Wednesday, January 02, 2008


We didn't get up early, but at 9:00, I went in and grabbed the video camera and our Santa hats! I don' have that many pictures because we got so much video! When Jackson saw all of his toys from Santa, he squatted down and yelled, "OH GOODY"! We have no clue where he learned that word because we don't day "goody!" but it's plain as day on the video!!

Jackson spent the entire morning going from one toy to the other, making us hamburgers on the grill, putting mustard on hot dogs, washing dished in the sink--he loves the grill!!

Adam and I spent the morning playing with all of our new toys too! Check out my Roomba!


Alicia said...

ok, now does that thing really work?

Ramie Babcock said...

It's freaking fabulous!! I love it! Gets all the dust off my wood floors--but I still have to vacuum my carpets about once a week to fluff the fibers!