Wednesday, December 27, 2006


After a long ride in the car, we showered, dressed and headed to Grandpa Scott and Grandma Netty's for Christmas Eve. We started with mass, then back to their house for our gift exchange. The weather was awful--rainy and cold. Adam thought we should pile all our gifts in the car, just in case we thought it was too cold to go back out in it. After mass, we drank champagne, ate meatball sandwiches, and then dove into the gifts. Of course, Jackson got to go first--he opened some little gifts from the grandparents--a discovery hammer, a cell phone, a book--but he was really more interested in the paper and the bows than anything else! Then Adam and I opened our gifts to each other--I am super excited about my guitar!! Finally, after about 5 years of asking for one, I am now an official owner! And Adam loved his Cabella game and Dewalt sander...and then more gifts for Jackson! A Leap Frong learning table, a i-bond from Aunt Stacey, Laugh and Learn puppy....He got worn out early, and with the weather crappy, we crawled into bed upstairs at my moms (going against my rule that my kids were to be in their own beds on Christmas Eve....) In the morning, Santa did a great job getting everything together and when Jackson and I walked downstairs, all his toys were sitting under the tree--without wrapping paper, naturally, cause Santa doesn't have time to wrap presents and Jackson seems to get worn out with the paper! Jackson's favorite was the TJ Bearytales--it was like his new best friend!! He just stared at it during an entire story!!

Later, we got dressed and headed down (8 houses away) to GG Jane's for Christmas day! Jackson was infatuated with cousin Nathan! Nathan goes to UT Austin and doesn't get to see Jack too much, so Jackson just sat and stared and played!! And we found a new use for a bink!! Then it was time for more presents (including the Rock N Roll Dino!), dinner, dessert, and a game of Family Feud!! It was so much fun!!

Between all the family time, the singing, the gifts, the food, etc....I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!


This year, like last year, we packed up the car and headed to Dallas for the McGraw family Christmas--with one more in tow! We had alot of fun! On Thursday, we headed to the new lake house--it's fabulous! Once we got into town, we had to head over to see cousin Maggie--she's a blog stalker! He loves the Coleman clan. Then it was off to Aunt Kathy's to catch up with the rest of the gang. We ate Dickie's BBQ (the Fowlers own one in Wylie) and drank Merlot til out teeth were purple! The girls all stayed up til about 1:30...which was fine since we had nothing going on on Friday--just shopping.

Then, we had a BIG day on Friday! Actually, a big night too! Jackson slept through the entire night!! For really, the first time ever! 10:30pm-8:30am with no formula involved! On top of that--he got his first tooth on Thursday!! And his second on Friday!! We relaxed for most of the day and then attended the 2nd annual Christmas party at the Muskrats--a family from Plano. It was alot of fun--the husband plays the piano and the wife has an amazing voice and everyone gathers in the living room and sings Christmas carols and the occasional Brown Eye Girl and Mustang Sally! Jackson has alot of fun singing too--although his was more of a monotone hum.

Saturday was a big day for all the grandkids--it is a tradition in the McGraw family that ALL of the grandkids get their picture taken with Santa--no matter how old you are! This year, we added 3 members to the family, bringing the total to 17!! Aunt Kathy and Great Grandma Peg made all the great grandkids Santa hats with their names on them--they were super cute! After Santa, we we off to Aunt Peggy's for dinner, drinking, and gift opening!! Jackson got some great stuff from Grandma Patty: a Guess jog suit outfit, a Curious George tin lunch box (it's so cute!), glow in the dark jammies, a crawling toy, etc. From the aunts, he got LOTS of books! (Aunt Peggy is a pre-school teacher and LOVES books!) I am so excited about them! We read them all in the car on the way home. Aunt Kathy got Jackson a glow-worm! Although it is supposed to put him to sleep, he is infatuated with the light and stays awake staring at it! Marley LOVED the pink cowboy boots Adam and I got her--every two year old needs a pair of cowgirl boots! She also enjoyed the big girl panties she got--so much so that she wore them on the outside of her britches all night!

In addition to all the great stuff Jackson got, "the aunts" got me a Vera Bradley tote bag. I was not familiar with the brand, but now I am well versed in Vera Bradley items! I guess it big in Dallas, I just hadn't found it to be too popular in the Houston area yet (or maybe having a baby put my behind the times, who knows!!) But I love this little bag! And I'm sure their intention was for me to use it as a purse, I have to say, it's the perfect size for a diaper bag! And, that's what I'm using it for right now! It hold everything and keeps it organized! I've already ordered a wallet to go with it so I can use it as an every day bag too--I love it! No more bulky diaper bag!!

After presents, we sang Christmas songs, lead by the famous Marley, who knew and sang every word! She danced in circles while Adam got the whole thing on video--too cute!

The entire Dallas trip was a lot of fun and we were so happy to get to see everyone!! And after staying up til 4:30am on Saturday night chatting away with my new best friends--Cristin, Kelly, and Rickie--I had a LONG day ahead of me to get back to League City for Christmas with my side of the family! And of course, Santa....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Just Jack

Bath in a Sink

Since Jackson is able to sit up on his own now, bathtime just got a little more fun (and my back doesn't hurt anymore from leaning over the tub!!) I think he likes the sink....

Monday, December 18, 2006

Mommy day!

This morning, after a REALLY long night with Mr. Jackson, I decided it was time for a "pamper me" day. I made a hair and nail appointment, called my mom to make sure she could babysit, loaded Jack in the car, dropped him off, and took off on a Mommy adventure. You know, everyone needs a day where all you think about is yourself. I know that seems so selfish, but if you don't take care of yourself, everyone around you can suffer.

It was a fabulous day! One of those days where you turn the radio up as loud as it will go, sing at the top of your lungs, even though you can't hear yourself singing, and rock out like no one is watching--even the car next to you at the stop light, you just ignore them. And that's exactly what I did on the way to the hair salon--something I haven't done, really, since Jackson has been here because he is usually in the car with me. When I got to the hair salon, I knew I had at least a couple of hours to just sit and read. I actually got to read a magazine--you know, those things that come in the mail once a month. Although lately, mine have been set aside with the thought of "I'll read this before I go to bed tonight" and then there is always someone who is cranky or hungry of sleepy and fussy (this could be either Jackson or my husband, take your pick) or the house needs to be picked up, or photos to be updated...and the stack of mags just keeps getting bigger and bigger to where finally, I am so far behind that all the gossip magazines are out of date! Brittany Spears isn't separated anymore, she's now divorced...and I don't need the details of the Cruise/Holmes wedding because it already happened. So I sat--and read magazines--and let someone else wash and dry my hair. Then, I headed to the nail salon for a fill and a pedicure. And again, I sat, and read magazines, and drank a diet Pepsi that someone else got for me, and has a wonderful man, Tom (he always does my toes) massage my feet and calves for about an hour while I sat in a massage chair and listened to lovely relaxation music humming in the background....oh what a day!!

Then I snapped out of it, and rushed home to get my little man! Although I loved being pampered and selfish, nothing is better than walking in the door and seeing his little face light up in a huge gummy grin. Even if I wasn't pretty with my new highlights or fancy nails, Jackson and Adam would still love me and look at me as if I was the prettiest girl in the world--and in my world right now, that pretty includes sweat pants and no makeup!! Oh, life is good!

Good Morning, Mommy!

I tell people all the time that when I go in to wake Jackson up, I am greeted with the best smiles. He looks up from his crib, and gives the biggest grin, as if to say "I'm so happy to see you!" So this morning, I heard him rustling around, and ran and grabbed my camera...such a happy boy!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Baking

After our crazy holiday season with the business, Mommy was actually able to FINALLY get all her Christmas shopping done (yes, I am done! Did it all in one day!) and get into the kitchen with Grandma Netty for our annual goodie baking. This year, Jackson got to join us, and I hope that it's something he looks forward to in years to come! We hit the grocery store in the afternoon to gather our supplies, then it was nap time for Jackson while Mommy and Grandma got things together in the kitchen. We baked and mixed and made a mess, all while listening to a Jim Brickman holiday CD (my new obsession! I love Jim Brickman--I suggest everyone buy his new CD!) We were on a roll when Aunt Tacey got home...Jackson and her have been spending a lot of time together and are very close (although Jackson ALWAYS spits up on her--even when he hasn't spit up in a few days, if Aunt Tacey holds him, he spits!) We had a smorgasbord of treats: Chex Mix, No-Bake Cookies, Colassal Cookies (GG Dutch's recipe) Hershey Drop cookies (Jackson enjoyed the bag with that one!) All afternoon he was in the kitchen with us in his exersauser, just happy to be a part of it all...he really enjoyed the measuring cups and spoons the most! Daddy had to go to Conroe for business last night (he and his assistant manager were repo men--on a mission to retrieve a car that someone stole from them!) so we put on our jammies and hung out with Grandma Netty all night (Grandpa Scott was out of town--we were work widows!!)
I am so ready for Christmas now!!