Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Mommy and Daddy had another evening out when a friend of ours from college got married in Friendswood--they were originally having the ceremony in Galveston, but Ike screwed that up, so they ended up with a beautiful ceremony right down the road from us! YEAH! I got one picture of Adam and I...

Lunch with Randy!!

I headed to Huntsville the other day to meet up with a great friend, Randall C Page! I worked with Randy at NASA in New Mexico and shortly after I left, he got a job as a professor at Baylor in the Photography department! So they (he and his wife and daughter) moved too! Now we are about 3 hours from each other, and I hope to get together more often!

We had lunch at the Junction, then Randy took Jackson and I fishing! Jack Jack was in HEAVEN!! Although we didn't catch any Nemos, we had a great visit with a dear, old, friend--and I do mean old! HA!! Just kidding Randy!

Look at these faces Jackson made--Randy is a big kid himself, so he brought out the craziness in Jackson during lunch (which was not the best behavior, but Randy's not always well behaved either, so that day they got along great!! HA!)

Race for the Cure


A few weekends back, Adam and I and some college friends headed to Huntsville to party and live it up like we used to...let's just say Mommy Ramie can't do that anymore! I didn't feel good for 2 days! YIKES!!

When we got back to town, Jackson made a new friend! He LOVES Brian!! They bowled ALL afternoon! Sooo cute!