Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Gifts with the Babcocks

On Sunday morning, we all got up and headed to church at St. Ann's. Then back over the Aunt Cathy's for our gift exchange with the Babcock family! It was AWESOME! How in the hell we got all that stuff back in our car, I have no clue! Jackson got some great stuff to play with--I just have no where to put it all: Talking Pizza Elmo and clothes from Grandma Patty and Grandpa Doug (Jackson shakes his butt when it sings, hillarious!!), a Thomas Train set from Aunt Rickie, Uncle Clint, Marley and Austin (it's in the closet still because we haven't had time to put all 86 pieces together! YIKES! It rocks!), a monster truck set from Elliott, Kayla and Camden (we take it everywhere with us! Jackson cracks up if it runs into something!) and an electric toothbrush from the Great Grandparents (he loves to brush his teeth with it, but we really have to watch him now because Adam caught him cleaning the floor, his toes, and his thingy with it! It's been sanitized numerous times now!) Adam and I got some great things too!

Marley wants a puppy pretty bad, so Aunt Pam's doggy, Bentley, was her toy all weekend!

Patty got me a bake set (I love to bake right now, but didn't have the right size pans!) and a set from Bath and Body Works, Rickie got me my long-awaited cookbook: Deceptively Delicious, and some great novelity items to go with it! Kayla got me a Starbucks mug--God I needed one of those!!

Adam got some great gift cards and clothes, and Clint got him a kick ass Miller Lite clock for in the garage to go with the rest of his neons!! Love it!

The best part of the day: Jackson is getting really good as saying "eeese" and "tank too" without me having to tell him, but with the excitement, I had to keep reminding him. I told him to tell Marley Thank You for the train set, and he leaned down, got right in her face and screamed "TAANNKK TOOO!!!" I nearly pissed myself! (right after I took the picture of it, first, of course!)

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