Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Eve at GG Janes

From the time I was little, we've spent Christmas Eve at GG Jane's. When we were little, we would all get over to Grandma and Grandpa's house, then head to mass at 5:00 at St. Francis. At church, Grandpa would take us all up to the front of the church to see the nativity scene. Then after mass, we would all go back to their house for meatball sandwiches. All the kids would eat as fast as we could, because we all knew that when we were done eating, we could go downstairs and open presents! We would all wait at the top of the stairs, WAITING for the adults to get done eating. Then, all the families would sit together and grandma would pass out all the gifts! Then, it was on! The paper would go flying and the "Oh! I wanted one of these!" "Thank you!" "HOLY COW! Look what I got!" would be screamed! Now, we are all grown up and it's just not the same anticipation (or noise level) as when we were little--but it's still exciting. And, we have a new generation to make memories for--and we sure did this year!

We met up at GG Jane's for meatball sandwiches--then, we opened presents! Aunt Di and Uncle Russ got Jackson a laptop computer and a Webkin! GG Jane got Jackson a VSmile Baby and a Little People Garage! He went to town tearing open the paper! And when he was done with one, he was on to another--even if it wasn't his! The rest of us opened all our great gifts--then on to church where Jackson stole the show. The people behind us loved him! And when he got restless and Adam took him out, they said "Oh, we missed him!" HA!

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Kayla said...

I love the picture of Jackson with his eyes closed. He just looks so excited!