Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big Boy Pants!!

Jackson and I had the greatest day! We had many errands to run, things to buy, packages to mail...but we didn't get a head start because of the weather. It was the perfect day to sleep in and just listen to the sound of the wind and rain outside. Jackson didn't even make a peep til 9:45! I knew he was probably awake, but he didn't lead on like he wanted out of his crib, so I got showered and dressed, and then headed in to "wake" the little man. This is what I found, bed-head and all!!

We headed out the door to get that hair cut! We really like going to Cool Cuts--
he likes the trains and the video games, and they do a great job. You know, he has NEVER cried when getting a hair cut?! He just sits there, watching everything they are doing. This time, he pointed to the blow dryer, then his hair, so she blew all the hair off of him! He loved it! He was upset when we went to leave b/c they didnt' have any suckers. He kept pointing to the cabinet that they are normally in, and stuck his lip out when I told him they didn't have any this time! :( Poor baby!

After the hair cut, we were off to Babies R Us. We have been working on going potty on the big boy potty for about 2 weeks now, but today was the day to really work on going by himself. He's been showing signs for weeks, and some people think we are crazy for starting already, but he pulls on his bottom and says, "stinky" when he's pooping, can go and grab the diaper and wipes to hand us and lays down to be changed. He knows when he pees....etc. So, it's time! We bought big boy pants (he got to pick them out and said "Melmo" so we went with Elmo pants. I got the vinyl overpants, just in case! GG Jane had bought him some new britches too, so we called her to bring them down to Grandma's (hoping they would be small enough!)

When we got those big boy pants on, Jackson LOVED them! He ran around, wanted to look at himself in the mirror! He was wild! Super excited about being a big boy! He even ran to the potty and pulled them off, sat on the potty, and then, nothing. Nothing, until he ran and hid in the corner about an hour later, then said "Uh-Oh!" The only 2 minutes that we were not asking and hounding him "Do you have to go potty?" He ended up peeing on Grandma Netty's carpet! Oh well! Accidents will happen, it's expected, so we just move on from there. This weekend we will be really working hard on getting him to the potty every 15 minutes! I just think he looks so cute in those tighty-whiteys!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Long weekend & The Little Gym

Wow! We had the craziest weekend! Mommy shot Adam's best friend Wade's wedding--and it was gorgeous! Daddy was in the wedding, so with Mommy shooting and Daddy smiling, it was going to be hard to keep track of Jack Jack. Fortunately, Grandma Patty and Grandpa Doug were there to hang out and keep Jackson for us! So Friday and Saturday, in between doctor's visits (Jackson had a high fever again.) and bridal luncheons, we made it through the weekend.

Apparently, Jackson's ear infections were too strong for the Amoxicilian that he was given for 10 days. On Thursday night, Friday morning, Jackson ran a fever of 103. I called Dr. Perona on my way to Lauren and Wade's breakfast and bridal luncheon. Daddy took Jack Jack to see her and, yes, he still had the ear infections. She put him on some heavy duty meds and they are finally working--poor baby! He still wasn't 100% at the wedding, but he did dance and wiggle his butt for everyone! Super cute!

On Sunday, Mommy slept--ALL DAY! Daddy and Jackson stayed in Sugarland on Saturday night, while me and Stacey headed home--we were beat after the wedding. I literally did not get out of my bed til 2:30--and that was only to make a PB Sandwich and crawl back under the covers. Jackson and Daddy got home later and we all just snuggled and watched TV til bedtime! Fabulous day!

Monday, Stacey and I had a photography seminar in Houston at 6:30, so Daddy and Jackson spent a "boys night".

Then finally, on Tuesday, Jackson and I got up and headed to Little Gym!! Yeah! He was so excited! I said "Let's get dressed so we can go to the Little Gym" and he pointed to his fist (which is where they put the stamp at the end of class!) and then started motioning like he was ringing the bells!!

He did really well. He still likes to be the first one to do things. And when they call us into class, he's the last one to go in b/c he is motioning for the other kids to "come on!" Miss Gina thought that was hysterical! They worked on jumping, and body parts, somersaults and hanging from the bar. Jackson freaking LOVES the balance beam--the kid would not walk away from it! He also enjoyed just laying and hanging out in the donut--go figure! Here are some shots from our 45 minute class--it's hard to shoot him AND lead him at the same time, so maybe next week when Daddy goes I'll get some better shots!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Little Gym!!

We did it! We joined The Little Gym! Since Daddy had the day off (he's off every other Tuesday) we decided to have our trial class be this morning. We are now enrolled in the 10:45 Tuesday class (which will be great b/c Daddy can take Jackson every other week!)

He did so well! At first, I think he was overwhelmed with all the little boys. There are about 8 boys in the class (two Harrisons and TWO Jacksons!) He just stood their watching everyone. It's a Parent-and-Me class, so Adam and I were both on the mats with him. After about 10 minutes, he really warmed up to the teacher, Miss was pretty funny though. They ring the bells at the beginning of class, and then sing a song about putting the bells away (he loved that) and by the end of the class, he was going over the kids and taking their bells to put away for them!

He followed directions pretty well. Whenever Miss Janine spoke to give direction, he ran up to her and was normally the first to do whatever she wanted them to do. He jumped off the wedge, he hung on the bar, he walked on the beam, and even did somersaults on the rolling octagon! I was pretty proud of him! He really loved the bubbles and the balls, too!

We LOVED the class and can't wait for the rest of the semester!!
And I promise I'll take my camera the next time! (without knowing what the class was about, I didn't want to lug that thing around just yet!)


Since my last posting, nothing has happened that is exciting. Nothing to take pictures of, really, other than us in our jammies. A week ago Monday, Jackson was still sick and throwing up, so I took him in for a walk in appointment (they are FABULOUS!), and much to my dismay, the child who is NEVER sick has a viral infection (full blown cold), the flu (vomiting and diareah), and a full blown double ear infection (both ears!) POOORRR BABY!! My Gosh! And he wasn't even fussy! Never pulled on his ears, never complained about his nose running constantly, never lost energy....nothing. He's superman!

So we spent the rest of the week laying in bed (again) and taking antibiotics. I, amazingly, never got sick! Friday I had MOPS in the morning and Jackson got to go to Grandma Netty's. She and I and Jackson went to Walmart that afternoon and bought TONS of organizational things for the house. I needed baskets for the shelves in my closet, under the bathroom sinks, the pantry, I needed to clean out Jackson's toybox and drawers and closet, the hall closet....basically, my New Year's Resolution LAST year was to get organized...this year, it is to get re-organized and STAY organized! And so far so good!! Mom came back to my house and we got to work. My dad came over after Adam got off work to help him put up 3 new light fixtures in our house. We have had the same horrible lighting since we moved in, and I found a great deal on 3 matching bistro lights, and I had to have them! So Dad and Adam put the lights up while we got pizza and organized the house. In the meantime, my sister-in-law and niece came into town to stay with us, and they were in the mix too!! It was actually a fun night, even with all the bodies in my house!!

Saturday, we got up and ran some errands. I was supposed to have an e-session but it was blistering cold, so I moved it to Sunday. Adam's company had a Winter Gala that we went to on Saturday night--black tie formal. Adam in a tux, me in a cocktail was nice to get out on the town!

Sunday, I worked. Even though it was a little chilly....

Monday night, I was wanting to go dancing, so I created my living room into the AR Dancehall and Wine Lounge and suprised Adam with a relaxing night of living room dancing. It was fabulous! We'll have to do it more often and I highly recommend it!

Today, we ran more errands. Adam needed 2 new suits, shoes, ties, and dress shirts, so basically, it was a "buy for Adam" day! Jackson was a trooper! Now, I am physically exhausted and ready for bed at 8:00pm! I promise some pictures this week!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy officially turned 26 on Sunday! He was in New Orleans until about 2:30 and when he met us at my mom's house, we had a cake and balloons for him! All Jackson wanted to do was blow out the candles! We "practiced" alot too (about 25 times) before we actually sang! We love you Daddy! (and thanks Mom for the pictures!)

Friday, January 11, 2008


The boots that we got Jackson in Wichita are 2 sizes too big. And, they went right into the back of his closet when we got home, because, let's face it, he won't be walking in the snow in Houston, Texas! Well...he found them. And brought them to me in the living room repeating "On? On? On?" So, in the midst of lounging around the house fighting the flu and his awful cold on Thursday (when we were supposed to be sitting and resting) we put on the boots! He loves these things! We stacked blocks for about an hour, while wearing the boots. I think the boots really added to the learning!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jackson on a sled ride

Click on the Play button below to see the video of Jackson's wild ride!!

18 Month Checkup

On Monday, we had Jackson's 18 Month Checkup. He is 24.5 lbs (35th%) and 31.5 inches long (25th%). He and everyone else got a kick out of "Jackson, where's your heartbeat?" and then he would pat his chest and say "boom boom, boom boom"! He's been doing it for months, but Dr. Perona loved it! And, he only had to get one shot! The Hep vaccine, which he didn't like, but was a champ!

After his appointment, we had a mommy and me day. We went to the book store and bought new books for Jackson (my New Year's resolution is to read to him more. We read a lot, but not consistantly, so we are reading every afternoon and right before bed time, and going to the library story time! And it's a good thing, because he is totally into books right now! Before, we would get about 2 pages in and he would lose interest, but now, he will sit and read by and to himself!), then we went across the street to Ichybon's for some hibachi chicken and fried rice! Jackson loves Chinese/Japanese food! Go figure!

Little did we know what the afternoon and evening would bring. Jackson started running a mild fever, and I thought it was just because of the shot. He took a REALLY long nap, and again, I thought it was from the shot. Then, at midnight, we heard him coughing in his crib. Then he started wailing. Adam went in to check on him and yelled "Oh no, Ramie, get in here!" Jackson had thrown up. All over the place. He's NEVER thrown-up, so it kinda scared me. We put him and Adam right into the bath. I think Jack Jack was still asleep because he was crying but his eyes were closed. The second I got him out of the tub, he was out. We laid a towel down between us and put him in bed with us for the night while I washed the sheets. In the meantime, I paged the doctor on call because now I was freaked that he was having a reaction to the vaccine. Nope.

The next morning, we all woke up around 9:00am (Adam didn' t work on Tuesday, thank God!) and as Jackson rolled over, it all started again. He threw up everywhere again and poor Adam was covered. And again, into the bathtub. Just as Jackson was getting sick, the phone rang--Dr. Perona's office checking on Jackson! Oh thank goodness! "Pedialyte, no solids, if he throws up again in the next 2 hours, bring him in." Well, he never got sick again, just a fever, really clingy, and now, a full on cold--runny nose, bad croupy cough, and really lethargic. Yesterday was bad too because he had really bad diarriah--and he was so embarrased by it. You could tell when he would go because he would put his hand on his butt and cry and then put his head down and go hide! Poor thing!

So today, on Thursday, we are sitting in our jammy jams, watching Once Upon a Potty, drinking more Pedialyte, and snuggling on the couch. He just isn't himself right now! And I am drinking TONS of green tea and Vitamin C trying to make sure I don't get sick because I have a big wedding this weekend! So keep us all in your prayers!