Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pictures from the Big Game (part 2)


Jackson's Biggest Fans!!

Changing it up a bit...trying to hit from the right!

Everson was TOASTY warm!!

Waiting patiently for his medal...


Proud Mommy and Daddy--we had SOO much fun watching him play!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tin Type in Tennessee

I finally got a chance to scan the tin-type that we took in Tennessee at Dollywood! Really, getting one of these done was the ONLY thing that I was wanting to do there, and we got them done FIRST thing!! And I'll never forget it!! My family had one done JUST like this of Mom, Dad, Stacey and I and I still think it's the coolest thing...

At the same time, we took the time to get this super cute shot of my Jack Jack! The only time this kid has ever been allowed to hold a gun...and not again for a long time!!

Jackson and Daddy-O

I found this picture of Jackson and Adam from this summer...I love it!!

School Pictures

The first of many school pictures to come....

The Big Game

We have had a BLAST watching Jackson play t-ball this year! Those kids are super cute--some can hit the ball, some can't...some can throw the ball, some can't...some just run around...it's just cute!

Here is how EACH practice/game goes:

1. Throw and catch with Daddy-O
2. Stretch as a team
3. Run and catch the coach for a warm-up
4. Parents in the field, kids line up and take turns batting at 2 stations
5. Kids play a position in the field and the parents bat/hit grounders to the kids while the
coaches teach them where to throw the ball after each hit (that's the funny part! "Tag that
runner! Throw it to first! Don't all run to the ball, play your position!")
6. Throw and catch with Daddy-O again, working on grounders
7. Team huddle and "Robot Elephants!! YAY!!"
8. Snack and drink

A couple weeks back, right after Everson was born, they had team pictures. Apparently, the coach told them to get their individuals taken, and then go sit on the bench. No one but Jackson listened, and all you could hear was Jackson calling from the bench "Hey guys! They told us to sit on the bench! Come on guys! You're not listening! Come over here, guys!" Oh...my child!! And Jackson's individual t-ball pictures came out GREAT!! The team pic, not so much...Jackson is the only one of the bunch with his eyes closed (really, he looks half lit!)...but I love my little t-baller!!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


We have a great love of family game night these days! Last week, we played UNO on family game night: FGN means, No TV, No phones...we eat dinner, we get bathed, we get in our jammies, and we play games til it's time for bed. It helps keep Jackson a little calmer, and now that we have the baby, it's great one on one time with him. A lot of nights, Adam and I just want to unwind and watch our favorite TV show and zone out...the problem is that Jackson then feels like he's getting ignored and then it's REALLY hard to get him to go to sleep. So, we think we've found the solution!!

So yesterday, when Adam called and said he was having a bad day, I said "Come home, and you can eat and go to bed early." About 20 minutes later, I get a text that says "Family Game Night! I'm gonna kick your ass at UNO again!" (when we played UNO with Jackson, I lost every hand--EVERY SINGLE HAND!) And although UNO is GREAT for learning numbers and colors and taking turns, Momma didn't want to lose again!

I packed up the car with 2 kids and Memaw and we headed to Target to find some new games! And we hit the jackpot!!

A friend had suggested Sequence for Kids. We haven't played that one yet, b/c we found a really cool game that sounded like a lot of fun--ZINGO!! It's like Bingo...obviously.

Really, this is a great game for little kids. They learn to site read, image/word recognition, concentration and memory...and this game has won TONS of awards!

So we ate dinner, got our hot cocoa and popcorn ready, and sat at the table for some good family fun! Jackson had a BLAST (because he won...alot...and not on purpose) and Mommy liked the game too, but I LOST every round--AGAIN! I am not good at playing games against Jackson! He's either really lucky or I'm just really unlucky these days!!

Wow...Everson looks really fat here...BAD angle mommy, BAD ANGLE!!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Blue Angels

This morning, I woke up with no voice. None. I wanted to just stay in bed and try and get over this cold....instead, I got up, called all the fam, and headed out for a short day of fun! The Blue Angels were performing at Ellington, and I really wanted to take Jackson again this year.

GG and Aunt Stacey came over and came along for the fun! Since Aunt Tacey works for Boeing, we were able to park and watch from Tower Two parking lot...and it WAS a great view! We had called to see if Grandma Patty and Grandpa Doug wanted to come down and have dinner with us, and they made it just in time to see the Blue Angels fly too! Jackson LOVED it! And this year, they flew right over us a FEW times...the first time, Jackson was startled, but after that, he would do the "awesome dance" and yell and clap!! It was so fun seeing his amazement over the "cool blue and yellow planes!"

After the air show, we came home and cooked beer can chicken and burgers for all 8 of us--Memaw and Papaw came over straight from their flight from Omaha! The best: Jackson and Everson BOTH got their FIRST Husker shirts!! YAY!!! :) Finally! Some Huskers attire!! :) I'll be getting shots of that soon!!

For now, here are the videos from the air show...


The other night, Adam and I were sitting in the living room, I was on the phone with my mom, Adam was watching TV...we look over, and Jackson is lining up all of this bowling pins. Next thing you know, my kid is using his head as a bowling ball! Nice. So Adam makes the comment, "You look like Johnny Knoxville." Well, from that comment on, it was on!! My classy husband taught my even classier 3 year old the greatest line EVER...

(don't judge me! I really do think it's funny!)

The outtakes were pretty funny too...."Hi I'm Ronny Jackville..." WHO!?!