Friday, January 23, 2009

My little Artist

Okay Okay...I know I've been a bad blogging Mommy this month. But, it's been great! I've not really worked, thank God! I've been spending my days with Jackson, re-organizing my kitchen (thanks Mom!) and Jackson's toy room (thanks Mom again!) and keeping up with laundry and ironing...and decorating...and cooking....and working out (I'm down 6 lbs! Yeah!)

And I've only had one pro-session, this past week, a senior. So, I was FORCED to get this camera out! This morning, Adam was home, and Jackson and he were playing trains and making messes while Mommy tried to clean them all up. Apparently, Jackson found these glue crayon things and wanted to "write". Adam let him--in the bathroom. Which really is a GREAT place, b/c he can make a mess, and I can just spray it clean....and because I need to have the tile cleaned in that bathroom, so I wasn't really THAT worried about the mess. And suprisingly, he didn't make a mess! Not once! He stayed on the paper and made pictures for Mommy, and Dadney, and Memaw, and Papaw. He's very good at sharing!



Jackson sings all the time! Everything! Songs on the radio (Beyonce, Rehab, Oh Hot Damn, this is my Jam!), commercials on TV (Baby Come Back! the mop commercial), and the "On Demand, or on TV..." If you say it or sing it, he repeats it.

Jackson weighs 30 lbs now. Had a doctor's appointment for a final Hep A shot, and he tipped the scales to 30! Wow!

Jackson wakes up in the middle of the night to go potty! YEAH!

Jackson does NOT like to get out of his jammies. These pictures are what I see of my little boy nearly all day everyday--and I love him! He's just too cute with his messy hair and jammy-jams!

Jackson can brush his OWN teeth. By himself. We let him brush them himself in the morning, we still scour them at night at bath time, but he is VERY proud after he's done them on his own!

Jackson is still obsessed with trains and coloring.

Jackson can spell his name : J-A-C-K-S-O-N

Jackson can state his address: 2-1-1 HAR****

Jackson can wipe his own butt (okay, I know that's gross, but it's a BIG step!)

More later...I have to go finish packing and get ready for my girls weekend in Austin! YEAH ME! Jackson told me a little bit again: "You gonna miss me here. You should stay here. Don't weave me"....ahhhh.....But I have to. I need to get away. Alone....

More to come next week! I promise! I have a new goal of blogging everyday for the next month...we'll see!! He's just too funny right now to not post his funny little sayings!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


for my lack of blogging. I have just really been enjoying being a simple stay at home mom. I only have a few things on my plate right now (one wedding album left to finish, one project, and my website...) and I have been spending my entire days with Jackson. Shopping, cleaning, working out and playing. I love it! I'm so calm and relaxed and I feel great! Stress free!!

Also, I have no pictures. Seriously. Actually, I sent my pro camera equipment to Canon for it's once a year, calibration, refurbishing...I got my camera back on the 2nd (it was gone over Christmas too) and I JUST got my lenses back TODAY.

So, I promise some pictures this week!

But, continue to keep up with our every move on the Twitter box on the right---------------->

Happy 2009! Oh! I WILL be blogging our NYE celebrations (not many pictures, but one video...)