Wednesday, March 28, 2007

9 months {updated}

We started the day with breakfast of yogurt, Cheerios, and a bottle. Jackson is now able to sign "milk", yet at the same time, we know he's hungry when he says "mi miiiill", or "mo miiilll" or "my miiiilll". Remember when I thought he FINALLY said "Mommy" for the first time--I think I was mistaken, because they sound so much alike! But as a note for his 9 month birthday, here are some milestones:

*Stands ALONE
*Climbs the stairs (up only)
*5 teeth (working on 6 and 7)
*Waves and says "bye bye"
*says "dada" and "mama" and "papa"
*Walks behind walker alone
*Dances to music (mostly when he's kneeling)
*Opens cabinet doors (and pulls all the diapers onto the floor!)
*Watches for birds and airplanes
*HATES the grass! He'll stand on one foot to avoid it!
*Eats any kind of fruit, and most veggies (except broccoli and peas)
*Loves Handy Manny and Johnny and the Sprites
*Can spend HOURS in front of his Leapfrog Learning Table
*Likes to "play" the piano
*Smiles and giggles at everything!
*Likes to swing, go on walks in his stroller, and be outside

Yesterday, I had a photo session for a friend of mine in the studio, and while she was making a clothing change, I took Jackson out of his jumperoo (his watching point while I'm working!) and put him in front of the camera for about .2 seconds:

(notice how he's holding his mouth--I think his teeth were hurting him today..."more teething tablets, please, mi miiiillll")

We go to see Dr. Wardell (for the last time...she's moving and we will miss her dearly! She's been so wonderful! I just love her and so does Jackson!) at 2:30, so I'll update tonight with his stats and info! He also gets shots today (so sad) but Daddy will be there too, so hopefully it won't be so bad!

We just got back from saying our goodbyes to Dr. Wardell--she is off to Palestine, TX (home of my friend Brandie) and as she walked out of the office, Jackson said really loud "BYE!" and waved--too cute! He is now 20 lbs (50%tile) and 27.25" long (25%tile) She thinks he is growing well and impressed with how animated he is and how strong he is in nearly walking. She said he is ready to try some meats--so we gave him some chicken tonight with green beans, and of course, he ate them up! He is a really good eater! We told her we just weaned him at 8 months, and she was happy that we nursed for as long as we did--hence the super healthy baby! I highly recommend breastfeeding--it may seem weird, but the benefits are phenomenal--if you can do it, DO IT!! Some babies are not good breast-feeders, but if they latch on well, keep going!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sweet Baby Boy

Hyland's Teething Tablets

The last time we went to see Dr. Wardell, she told me to get Hyland Teething Tablets--but I thought she said teething BiSCUITS, so like an idiot, I've been searching the Internet, every store, every baby aisle, and obviously couldn't find them. So at my Mom's Night Out with my MOPS group last week, the ladies were telling me to get the Hyland's Teething Tablets, and I burst out "WHERE DO YOU GET THEM! I CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE!" and they all said they had the same problem (so I didn't feel like such a bad mom) But THEIR problem was that at Walmart, they are located with vitamins (uh, hello Walmart? You are supposed to be the kings of marketing and product placement, why in the WORLD would you put a baby product on the bottom shelf of the vitamin aisle next to weight loss pills and estrogen supplements? Ever heard of Baby Orajel--PUT THEM NEXT TO THE OTHER WONDER DRUG MOMS LIVE FOR! okay, enough venting, but this was months of frustrating searches built up)

I swear by these things now! They are all natural, and contain chamomile, which soothes baby's mouth instead of numbing it! It works like a charm! Jackson hadn't been sleeping very well because his teeth were waking him up (we're working on #6 and #7) but I gave him his 3 little pills under his tongue and he conked right out--and has been sleeping through the night again ever since!

So remember: Walmart, bottom shelf, pink and white box, get your sleep back!!


Okay, we have come to the sad realization that, even at the ripe young age of nearly 9 months, Jackson can be bribed. Yes, I said it, spoiled with bribery. And it's all Grandma Netty's fault. Yup, blame it on the Grandma. Here's what happened: I get home from the gym and everyone wants to go to lunch. So, even though it's close to nap time, we go anyway, as I sit in the car thinking "Oh Lord, I'm going to spend an hour playing "the pick up game" (which,by the way, I hate, and typically, DO NOT put up with, but for every one's sanity in the restaurant, I will oblige this one time)" or hoping that we brought enough toys for distraction. But as we get out of the car, my mom says to Jackson "Now remember what we talked about: if you are a good boy, we'll make a stop on the way home for that surprise, but if you're not good, we go to the car." I'm like "Good one mom. He doesn't understand how to sit still when you change his diaper (and that for about 20 seconds), how do you expect him to sit perfectly quiet for a toy."

Well, somehow it worked, because my child did not make a PEEP during our entire meal. No toys were thrown, no crackers were crushed, no drinks were attempted to be knocked over, no strangers were stared at, no loud screams were uttered, no fussing, no squirming.....he SAT STILL AND ATE CHEERIOS LIKE A GOOD BOY FOR AN HOUR! (I think people in Hell are cheering and wearing parkas while drinking ice cold Desani)

So on the way home, we stopped at Target where Mom and Jackson jumped out of the car and made a B-line for the Fisher Price aisle, all the while with Jackson giggling and smiling like he knew exactly where they were going...and my dad and I sitting back watching all of this with our jaws on the floor because there is no way a child of this age should have a clue what is going on, but he truly seems as though he does.

And this is what we bring home:

It's the Playskool Walk N Ride, and since Jackson can stand all by himself now, and walk between Adam and I, yet will not take that first step by himself, Grandma thought this would be good to get him "going" on his own! And so far, it works! He is ALL OVER THE PLACE with this thing. He pulls up on it by himself, and tools around the living room like a toddler. It's amazing...he is getting so big so fast!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Piano Man

This morning, as we spent, yet another morning at Grandma Netty's before my computer battery went dead and I could not work anymore (I left the charger in my office) I got a chance to "play" with Jack Jack! He was hysterical this morning! After playing a game of "scream, giggle, and run up the stairs" (this was were he gets to the bottom on the steps, we say "Jackson! No No!", he screams, starts giggling, and then high tails it 90 miles an hour up the next step--like he so much faster than Mommy and he will get away! Ha! Not a chance!), Jackson headed for the piano. Now, the piano can be a dangerous place. It has sharp corners and a bench that can tip over. But Jackson's new thing is using it as an obstacle course and maneuvering his way in and out of the legs. In addition, he remembers from a few weeks ago that there are keys under that cover thing and he can bang on them and make noise--so he is always reaching for it. I put him on the bench again to see what he would do--and the fact that Daddy says Jack will NEVER play the piano is absolute BS, because just look at my little Mozart! He was banging on the keys, singing out loud, leaning back and wailing! It was a hoot! He is a little ham and whenever he gets an audience, he is quite the performer. Gee, I wonder where he gets that??!!!??

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Jackson is really into books right now--and not just eating them! I posted earlier about the musical book that I bought at Target. Jack really likes to turn the page of that book because each time you turn the page, a different song plays. I think that book was a great tool, because now he turns the pages of ALL of his books! He used to just put them in his mouth and chew on them (along with ALL of my magazines...), but now, he turns the pages and looks at the colors and pictures, and can sit for about 15 minutes just playing quietly with a book. I'm amazed! Let's hope he gets his Mommy's love for reading--anyone remember the baby shower video and the image of me sitting in the closet at age 2 reading a book??!! Ahh, that would be fantastic!!

Last night, Daddy caught Jack and I reading (I thought they were decent images, considering he didn't have a flash and was clueless to what the settings were!!)

Saturday, March 10, 2007


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful hubby, Adam, for being such an amazing Dad. Jackson gets so excited to see his Daddy when he walks in the door from work! Adam gives Jackson his bath every night--it's amazing to see how well they bond in those few tiny moments before bedtime. I want to thank him for the fact that, when I am gone, I can trust him whole-heartedly with Jackson, and I don't have to worry (too much) about them! Thank you for everything--I am so proud of you! I love you!

Tooth #5

The day after Jack Jack got his 4th tooth, that 5th tooth snuck in too! This one made it through on the top, so now we have 3 teeth up above. And, we are sooo excited to announce that Jackson is standing on his own! Yeah! He'll be holding on the edge of the pack 'n play or the couch or Daddy's leg, and just let go and put his hands up near his ears...he only lasts about 10 seconds, but it's a start! Afterwards, he just giggles and laughs like he is so proud of himself! I have yet to get it with my camera, but trust me, I'll be trying hard this week!

Last night, Jackson and Daddy spent the whole evening together while Mommy and Aunt Tacey had a last-minute girls night, and headed to see Pat Green at Rodeo Houston. We took some pics with Stacey's camera, so as soon as I can get those images, I'll post 'em. We got some great shots of Pat Green--we had amazing seats on the floor, 6 rows up from the dirt! So much fun!

I got some shots of Jack just before I left for an e-session downtown (I'll post those pics tomorrow!)--it's going to be a crazy busy weekend! As I headed out the door, Jack and Daddy were loading up to go see some friends in Deer Park--boys night! Yikes!

Model Child

Jackson was playing with his musical table at Grandma Netty's, and I had just grabbed the camera, and this is the "pose" he shot me! What a ham! Watch out George Clooney--Jackson Babcock, sexiest baby alive!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bay House, MOPS, and Overnights

This weekend was amazing! Jackson had many firsts over the past few days. On Friday, I joined a group called M.O.P.S. (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers). It's an international organization and fortunately we have a chapter here in League City! There are about 40 mommies in the group, and we get together every other Friday from 9:30-11:30am for meetings (there is a book club discussion, breakfast, a speaker, and a craft project each time!) and then there are moms-night-outs, play-dates, and philanthropy activities throughout the month! I am so excited to be part of a group with other woman with little ones! One, it's great networking, and two, it's a great outlet for me. They offer daycare for the two hours you are there, too! So, at first, Jackson sat on my lap (which they recommended, til we got used to the group) then, when he started getting antsy, we headed to the nursery! There, I met 2 little old white-haired grandmothers and 3 other babies. Jackson just stared at the women, and then started flirting, so I knew he would be fine! I put him in an exersaucer and headed back to the meeting for the last hour and a half. I wasn't too nervous, but I did start crying on the way down the hall--it was kinda sad leaving him with strangers, but he did GREAT! They said he stayed sitting, ate some Cheerios, and giggled and entertained!

Then on Saturday, Mommy and Daddy headed to the bay for a little get-away with some friends, and Jackson got to stay the night with Grandma Netty! Grandpa Scott was out of town on business, so it was just the two of them (and GG Jane, and Aunt Tacey) but they had a good time--although Grandma Netty was a little tired the next day! Jackson is a noisy sleeper, and anytime he would move in his pack n play, she would wake up! But Mommy and Daddy got to hang out together, relax, and party like we were in college again! Thanks Grandma Netty!

Jackson also got his 4th tooth! Finally! That little sucker has been a pain in the butt for about a week, but it popped through yesterday!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I know, it's a little early, but I had the lights set up in the studio for Ashlee's shoot, so I thought I would get Jackson while he was in a good mood! Adam was standing behind me and Jackson was just cracking up! (I have no idea what he was doing back there, but it worked...)

Miss Daneen

This afternoon, I had a photo shoot with Miss Ashlee--she's an aspiring model and I know she will go far! (I just like knowing that I might have a little something to do with her future career! Yeah!) While Ash and I were in the studio, Jackson got to hang out with Miss Daneen! We've been good friends since we first moved to Texas--she works with my Dad at Boeing. I caught this shot in the studio--Jack wanted in on the action: