Thursday, September 20, 2007

The other Jackson

This past weekend, the family headed to El Campo 1)for a wedding and 2)a photo shoot. We got to town LATE on Friday, then I was up early to shoot Baby Addyson and her family. We got dressed and ready to leave by 1:30 for the Motal/Hensley wedding. Funny thing, Jackson has a name twin too! Jackson Motal (who is my brother-in-laws age) lived with Adam's family for a while back in the day. I knew nothing about him when I named my son, but, he is pretty good looking so Jackson has some shoes to fill! Him and Laura got married at St. Philip's, so we were all dressed up and ready for the party to start! Jackson was pretty good in church, until the Gold Fish ran out and the milk was all gone, then he wanted to run around! So I took him in the back and he played with another little girl, Riley, until the ceremony was over.

At the reception, they had a Zydeco band--Jack LOVED them! He was waving and shaking it, then would run up to the stage just to stare! There were a bunch of little girls running around with pretty bows on the backs of their dresses and all Jackson wanted to do was pull on their bows! Little bully!

I let him wander most of the night--he would take off and walk between groups of people and look up at them to see if he knew any of them. Uncle Clint always seemed to be exactly where Jackson was--not sure who was following who, but Jack never was scared because he could usually see Clint and he was fine. He LOVES his Uncle Clint and Aunt Rickie--they are pees in a pod! Rickie can usually take him away from us without him going into hysterics, and she always knows just when to bring him back! Mother's instinct, huh? Marley and Jackson matched at the wedding--both in red, white and black! So cute! They sat at this table for about 15 minutes, just chatting with each other, by themselves. Jackson I think felt like a big boy--he did whatever Marley did! Uh-oh! Watch out! I think they look like they are scheming in some of those pics! Jackson started doing his "Who's the Man?" flexing at the wedding--Rickie and I nearly pissed ourselves--more about "Who's the Man?" later! He also go to see Miss Alicia--and even gave her a kiss! So sweet! We'll have to get together for lunch now that she lives so close!

We all thought something was funny, and apparently, Jackson did not!

After the wedding, Jackson got jammies and bedtime with Grandma and Grandpa, and Mommy and Daddy hit Muldoons for the first time in MONTHS! Mommy had a few too many bourbon and diets and was pretty tipsy when we left! We left early the next morning for Adam to do a Solstice Rally Scavenger Hunt with my dad! Too fun! Good weekend!

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Alicia said...

Yea we gotta do lunch sometime. I'd love to see the house/studio as well.