Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Vocabulary overnight

This week has marked a lot of new words for Jackson:

I asked him last week, "Jackson, did you poo poo? We need to change your diaper!" and with that, he ran in and got a diaper out of the cabinet, looked up at me and said "Diaper?!" plain as day!

Mom and Aunt Tacey babysat during a photo shoot, and when I came back, Jackson knew where his belly button, Aunt Tacey's belly button, Grandma's belly button, and even my belly button was! And, he would point to his and say, "beyee button"!

At lunch on Monday, in his highchair at our house, I said, "Do you like that turkey?" Plain as day, "Turkey?! Turkey?!"

Today, two new words: in the car, I said "Jackson, don't take your shoe off!" and he looked right up at me and said "shooooo?!"

And then while eating cereal during our Oprah watching time, Grandma gave Jackson a piece of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and I said "tell grandma Thank You", looked at both of us, grinned, and said "Thank You!"


Alicia said...

At least those are all "clean" words!!!! What a little Einstein...

grandma Netty said...

Ha, poor kid doesn't stand a chance! I'm sure the "other" words will follow, but hopefully not make the blog:)