Monday, January 29, 2007

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I put together a slideshow to update my MySpace page and thought I would add it on here too!

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

After a really great, yet early, morning, Jackson was on the move! Adam and I bought an alphabet play mat in an attempt to cover some of the wood floors in the living room. I placed it in front of the mirrors, and Jackson had a hay-day with "the other baby!" He kept putting his hand out trying to touch him, then he even put his mouth on the mirror trying to kiss him!! Unfortunately, my smarty pants kept hitting his head against the mirror, and then would look up and me, like I had something to do with it! Geez!

Good morning Mommy!

This morning, Jackson woke up at 6:00am! So I had to drag my happy-ass out of bed too--do I sound bitter? I am...I am not a morning person!! So I took Jack into the living room so Daddy could get ready, and turned on Teletubbies. He sat there watching Teletubbies for about 30 minutes while I dragged myself into the kitchen for coffee...and since he was being so good, I started the laundry and picked up the house, dusted, Windexed, and wiped down the kitchen...I thought maybe Jackson was "re-scheduling" himself, but my mom thinks he is "re-scheduling" me!!

I also gave him his bottle this morning. We are starting to ween him off the breast, and while most 7 month olds can hold their own bottle, Jackson hasn't gotten a bottle too often, so him holding it on his own is fantastic!

Also, since I was up at the butt crack of dawn, I got to see the most amazing sunrise! These are from our back patio....okay, just from the door, it was too cold to walk outside!

Monkey Boy

When my little man decided to be mobile, he meant it! He's off and running...he is pulling up on EVERYTHING--yes, I said pulling up! He's crawling all over! Anywhere we go, he's following. We've also had to lower the crib, yet again, to one of the lowest levels, because as I posted earlier, he is pulling up in his crib! We found out how he gets up so fast too--he uses the bumpers as those are the next thing to go!

Last night, we were sitting on our bed after putting Jack down, and we heard him grunting--he was pulling and straining to get up in his crib! I walked by his room to my office, and as I passed, there his eyes were, staring at me from over the railing! (It was kinda scary...) So Adam quietly walked in, took him out of his crib, and set him on the floor. He wanted to see what he would do if he actually got OUT (I told him , "Nothing! He'd be lying on the floor hurt and crying!" But he wanted me to humor him and we went back into our room and waited...we could hear him coming! It took about 15 minutes, and we could hear him on the wood floor, but finally, he made it to our doorway, looked up at us as if to say "Hey! There you are! Why didn't you come and get me? Did you miss me!?" Oh, he is too funny.....

Images by Aunt Tacey

On Saturday, Adam and I decided to get dressed up and go out--just the two of us--on a real date. So of course, we called to make sure Grandma and Grandpa weren't busy and if they would like to watch Jack for a few hours--duh!! After dropping off the little guy, Daddy and I headed to a little place called the Italian Cafe. It's a fabulous little bistro where you can take your own bottle of wine and enjoy the "real" Italian cuisine--Giada De Larentis would be so proud (I love her!) After dinner, we ended up at the Outpost Tavern--an absolute hole-in-the-wall beer joint--we love this place! They only serve beer and wine, have free shuffle board (which we played all night) and the literally only had 7 patrons in the place, including us!! We met up with some friends of ours and had a great night. In the meantime, I left my camera with Aunt Tacey (aka Stacey) and told her if anything cute happened, try and get some shots--I also thinks she likes playing with my camera, and she's actually really good at taking pictures (I just have to do all the settings for her, but other than that, she's pretty good!) Apparently, Jackson was eating winter squash, and when he was all done, he was still hungry, so they tried to give him sweet potatos, but he wasn't havin' it! He wanter more squash!! So once those sweet potatoes hit his little mouth, he started gagging and spitting, and she got all the great faces on camera!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The other night, Adam and Jackson were sitting on the couch, and I snuck around behind it, and popped my head up--"Boo!" Jack throws his head back and belly laughs! I did it over and over again, and it never got old to him! He would start lifting his head up and looking for me...I grabbed the camera (duh)...also, check out his little sprout of hair in the back! He got that this weekend too!

Officially CRAWLING!!

That's right! We have a full on crawler on our hands now! He took a few movements forward on Friday in San Antonio, but didn't have much activity the rest of the weekend. But last night, the grandmas and Aunt Tacey came over, and he literally crawled across the living room! He is moving and a shaking now! My life will never be the same.....yikes!! ;)

In addition to that, he has started pulling himself up in his crib! I'll try and get a picture of it before we have to lower the mattress for the second time, but last night, Adam put Jack in his bed while I was putting some stuff away in his room, and when I turned back around, Adam said "Ramie, you have to see this..." and there he was, standing, looking up at us as if to say "Do you see me?! Look what I did!" I started crying....I'm not ready for him to be that big yet. It's all gone by so fast! He's so much fun now, and he's trying to communicate and move, and I love watching him learn and discover, but sometimes I'm selfish and want him to be the little helpless infant that I could lay on my chest at naptime.....that's why I photography as much as I do--I don't want to miss anything!!

San Antonio 2

So Friday night was relaxing! On Saturday morning, we woke to more drizzle, but that didn't stop our adventures! Jackson got all bundled up, wrapped snuggly in his stroller, and we were off to visit the Scent Chips store! (I love these things! They are so much better than candles and can make your entire house smell in no time!) Jackson didn't know what to think about all the smells! But he was really good in the store--we got to make our own fragrance by mixing all the chips--it's like Bath Junkie with wax!

At around noon, Grandma Patty and Grandpa Doug arrived! We again got bundled up and headed out to buy some shoes, and check out the Children's Museum, but by the time we got there, Jack was asleep so we decided to skip the museum and go to Rain Forest Cafe for lunch. I really wanted Jackson to see all the animatron animals--and he really liked em! Adam and Doug took Jackson to see the gorillas, and he just STARED when they came to life! It was super cute! He wasn't scared, just very inquisitive...he would not take his eyes off that monkey!

Afterward, we headed up a few blocks to the Alamo. After walking around and burning some calories, we needed to warm up, so we stopped by a coffee bar, Drink, to get something warm. Jackson was tuckered out by this point, so while he slept, Mommy, Daddy and Grandma Patty had a "hot tottie": Irish Coffee. I'd never had one, but boy did it warm us up and put Mommy in a good mood!

We got back to the hotel, hung out for a bit, and Daddy's best friend from high school, Brad (aka "Jackson"--that was his nick name in high school!) Jackson kinda took a liking to Jackson Sr...he just loves new people!

That night at the wedding, Jackson slept through most of the ceremony (which was absolutely beautiful!) and when he did wake up, he was so good and didn't make a peep! We knew that since he slept for most of the day, he would be ready to party--and boy did he ever! He was even dancing on chairs!! Mommy and Daddy actually got to dance as well--first time in a long time! Jackson entertained us for a while, then conked out, and we called it a night at about 12:15.

The next morning, we went down and had a great breakfast in our jammy jams--then the sun came out! It was a great day in San Antonio so we hit the Riverwalk for some pics and lunch!

It was a great, relaxing weekend!

Friday, January 19, 2007

San Antonio

Today we hit the road and headed 3 hours south to San Antonio, Texas! We are staying on the Riverwalk at the Homewood Suites--it is so nice! I love hotels! This one is a suite with 2 rooms, a living room, and a full kitchen. Once we checked in, we headed to the mall to wonder is sooooo crappy outside today, so we didn't even get to walk on the Riverwalk! So cold, in fact, that getting any pictures was impossible! I'm going to try and shoot a bunch tomorrow before the off to RELAX!! Drink some wine, read my book, and sleep in the most comfy bed ever (other than my own!) Jackson is actually asleep, and has been for most of the day. We think he is getting another tooth. I'll post more tomorrow....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cold, Rainy Day

So this morning, it was super cold and Jackson and I cuddled under a big blanket til about 10:00! Then it was on to oatmeal, attempting to crawl, a little nap, some time on the computer for Mommy, lunch, then some more attempting to crawl! I tried to get Jackson's "downward facing dog", or as Adam calls it "one super pushup--man he's strong!" Jack Jack is also making a new sound that is absolutely histerical! I nearly pissed myself last night!

He's an interpritation: "da dadad ddad dad dadaddad? Dadadd? Da! Da! Da! Thmmmmmph" (spit flying every!)

Basically, he has an entire conversation with himself, using only one word, and then ends it by doing a raspberry with his lips, over and over and over again! Like he's trying to play a trombone, but gets slobber EVERYWHERE! It's so funny! Last night, the "talking" lasted for about 25 minutes, nonstop (like his mommy, huh?!)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bundle Up

This afternoon, we have painters in our home. I know, I know, the home improvement mavens caved and actually HIRED something done! (I wanted my doors and base boards painted in the whole house, and I wanted it done in a timely manner, so a friend of our suggested we use the crew that he uses in flipping houses, and then came out yesterday to give me an estimate, and started this morning, and should be DONE BY 5:00pm!!) Even though we are using water-based paint, the smell is pretty strong, so Grandma Netty came and stole my little man for the afternoon. Which gives me time to get some things done on the computer while I sit here and sniff paint fumes....yeah. But before they left this morning, we bundled Jackson up, since we are getting ready to get hit with a huge ice storm....he has the fattest cheeks in this pic, but I could just bite em!!