boys. There are about 8 boys in the class (two Harrisons and TWO Jacksons!) He just stood their watching everyone. It's a Parent-and-Me class, so Adam and I were both on the mats with him. After about 10 minutes, he really warmed up to the teacher, Miss Janine....it was pretty funny though. They ring the bells at the beginning of class, and then sing a song about putting the bells away (he loved that) and by the end of the class, he was going over the kids and taking their bells to put away for them!

He followed directions pretty well. Whenever Miss Janine spoke to give direction, he ran up to her and was normally the first to do whatever she wanted them to do. He jumped off the wedge, he hung on the bar, he walked on the beam, and even did somersaults on the rolling octagon! I was pretty proud of him! He really loved the bubbles and the balls, too!

We LOVED the class and can't wait for the rest of the semester!!
And I promise I'll take my camera the next time! (without knowing what the class was about, I didn't want to lug that thing around just yet!)


Sheri said...

WOW this sounds like a lot of fun! What is the age of the other kids? How long is the class? Looking forward to seeing pictures :)

Ramie Babcock said...

The class is 45 minutes long, and it goes by FAST! The kids are 19 months-2 1/2, but Jackson and a little girl Tatum are the only 19 month olds...everyone else is 2 and older! He really enjoyed it though!

Cindy Lu said...

You guys are going to LOVE it! Charlie was in it for a couple of years before I put him school and he had a blast. He was always the kid who did his own thing though. But, what can you do? And, you could have Jack's birthday party there! So fun!