Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Big Boy Potty

After nap time, Jackson was standing in the office while I was chatting with my grandma when I saw him start tugging on the front of his diaper. I said "Do you have to go potty?", and with that, he ran for the bathroom to his potty and pointed. So off came the diaper and I sat him on the potty. I waited a minute, then turned on the water faucet to see if that would help him go--YATZEE!! Jackson pee peed and then clapped! So funny! He got off the potty and pointed and said "bye bye" (which is what we usually say to the toilet paper when we flush!) This could be a great start to something wonderful, but I'm not holding my breath...again, probably right place at the right time.


GG Jane said...

What a smart good boy!! Keep up the good work Jackson and GG will get you something special.

Sheri said...

It sounds like Jackson knows what to do - keep it up and he will be a pro before you know it! What a BIG BOY you are Jackson!