Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Favorite Time of Year

This weekend and this week, Houston got a slight cold front. It took away the humidity and the mugginess, and it took me back to my youth in Wichita on Westfield Drive. I remember this time of year vividly. It was when school started, then the days would get really long, so I'd be in bed when the sun was still out. The crisp, CLEAN also meant fall cleaning at our house. When Mom would open all the windows, then clean the screens and that cool air would make it's way through the clean house (mom's house is always immaculate, as most of you know!) It would mean that the mauve blinds in the house would clap, and that smell (which I could smell this week) would fill the house. The smell of fresh cut grass and fabric softner! I love it! But everything changes with the wind. THIS is my favorite time of year.

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grandma Netty said...

That's funny you would think of that! Those weights at the bottom of the vertical blinds would clunck against the window frame. Always a sign of nice weather. Maybe you love this time of year since your birthday is right around the corner???