Monday, December 24, 2007

Stocking Stuffers

After a crazy busy weekend with the McGraw clan in Dallas, we just got back last night at 2:00am. Adam, unfortunately, had to work today, so Jackson and I took a lazy day and just slept in and have been in our jammies all day--a little restless! So I thought I'd let Jackson open and read his stocking stuffers--POTTY BOOKS! So we spent the morning reading books, pushing all the buttons in each one thousands of times, and getting some quick shots. I have TONS (500 images to be exact) of images to process from our fun trip with Adam's family (I'm half way done), but for now, I'm chillin with my baby boy!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa + Rudolph

After WEEKS of trying to make time to get my child in the studio and create our Christmas card, we finally had a "small" amount of time (about 10 minutes). I don't know which one I like better--Santa or Rudolph! And check out Santa's new ride--it's the only way we could get him to sit still!!

We bribed him with candy--"sit down on your butt and we'll give you a piece of candy" "Say Please" "Wave at Mommy and say Bye Bye and I'll give you a piece of candy"....that kind of thing! It was so much easier to shoot this kid when he was an infant! I think I'm officially going to stop taking client with kids between the ages of's just too exhausting and frustrating for me AND the parents!! Yikes!

But, most of you will be getting a Christmas card with wallets...someday. I just haven't had the time. I'll be making and sending my Christmas cards in September next year! HA!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I am wanting to say a HUGE CONGRATS to two of my friends, Tasha and Malee, who are both newly preggers with their first babies!! YEAH!! Tasha is due in June (I think) and Malee is due in mid-July! I know they are both blog readers, so I wanted to tell them to ENJOY EVERY MINUTE of being pregnant! Start a blog or a journal so you can look back on it--trust me, you'll want to because your pregnant mind will start to forget everything!

I am so excited! More friends to add to the Mommy club!

(there are lots of ADPi's that are preggers right now: Rachel Wheat (March), Robyn (any day), Jana Romero-Coates(not sure), Tasha, and Malee!! Anyone else?!)

Friday, December 07, 2007

St. Nick

Tonight, just after Daddy got home from work, Adam and Jackson and I were getting ready to get our Christmas pictures taken in the studio, when all of a sudden, the door bell rang. Jackson looked up at us, confused. I said, "You better go see who it is" and he went running for the door (this pretty much always happens--even when the UPS guy drops off my clients' orders) I opened the door and there was a Christmas bag on the front porch--and Mommy wasn't ready with her camera. St Nick had come! He was a little late, but I think he knew that we were super busy last night and that Mommy wasn't even home after it was dark....but he still made it!

Jackson dug into the bag--still not paying any attention to the fact that no one was at the door. He pulled out a giant snow globe that sings and sprays snow round and round! He knew exactly where the button was! Most little kids get candy from St. Nick, but Mommy never did. She usually got a little toy or something special for her baby dolls. Nothing big, just something a little extra to play with. But, I think St. Nick knows that Jackson loves toy Christmas decorations and ornaments, so that might be the tradition!

The best part--Grandma Netty and Grandpa Scott showed up right after St. Nick! Surprise! Grandma was going to take our pictures in the studio--what are the odds that they show up right after! I wonder if they got to SEE St. Nick? I've always wondered what he looks like....

Sorry Mom, I'm Working Here

This afternoon, after our busy day, Jackson woke up from his nap while I was getting some last minute work done. He wanted so badly to sit at the computer with me, but he tends to push the buttons and grab for the mouse, making it very difficult to do MY stuff. So, I set him up his own little desk next to mine with paper, a pen, his phone, his cell phone, and his "computer" (the piano that has keys and sings music!) and of course, his CAMERA! Surprisingly, he played for a good 30 minutes, talking to himself, writing on the paper, then pushing the buttons on the computer, then grabbing his phone! I have a future CEO sitting with me--maybe someday he'll be running Mommy's business! Yeah!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


On Tuesday, Jackson and I ventured out to the mall to pick up some last minute gifts, and while we there, we decided to stop in a "look" at Santa. I am shooting a Christmas party on Saturday and Santa will be there (I am shooting the Santa pics!), so we weren't going to buy any from the mall. So we walked up to the fence and looked in...Santa waved and winked at Jackson and he just stared in awe, then waved back! There was NO ONE IN LINE, so I asked if we could just come in and see Santa, and they said "sure!" So Jackson and I walked in and I took Jack Jack out of the stroller and we talked to Santa for a bit, and waved at Santa, then I asked him "Tell him what Santa says" and Jackson made that cute little "O" mouth and said "HO HO HO"--and with that, Santa belly laughed back! Jackson's eyes got so big and then he just busted out giggling so hard!! Then he would pause long enough to say "HO HO HO" again, then Santa would do it, and Jackson would die laughing! Super fun! He sat on Santa's lap and played with the reindeer bells...for a good 5 minutes. Just sitting and staring and smiling and giggling.....then said "Bye Bye" and waved! Such a good boy!

So then today, Grandma Netty, Aunt Tacey, and GG Jane wanted to take Jackson to see Santa again since Aunt Tacey had the day off work. And the same thing! He waved and ran over to him when it was his turn. He said "HO HO HO" and got to hold the bells again! And we got his picture taken too! We didn't get the print this year, just the disc with his picture on it so that we could blog it! And this year, he's actually looking at the camera! Yeah!!

Jackson 17 Months

Jackson 5 Months
But we are super excited about seeing Santa at Ms Leslie's house with all the other kids! More to come on Saturday night!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Every night, just before bed, Jackson goes into hyper mode...that's how we know it's almost time to change him, give him his milk, turn out the lights, and rest....but not until the running, laughing, screaming, giggling hysteria has commenced! Check out the other night--and check out his hair!! HA!

No More Bink

Jackson has gone an entire week now with no's been hard getting him to sleep, but he's doing good! Doesn't hardly ask for it at all! But, a few weeks ago, we got video of his nightly routine...he has always known exactly where they are because when he would wake up, we would find his bink in his bed and Mommy would put it in the drawer before I got him out of his crib. So he's seen me do this for months. So when we would ask him, "Are you ready for night night? Go get your bink," this is what he'd do! (but now any sad...he's getting so big....)

Breakfast at Tiff...I mean Grandma's

This morning, Grandma Netty, Grandpa Scott, GG Jane, and Aunt Tacey left for Vegas at 6:00am! And since we were staying at their house this weekend (because Daddy is at the Ranch hunting!) we were all alone this morning! We got up about 9:00am, and then headed downstairs for breakfast. We watched cartoons and Noggin on the big screen while we ate...and did I mention that Jackson uses his fork and spoon all by his self now?! Although, you wouldn't think so from these shots!

Jackson has been hanging out in the dining room all morning just staring out the window....very calm and relaxed. I think he misses Aunt Tacey already!And right now, Jackson is taking every bowl and container out of Grandma's Tupperware cabinet (shhh...don't tell her her kitchen is a MESS!) He's making me lunch (Nilla Wafers) I gave him the spoons and spatulas and he's stirring a handful of Nilla Wafers in a bowl....oh, to have a simple imagination like that easily entertained!! HA!

Mommy with no makeup...but Jackson's cuteness distracts from my ugliness! HA!