Friday, September 14, 2007

New shiny slippers...

I had a founders meeting yesterday morning for a new networking group (there are 3 of us that have started a Female Business Owners group! We are so excited! Anyone from this area that would like to join us, and owns a professional business, please email me!) So Jackson got to spend the morning with Grandma Netty. When we got there, she had a suprise--a toy puppy dog in a crate that came with a brush, food, a water bowl. It is so cute! Jackson loves to see doggy's--he points and says, "dog, dog" and then "squeaks" arf arf! So it was ver appropriate to get him a (toy) puppy! When I got home, I walked in to see Jackson in his shirt, no pants, and bright red slippers! The first thing Jack did was point down to his new shoes and go "Look! Look!" He loves them! He would not take them off! We'd say, "Where are your new slippers?" and he's squat down and touch them! And, he loved the way they sounded on the wood floors and tile. He spent most of the afternoon shuffling his feet along the floor, going in circles around the dining room table in the formal dining room! We really didn't have to watch him because we could hear him!

That night, Grandpa Scott let Jackson get in his car. He let him push all of the buttons and turn the lights on and off and the hazards on and off. Check out his face when he figured out how to turn the headlights on! He was in there for a long time, just playing like he was driving--he makes the car noises and everything!

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Alicia said...

So glad I got to see you Jack! You're getting so big.