Friday, February 01, 2008

Potty Training 101

So I've been reading like crazy--including Dr. Sears' website--as well as asking lots of mommies at MOPS for advise on potty training. After our meeting this morning, and lunch with the girls, Jackson and I headed home on a mission--to get peeing on that potty! After his nap, we put the big boy pants on for a second day. Then we had our first accident--and it was s doozy! Pee and poop on the floor! Oops! Mommy was not fast enough!

So we set up that every 5 minutes, we were on the potty. At first, we wore the pants. And then after 3 wet pants later (literally, he would put on a pair and then soak through them about a minute later) we ditched the pants and just decided to "rock out with our cock out!" This way, I could HEAR him if he started to potty on the floor (remember, we have wood floors throughout the house) and it WORKED! We were in the office and I heard the piddle--so we RAN to the potty! We made it!

Jackson has not peed on the floor again. He grabs his pee pee when he has to go and we RUN to the potty in the living room. We've been sitting watching Backyardigans and peeing a little at a time! Every time he goes, he gets a stamp on his hand! He's so proud!

I know it's gross, but we are leaving the pee in the potty til Daddy gets home! Jackson keeps walking over and pointing and saying "WaWa" because it looks like water in there!

We are heading to meet up with a friend of mine, and possible stop at Target for some new stamps and a small toy! Not bad for our first official day of potty training! (I'm also getting a new mop and some lysol for the floors...!HA!)

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