Friday, September 14, 2007

Astros Game

On Tuesay, one of my best friends, Sean, invited us to go to the 'stros/Cubs game. He's a huge cubs fan, while we are obviously Astros fans. He got some free tickets, so we decided to take Jackson and make a family night of it. The seats were awesome! We were up in the club house! It was a great game, and although Jackson would not sit in the seats with us, it actually was a great inconvenience, because the best thing happened. Jackson met Drayton McLane (click on his name to read about him!). If you are not from Houston, you have no clue who I am talking about. Mr. McLane owns the Astros Organization. And, I love his name! At one point in the pregnancy, I told Adam we should name him Drayton McLane Babcock (although my godmothers grandson is Drayton and we wanted to stick with a family connect for the middle name...) but I think it's the most elegant name! So Jackson and I were in the clubhouse running around playing baseball with another little boy. Jackson had the bat, when we looked up and saw Mr. McLane walking down the stairs from his office. I grabbed Jack and said, "Can you say hi to Mr. McLane?" Jackson started waving, and Drayton grabbed Jackson's hand, shook it, and said "Are you going to be a ball player? I could save alot of money if I hired you right now!" I was ecstatic! And stupid ass Mommy left her camera in the diaper bag with Daddy at the seats! Bummer!

Jackson also got to meet/see Junction Jack, the jackrabbit mascot. He was scared shitless of him! Cried and clung to Daddy--I thought it was kinda funny! Bad Mommy! So Daddy bought Jackson a little wooden Craig Biggio Edition bat--I think it was more for Daddy than Jackson! The game went into extra innings, so we left about 11:00 and little Jack did not go to sleep til almost 12:30! Can you say overstimulated!!

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