Sunday, September 23, 2007

Eye Doctor

When I was preggers, I had an eye checkup. While I was their, the ladies were telling me to make sure I brought the baby in for an eye exam when he was 11 months old. I have never heard of a baby going to the eye doctor, but our optometrist is part of a program called InfantSee, and the exam before the age of 12 months is free. Well, 12 months with Jackson came and went and I forgot all about it until my little monster broke my glasses in half the other night and I had to take them in for repair! While there, we set the appointment up for the next day. Basically, they test them for amblyopia (lazy eye) and after dilating their eyes (yup, drops in the eye) can check their current vision to make sure they are on course. After talking to Grandma Netty about it, she reminded me that amblyopia is what Aunt Tacey had, and they didn't discover it til Kindergarten (then had to do all the patching and therapy). If they can catch it before the age of 2, it's easily treated with simple therapy; if they catch it after the age of 4 (the standard pre-K screening is almost too long to wait) it's harder to treat; and by the age of 9, it's incurable. (okay, enough about my soapbox! Take your kids to the eye doctor!! It's as important as vaccines!)

So Jackson and I waited in the play room at Dr. Newhouse's office, then flirted with the front desk ladies before we headed back to the exam room. Jackson sat on my lap while they covered both eyes with the wand, then shined the light in his eyes (he really liked that part), then, the hard part: putting the drops in. I held him and leaned him back while the nurse lady QUICKLY pried open his right eye and squirted! He was pretty stunned! Worse then when he gets shots! Then, for the left side, he knew what was coming! He squinted his eyes so hard shut that we literally had to pull his lid up just to get it open enough! But after all that, he gave the nurse a hug. Then, we had to wait in the playroom again until his eyes were fully dilated. That got boring after 10 minutes or so, so we decided to try on the glasses! He thought it was pretty funny--I thought he looked so cute! When Dr. Newhouse checked his vision, he was right on target. So, nothing big to report--he can see very well! Now, go call your eye doctor and get an appointment!

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Sheri said...

The glasses make him look like a "Genius." Glad to hear that he checked out okay, now he doesn't need glasses and still be a "GENIUS."