Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Radio Flyer

Today, when we got to Grandma Netty's, she already had it in her head that we were going to Target to get Jackson a new toy--she wanted to find him a FisherPrice tricycle, but they don't make them anymore. So we headed to the store to find SOMETHING (I think she thought he was bored with the toys are her house, and he hadn't gotten anything new in a while, I guess! Spoiled!) So while at Target, Mom found this "mini" Radio Flyer trike--it's for ages 1-3 and had no peddles. Actually, it's called a ScootAbout! How fun! We stopped for lunch and then back to her house for a nap. While Jackson was asleep, Grandma Netty and I put the trike together. It was like Christmas--we were being really quiet, and then when he woke up, we called Grandma Jane to come down to see him "discover" his new toy for the first time! And, of course, I got his reaction on camera! It was so funny! He pointed and then ran to it with a HUGE grin on his face! He kept looking at Grandma Netty like, "Is this for me?" Then he attempted to climb on it, although he lifted the wrong leg and ended up facing backwards! Ha! Once we got him going the right way, he was off! He likes pushing it around in circles, and can chime the bell too! After he got off of it the first time, he walked right over the Grandma Nettty and gave her the biggest hug! We have no idea why! He wasn't prompted or anything! He must get that from his Daddy because in every video of Adam as a child, when he would get presents, he immediately would give the giver a hug! Good present Grandma! We can't wait for Christmas! It's going to be so much fun this year!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Singing in the shower

I just found this pic from last week. Adam needed to jump in the shower, and Jackson needed quick rinse...and this is what I found when I peeked behind the curtain!

What a Weekend!

This weekend was alot of fun! Friday was my shopping spree. Adam and both needed new clothes, so Mom and Grandma and Jackson and I hit the mall! We grabbed lunch at Gringos where Jackson ate his ice cream cone BEFORE lunch even started, but it kept him quiet! Adam met us at Grandma Netty's that night, while Stacey and I headed to Target. I hadn't wandered around Target in a long time (one of my most favorite things to do!), so we grabbed Starbucks and just aimlessly strolled the aisles and relaxed while Adam and Jackson and GmaNetty and GpaScott hung out at home!

On Saturday, we got up and went to work with Daddy! I cleaned the office while Daddy got some stuff done. Then it was home to take a quick nap (for Mommy) and then get all of our stuff together for an engagement session. This one was special to me: Adam's best friend Wade is getting married! I can't believe it! And I was asked to shoot their wedding/engagements/bridals, so we headed up to Rice to get some engagements done of him and Lauren, and Jackson and Adam tagged along! Lauren and Wade are so good with Jack. Wade was the first of all of our friends to hold that little guy at the hospital...Wade also helped Adam get everything together the day of our engagement (he actually set up the blanket and the roses and the he holds a special place in my heart. We had so much fun getting their engagements done! Jackson and Adam played--Adam taught Jackson how to tackle! It's hilarious! And Jackson helped us get some great smiles--he couldn't stop waving and saying "hi" to Lauren! Such a flirt! After the pictures, we were going to head to dinner, but Jackson was a little restless and I couldn't see us sitting in a resturant with him. And, Adam's friend Jeff called and wanted us to stop by, so we headed to Deer Park to see Jeff, Alicia, and Brian. We ate fajitas, played with Deputy, their dog, and then called it a night!

On Sunday, we had big plans for getting some things off the honey-do list. We cleaned the house and got some laundry done. Adam cooked breakfast, then we just sat their looking at each other. It was too hot to work in the yard yet, so we decided to go to Palm Beach! Daddy hadn't been there yet and it closes on the 9th, so we HAD to take him! Jackson slept the entire ride down there, so he was wound for sound when we pulled in the parking lot!

I have a season pass, but we were going to have to buy Adam a ticket which are $11.95 for the day. We were walking up to the ticket building when this lady stopped us (I think she spotted us from a mile away with our swimsuits, beach bags, and the stroller!) and said she had a ticket to Palm Beach that they weren't going to be using and did we want to buy it for $5. SURE! How lucky was that!

Once we got in there, Jackson new exactly where to go and what to show Daddy! We hit the splash park first. He loves the splash park! And Adam thought it was pretty cool too! After playing with "the big kids" (Jackson follows the older boys around as is he's one of them! Whatever they do, he does. Adam and I just stood back and watched him do his was pretty cute! He really is very independent!) then we walked over and found a cabana right next to the water to play. We had bought Jackson some sand toys, so he got to make sand pies and fling the sand everywhere. He even tried to eat it this time! We worked up an appetite while we were there, so Adam grabbed us a funnel cake to split--so yummy! Then back to the splash park to "rinse" off and play some more. This time, Jackson found a girlfriend, Daniella. She was super cute and they played and flirted for a bit before we were exhausted and wanted to get home!

We were still tired when we pulled in the driveway, but we had tall grass, so I mowed and Adam edged and weed-eated and blew, while Jackson and I played in the driveway with his Cozy Coupe and gas pump. By this time, we ALL needed to go to bed! What a weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fall Cleaning...

I have actually had a little bit of time off from my hectic schedule (although I have one more book to complete and some orders to ship) I haven't felt so overwhelmed. So, today, Jackson and I spent the morning deep cleaning around the house. We got to the hall closet a few days ago, and today, the CARPETS! I borrowed GG Jane's Bissell ProHeat 2X carpet cleaner and thoroughly cleaned the carpets in Jackson's room and our room (the only two places I have carpet) and the rug in my living room and the rug in my kitchen. When you have kids, you never know what ends up in your carpets--between changing diapers (when he was little, we ONLY changed him in his room on the changing table, but now that he's mobile, where ever we can wrangle him to the ground is where that diaper gets taken off. And then we pray he doesn't try to run off with poop on his butt still! And on occasion, he has sprung a leak and aimed for the carpet--yup, I'm sure there was poop and pee on my floor somewhere!) And being a clean freak makes it hard to even walk in my house when I know what's on the floors. In addition, Jackson is on sippy cups now, and let me tell you, "spill proof" is a crock of shit. It is few and far between to find one that truly DOES NOT LEAK! I have found that NUBY's are good, and some PLAYTEX, but that's it. AVENT sucks, GERBER sucks...and I know this because milk has dripped on my carpets throughout the house. I can't imaging the germs that were in those fibers from spoiled milk. So, not only did we scrub the carpets, we hit the furniture too. This Bissell is a steamer too, so I know we killed tons of germs on those surfaces. My goal: to deep clean that stuff again every 3 months. Before, I just didn't have the time or energy to tackle that kind of cleaning, but now that Jack Jack follows me around and gets to watch and learn and help, we'll be doing it more often!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Little Bow Tie

Years ago, when Adam was about 8 months old, he had his picture taken in a little blue suit with a bow tie. It's freaking cute (I'll scan it tonight and post it--just no time right now!) So when we found out we were having a boy, Adam's Aunt Kathy went out and bought Jackson a little suit with a bow tie for my baby shower! It's 18 months, so it's still a little big, but I had some time today to chase Jack around and get some shots in his bow tie! So cute!!