Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Boy Pants!!

Jackson and I had the greatest day! We had many errands to run, things to buy, packages to mail...but we didn't get a head start because of the weather. It was the perfect day to sleep in and just listen to the sound of the wind and rain outside. Jackson didn't even make a peep til 9:45! I knew he was probably awake, but he didn't lead on like he wanted out of his crib, so I got showered and dressed, and then headed in to "wake" the little man. This is what I found, bed-head and all!!

We headed out the door to get that hair cut! We really like going to Cool Cuts--
he likes the trains and the video games, and they do a great job. You know, he has NEVER cried when getting a hair cut?! He just sits there, watching everything they are doing. This time, he pointed to the blow dryer, then his hair, so she blew all the hair off of him! He loved it! He was upset when we went to leave b/c they didnt' have any suckers. He kept pointing to the cabinet that they are normally in, and stuck his lip out when I told him they didn't have any this time! :( Poor baby!

After the hair cut, we were off to Babies R Us. We have been working on going potty on the big boy potty for about 2 weeks now, but today was the day to really work on going by himself. He's been showing signs for weeks, and some people think we are crazy for starting already, but he pulls on his bottom and says, "stinky" when he's pooping, can go and grab the diaper and wipes to hand us and lays down to be changed. He knows when he pees....etc. So, it's time! We bought big boy pants (he got to pick them out and said "Melmo" so we went with Elmo pants. I got the vinyl overpants, just in case! GG Jane had bought him some new britches too, so we called her to bring them down to Grandma's (hoping they would be small enough!)

When we got those big boy pants on, Jackson LOVED them! He ran around, wanted to look at himself in the mirror! He was wild! Super excited about being a big boy! He even ran to the potty and pulled them off, sat on the potty, and then, nothing. Nothing, until he ran and hid in the corner about an hour later, then said "Uh-Oh!" The only 2 minutes that we were not asking and hounding him "Do you have to go potty?" He ended up peeing on Grandma Netty's carpet! Oh well! Accidents will happen, it's expected, so we just move on from there. This weekend we will be really working hard on getting him to the potty every 15 minutes! I just think he looks so cute in those tighty-whiteys!!

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