Sunday, September 09, 2007


This week, the week after Labor Day, Houston Garden Center (the big plant place) marks everything 70% off! So, knowing that I could get some new plants for pretty cheap, I pulled out the Geraniums and Begonias along my front walk, and pulled out whatever purple flowers were in my pots in front of the garage, evaluated what was dying or needed replacing, and took off on a mission to bargain shop for foliage! I picked up Grandma Jane, dropped Jack Jack with Grandma Netty for an hour, and got to shopping!

I found some deals: Crotons, usually $16.99, on sale for $4.99. African Palm--$1.80ea, Lantanas (I think they were around $2.00ea), and Mandevillas, $1.30ea!

Jackson and I got home that afternoon (after his nap and lunch with the grandmas) and planted before Daddy got home! We put the Madevillas on each of the 4 pillars in the front of the house, lined the walk-way with Croton and African Palm, and put the Lantanas in the pots! I also picked up 3 new Agapanthas to replace 3 that had wilted in the front. So now, my yard looks like new--and for under $30!!

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