Sunday, June 24, 2007

Workin Man

This weekend consisted of one thing: projects! I had a list. Actually, here is the list that I emailed Adam, as a starter list:

Front Yard
1. Mow, edge, trim, weed--everything, front and back
2. Spray/trim Crepe Myrtles in the front yard (blue bottle)
3. Spray bug killer on all plants in the front yard (green bottle)
4. Trim and spray hibiscus in the front yard
5. Mix and pour white bottle on all plants in the front yard

Back Yard and Beyond
1. Trim and weed red tips
2. Trim all the trees the back yard
3. Fix the fence
4. Trim Crepe Myrtles in the Beyond
5. Broadcast bug killer in the yard in the back and beyond
6. Edge around the crepe myrtles in the beyond
8. Set up umbrellas
9. Put together Jackson's birthday presents
20. Clean up garage (put away all studio stuff and blow out/mop floors)

So needless to say, we had a big weekend ahead of us. On top of that, Jackson's birthday twin, Delaney, had her party on Sunday, so we had to get everything done before 12:30 on Sunday! Yikes! Well, we got almost everything done on Saturday! Yeah! But Adam decided that he wanted to get a gas-powered hedge trimmer to tackle the red tips, and we needed a board to fix the side fence, so we had to go to Home Depot on Sunday morning. Well, that started our whole day...

Jackson totally clung to Adam during our entire trip to Home Depot--Mommy could not hold him. Once we got to the house, everytime I put Jack Jack down, he would first scream, then cry that sad sad big tears cries. So I knew this was not going to be a good day. He needed a nap and a bottle, both of which he refused (little sucker). So I called Delaney's mom Courtney to tell her my son was not cooperating, so the party was out of the question. As I was doing this, Adam headed outside to tackle the red tips, thus sending Jackson into a tailspin, again. Not only did he want Daddy, the hedge trimmers scared the sh** out of him, and everytime Adam would turn it on, Jack would scream and reach out for Adam, like he was being hurt and Jack wanted to save him. FINALLY, sitting outside watching Mommy and Daddy working, Jackson became tired and we were able to put him down about 2:30. When he woke up, he was in a much better mood!! He found my goggles that I use when I weed (okay, honestly, I've never used the Weed-Eater before...ever. I hate it. It's heavy and I'm afraid I'm going to cut my toe off. But today, I became brave and weed-eated the beyond (the mass of land behind our fence that is technically ours) where the crepe myrtles are! So proud!)

When Jackson found the goggles, he tried, literally, for about 10 minutes to get them on by himself. Everytime he would put them to his face, he would try and look at them and go cross-eyed! Then Daddy decided to help, and he looked so cute in those darn goggles! Love him!

So we missed the birthday party, but we got alot of stuff done. I also had a photo shoot last night--so we had a BUSY weekend! But, we are almost ready for Jackson's big birthday bash next weekend. I can't wait!!

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Annette said...

Um, excuse me sir, have you seen my power tools????