Sunday, September 09, 2007

Happy Grandparents Day!

Happy Grandparents Day to Grandma Patty, Grandpa Doug, Grandma Netty and Grandpa Scott!! And all the great-grandparents! This weekend, Daddy spent a "pre-bachelor bachelor party" weekend with Wade and Brian and Jeff at the lake house, so we were on our own--but so much happened! We spent Friday during the day at Grandma Netty's (I had MOPS and a doctor's appointment, got my oil changed, and mailed a bunch of orders, so he spent lots of time playing at their house) then ate some dinner and headed to our own house to stay the night ALONE! I had planned on getting some work done, but Jackson was sleepy and so was I, so we got a bath, a pee pee on the big boy potty (more about that in a minute) and then off to bed! He conked out right away, and I read a magazine and conked out myself!! On Saturday, I had a photo shoot at 5:00, so we spent the day working at Grandma Netty's (again) then I went to the shoot and Jackson played and played and played until Grandma put him to bed. I ended up staying the night and working til about 1:00am.

So this morning, Jackson and I got up early and headed to Kroger to pick up supplies to make a Grandparents Day card. I had had the idea for about a week, just no time to execute it, and last night was too hectic. We got the grandmas some flowers, grandpa some sushi, and then paint and poster board and glue and lettering to make the card!
Aunt Tacey and I coraled Jackson and ourselves inthe HOT garage, and made the 'parents stay away, while we started the art project. We smeared paint all over Jackson's hands and feet to make handprints and footprints. We were very neat and wiped down each appendage with a baby wipe as soon as we were done! The final results were pretty cute. Something simple to say thank you for all they do for us. We spend so much time with them, they are a HUGE help to me as I try and grow my business and appease my clients. I could NOT DO IT WITHOUT THEM! (Thank you, all, I love you guys! I know I don't say it enough, nor re-imburse you like I should, but I value every moment you spend with Jackson and I hope it doesn't seem like I take advantage of you. I appreciate EVERYTHING!) Jackson needed a bath right after the presentation so that he didn't get paint on the floors of the carpets...

Then on to GG Jane's for Sunday dinner as usual--T-Bone's and potatoes and glazed carrots, and peach pie...oh my! Sooo good! She got some flowers and a card--Jackson ran in with wide open arms for her with her presents!

Okay, back to the potty! Remember a few weeks back when I went on my shopping spree, then to Target to just "wander" around with Stacey?! Well, in that trip to Target, I finally got Jackson the potty I had been wanting to get. Jackson is by no means ready to potty train, but I didn't think it would hurt to have the potty there for him to see and get used to and associate peeing with it. Well, he likes it! And I got the Safety 1st potty with the cushy seat--they have so many on the market with cute little toys on them and ones that make noise and sing--but I didn't want it to be a toy. That's just me. A toilet has a purpose. Piss in it, don't play with it! And on Friday night--he DID IT!! I took his diaper off to get him in the bath, and just set him on the potty. I didn't know he was even doing anything, but took him off and there is was! Pee!! I made a HUGE deal out of it and he just kept clapping and giggling. Now, this isn't the first time. We've put him on the big potty before and he pee peed, but it was just total coincidence--not a big deal. Just the right place, right time. But I'm just happy that he can associate peeing with the potty now. If it happens again, fantastic. If it doesn't happen again for six months, that's fine too. When he's ready, he's ready. But I can help it out a little, ya know!


GG Jane said...

Thank you so much for my lovely Grandparent's day. Having some of my grandkids and great-grandson here today was a great gift. I love you all.
GG Jane

grandma Netty said...

What a delightful day! Our card is fantastic, Jackson is sooo creative (must take after his mommy). We'll cherish it forever, or until the last of the baby powder and cheerios finish leaking onto the piano:) Love you too!!

Ramie Babcock said...

That will go on page 3 next year....ha! Don't forget the glue on the couch 4.