Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soccer--The Big Game

Soccer season has come to an end--8 whole weeks have flown by! Jackson started his last game with a big warm up. We got their early so that he could practice dribbling and shooting with Daddy-O. Once the game started, it was a free for all. Most of the kids don't know, or understand, the game of soccer. They learned the basics, but hey, they are 3 and 4. Jackson, on the other hand, knows that you are supposed to pass the ball and kick to needless to say, he was frustrated with the other kids b/c "All thems is doing is running around and kicking each other and not even passing the ball. Uhhhg!" But once he got a hold of the ball, he was a maniac! He scored one of the first goals, and he was tooooo excited!

After his first goal, he took a turn being the goalie. The game was actually the parents vs the kiddos, so Daddy-O was playing, too. Earlier in the game, he had taken a shot on the goalie, and wouldn't you know, the kid looked over at his parents and was waving at them right as Adam kicked it! Score one for the parents!! BOOOO!!! About 2 minutes later, Adam kicked the ball from the opposite goal, and the little girl in the goal that time, turned her back, and in went another goal! Score two for the parents! BOOOOO!! Bad Daddy-O!

So when it was Jackson's turn, Adam thought "what the hell, what's one more gonna hurt?"...and he kicked it pretty hard at Jack. Well, he under-estimated his son! He stopped it!! YAY JACKSON!! Everyone went nuts!! :) It was a great shot and FINALLY someone had stopped that mean guy from scoring again! WOO HOO!!

Obviously, the Dragon Butterflies won! Everyone got their medals, and then we did our weekly ritual of CiCi's pizza afterwards.