Sunday, September 09, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Over labor day weekend, I had some photo shoots, and then--it was time to RELAX!! On Friday night, I had a bridal session (that nearly got rained out! Yikes) and Mom and Aunt Tacey brought Jackson home to our house after watching him. Adam had to work late, then came home and quickly mowed the lawn before it got dark so we didn't have to worry about it over the holiday weekend. Adam and I and Jackson conked out early--no computer, no camera, no nothing! Loved it!

On Saturday, Adam had to work, and so did I in the morning. I cleaned the house (including floors and laundry) with the intention of Adam coming home to no work--clean house, mowed lawn, just relax! We had wanted to go to Palm Beach one last time before they closed for the season, but when Daddy got home, we were all pretty tired for some reason, so when Jackson went down for his nap, Mommy and Daddy laid down too to rest with him in between us in our room--well, we ALL SLEPT FOR OVER 3 HOURS!! It was the greatest, most rejeuvenating nap I had had in MONTHS. Adam too! When we got up, Grandma Netty called to see what we were doing for dinner, and invited us over for hamburgers--and we typically don't pass up a free dinner that we don't have to cook! We vegged at there house for just a bit, then stopped at Kroger on the way home to pick up some snacks. Jackson was asleep by the time we got home, so Adam and I actually got to buy a movie on On Demand and watch the whole thing without falling asleep! Night at the Museum--so cute! Really just a kiddie movie with some good humor, but cute all around! We both actually liked it! We snacked on spinach artichoke dip and ice cream drumsticks--then went to bed!!

Sunday was dinner at GG Jane's, then on to Texas City for some "fishing"--me with my camera and trashy gossip magazines, Adam and Grandpa Scott with their fishing poles (and catching nothing!) See more of my adventure here.

That night, we watched Sound of Music with Grandma Netty while Adam and my dad drank by the pool. During the part where they sing "So long! Far well! Al Vederzain! Good Bye!" (I have no idea how to spell that, obviously) Jackson would wave and say "bye bye"! It was hysterical!
We headed home after the movie was over...

We slept in on Monday, but had a day planned for Jack Jack. First, we were going to hit Fun Max Jump-In (the indoor moonwalk place) then Jumping Jungle (another jumping place) then Chuck E Cheese....all of which were closed when we got there! We should have known with it being a holiday, but we thought we'd give it a shot. In addition to the disappointment, it started POURING!! So we decided to shop instead--hitting Linens and Things, and Lowes. We also went to lunch at TGIFridays--yuck! We will never go back! It was awful.

We spent the rest of our afternoon cleaning and re-organizing. Although it may not sound like fun--I was in HEAVEN! It was something I had WANTED to do for months, just haven't had the time or energy. My kitchen cabinets were ridiculous, but now, organized again and clean. My office--good Lord! No one was allowed in there. Papers from months back, archived CDs of clients were haphazardly thrown in a file cabinet (shhh, don't tell them!) I had papers in my file cabinet from 2004 that I obviously didnt need--all got organized! Thrown away, shredded, re-arranged, re-filed, the closet re-done, my products neatly put in there place for display, etc!! I was sooooo happy! And the best part--Adam took Jackson and played all afternoon in the living room and outside and in his room so that I could clean in peace--no child running in getting into my neatness, or pulling stuff out that I had just put away...I literally closed the door and had an hour to myself! (that sounds awful, but it was bliss) And Jackson had fun with Daddy, so that's all that matters!

So after the novel, that's how we spent our weekend--RELAXING! We didn't answer phones, we didn't get online, we didn't worry about where and when we had to be somewhere--we barely watched the clocked at all. I haven't had time like that in so long--I need more weekends like that!!

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