Thursday, September 21, 2006

Johnny Jump-Up

Years ago, when I was a baby, we had a Johnny Jump-Up--you know, the thing that you hang from the door frame and the baby jumps up and down on. They seem so unsafe, but we have all survived them, including my little sister whom I supposedly would run up to and push and shove her in the darn thing, and it never fell, so obviously they are safer than I thought! Well, GG (great grandma Jane) has been talking about how well Jackson holds his head up and how strong his legs are, and has been wanting to get him a Johnny Jump-Up--the problem is that here in Texas, we don't really have door frames anywhere but in the bedrooms, and who wants to put your baby in a hallway? I told her about a new contraption called a Jumparoo that I found at Target that I thought looked a little safer and more educational because it has lights and music and toys to play guess what--she bought one! And let me tell you, it's been the best thing he has ever gotten! He looks ridiculously cute in it. The first time we put him in it, I swear he looked like one of those "Whack-a-Mole" things at Chuck E Cheese--the thing where the mole comes up through the hole and you have to whack it with the big mallot as fast as you can!? Loved it! He really studies the colors and can reach and play with the toys of the front...he has really great balance too. The cutest thing is when he just hangs and pulls his little legs up, like he's squating! He looks so big and independent, though, and it makes me sad...oh well!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Moby Wrap

Some days, Jackson just wants to be held constantly. It's so hard to get anything done (working on the computer, vaccuming, dusting....) so my mom found this cool wrap that lots of women have been talking about on Baby Center. It's called a Moby Wrap--its so versitile! I love it! You can carry him on the front, on the back, in a cradle hold, etc. Jackson actually likes it becuase if I face him forward he can see everything--including that stupid computer that Mommy spends so much time on! We had bought a Jeep Carrier, but he's really wasn't big enough for it, and it scratched his little legs (so we took it back)--this one doesn't!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Rewards of Exercise

After a long walk with Mommy and Grandma, Daddy greets Jackson with his reward....Lord, and I in trouble! Check out his mouth watering!

More fun with the Pod

Attack of the Giraffe

Grandma Netty and Jackson were hanging out today, playing with the cutest little giraffe! Like I mentioned earlier, everything goes to his mouth, including stuffed animals! I can't tell who is attacking who here?!

Jackson's New Throne

Adam and I finally broke down and bought Jackson his first "big boy" seat! It's called a Bebe Pod and it's used to help them learn to sit up! Once he started to hold his head up on his own, he was good to go! He is so cute in it! Adam thinks it's going to be a great game watching seat--like Jackson's own Lazy Boy! So far, he likes sitting in it--but for only about 5 minutes, then he starts squirming to get out!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hanging with Daddy

It's Sunday night, and we are hanging out at the house in our jammys watching Hitch on Encore. Jackson had a pretty relaxing weekend with his Daddy--I went out with a girlfriend of mine and Jackson and Adam watched the Texas vs. Ohio State game (unfortunately, Jack's Longhorn onsies is still too big, along with the matching socks from Amy, so he had to just wear a little quarterback onsie instead--yes, we have "outfits" for all our teams! Kids gotta be stylin' in order to cheer on the 'stros, Texans, etc. But after a long day of celebrating Grandparents day with Grandma Netty and Grandpa Scott, and having phone conversations with Grandma Patty and Grandma and Grandpa McGraw, Jackson was ready for bed early! But not until we got some smiles in for Daddy before he has to go back to work tomorrow....


Jackson and I were in the office, which has been our regular routine this past week since Mommy has been so busy, and he was super tired. Just before he fell asleep, I grabbed my camera, and he covered his head up with the blanket! He's gotten to the stage where he is trying to grab everything, and as of right now, the only thing he can really hold on to is fabric! He stares at his hands and plays with his bibs, blankies, shirts....until the next step, where everything goes into his mouth! He's quite the drooler these days with trying to chew on everything! Grandma Netty and Grandma Jane bought Jackson a bunch of little toys this week--bright colorful things, some teething rings, and so far, he LOVES playing with them! Okay, maybe he just likes staring and smiling at the grandmas, but it makes them feel better to think that he likes their gifts!

Monday, September 04, 2006

First Astros Game!

On Saturday, we were invited to the 'stros game by our friends Julie and Jevon. We had fantastic seats a few rows up from Drayton McLain and Mayor Bill White. Jackson was sooo excited! His first Astros game! He wore his lil slugger outfit and ball cap--I have to say he was the cutest fan there! Possibly the youngest too! I was really afraid the noise would bother him, and that it would be too loud, but he was great! He was all smiles during most of the game and got a bottle in the 5th (although Adam ran all over the stadium looking for hot water to be able to warm it up a bit) He got a little fussy toward the end, but there was a horrible call at first, so Adam just blamed his crying on the fact that he was upset over the call! The best part--Jackson and I danced and sang "the stars at night, are big and bright *clap* *clap* *clap* Deep in the heart of Texas!" (Bet you have that stupid song in your head now, huh!)

Grandpa Joe

This past week, my Grandpa Joe and Grandma Lou were in town from Nebraska! Dad flew them down to meet Jackson, which I thought was super sweet! While they were here, we were able to get into the studio and get some shots of 3 generations of men in our family (although we skipped a generation with me) Here are some of my favs--there will be more soon! I love the shots with the hands--Grandpa's, Dad's, then Jackson's. One is of Jackson grabbing Grandpa Joe's finger--precious!