Sunday, September 23, 2007

Water Hose

Today, when we got home from my birthday bash weekend, Jackson wanted to help Grandpa wash his car. It all started when we pulled into the driveway and Grandpa had just brought out the "2 bucket system" with the bubbles in the one bucket. Jackson slowly walked over and wanted to touch those bubbles so bad! But, he was fully dressed, and we were going to eat dinner soon. But about 5 minutes later, I caved and stripped him down to his "white trashiness" for the front yard neighbors to see! He helped wash with the scrubber, then would go and rinse the scrubber, then grabbed the hose and sprayed Grandpa! He was sneaky about it too--he would be pointing it at the car and Daddy would say "Get Grandpa!" and he would turn on a dime and shoot him! We were sitting in the garage--but when I saw that, I bolted for the front of the garage with the camera, out of the waterworks! Jackson started getting a little fussy, and Grandma Netty asked "Is it time for a nap?"--with that, Jackson turned, shook his head and sprayed my mom, as if to say "Hell no lady! I'm not taking a nap! You can't make me!" and then, giggled his ass off! He thought he was so funny!

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