Monday, April 05, 2010


Jackson started soccer a few weeks back-and he LOVES it!! And not suprising? He's good at it! He's the only kid on the team that kicks the ball with the inside of his foot. And he plays the ENTIRE time! Some of the other kids lose interest or run around chasing after balls--Jackson stays within the goal range, and just goes back and forth kicking balls into the goal. He's fast--we've known that forever! He and the coach lead the team in the racing drills--it's funny to see his short little legs move so fast! I'm also shocked at his control of the ball. He can kick it and keep it in front of doesn't go wild like most of the kids! His favorite part of practice? Playing keep away from Daddy-O, then switching turns, and trying to steal the ball from Daddy-O!

The other day at practice, the coach, Coach Joseph, had the team play red light/green light at the end for fun. He told all the kids to be an animal, and to growl like their animal as loud as they could when he said green light. Jackson chose to be a bunny (for Easter). After the first "run" (as Jackson hopped) Coach Joseph yelled, "Oh, come on! You can be louder than that! I wanna hear you!" Jackson, from the back of the pack, raised his hand and yelled, "Well! I can't be loud! I'm a bunny! They don't make noise!" You should have SEEN the reaction from the parents! Oh, my sweet, logical boy!